State Patrol: Possible marijuana impairment a factor in SR 99 crash near Everett

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — Five people were injured, two seriously, when a car crashed into a school bus and a pole Monday at 13300 State Route 99, near Airport Way, the Washington State Patrol said.

No children were on the school bus at the time.

The driver and front passenger of the car were the most seriously injured; they were taken to Harborview Medical Center. Two passengers in the back of the car were taken to Swedish.

The bus driver was taken to Swedish.

The State Patrol said the driver of the car was turning into a medical marijuana dispensary at the time of the accident, which has raised suspicion he might have been under the influence of marijuana.







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  • Casawn Lee

    These facts are false, it was the bus drivers fault because he was speeding while they were PERMITTED to turn. They didn’t hit a pole and it is clearly shown that the side of the Volvo was hit. Marijuana had NO influence on what happened, it was the carelessness of the bus driver. Stop blaming the factors that will make your story pop out more. We have witnesses stating that it was clearly the bus drivers fault.

    • Bob's Yer Uncle

      Do you understand the concept of right of way? Volvo was not in an intersection, did not have a green light. It must yield to oncoming traffic not the other way around. Looks like the guy try to sneak in between traffic to make the turn. Volvo clearly at fault. Doesn’t matter what the ‘witness’ says.

      • Casawn Lee

        Ok so the Volvo was at a turn lane waiting for there turn to go, the other cars stopped and was letting them go because there was a red light behind them. The bus was driving on the SHOULDER going up to 60. He drove ILLEGALLY on the shoulder and rammed into the Volvo. The bus driver didn’t see the car because he was on the shoulder not looking at the road. So please tell me more on how it was there fault.

  • erik

    To me it looks like the bus hit the car. Would the news say anything if they where turning into a bar? Stop trying to demonize people who may or may not be smoking pot.

    • Bryan

      I have physical evidence that you’re a bad teacher and principle . & if you start saying anything else about me we will have a problem.

  • CommentingPerson

    I honestly think nicotine from tobacco is more impairing than marijuana is. Unless you have anxiety, then I suppose you probably could get frightened from experiencing any type of drug.

    I know it’s not a good example but, my father has smoked marijuana all of his life and has never been in any car crashes. He has done carpentry all of his life and never had a serious accident. He has ridden motorcycles all of his life, and no serious accidents.

    But, he drinks some beer and he’s a totally different person. That is why he quit drinking alcohol. (Thank God!)

  • Bryan

    Your article is wrong about what happened; and I would like if you could get your facts straight before you go and slander me and my friends name like that. I was in the back right side of that car & broke my back and was sent straight to harbor view medicle center. &I was not high I was a victim . &second of all last time I checked the laws of the road .. it’s illegal to drive in a fuckin’ shoulder lane . (which the bus driver was) only reason we got hit was from that. Get your shut straight q13.

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