Police: Officers saved baby being held out broken window by father high on meth

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Police helped rescue a baby from his allegedly intoxicated father Saturday.

Police helped rescue a baby from his allegedly intoxicated father Saturday.

BREMERTON — A 43-year-old man allegedly high on drugs will likely face charges of felony assault after holding his six-month-old baby hostage and nearly dropping the child out of a broken two-story window, police said.

According to Bremerton police, officers contacted the suspect around 4:42 a.m. Saturday after receiving a report of unknown problem at apartments in the 140 block of Bloomington Avenue.

When they arrived, police allegedly found the suspect “sweating profusely and shouting, holding a six-month-old baby aloft outside a broken second floor window,” officers said .

The baby appeared in significant danger as shards of glass pointed upward and downward from the window. Glass was also on the ground underneath the child. The baby’s mother inside the apartment told police the child’s father — the suspect — would not remove the baby from the window.

Police contacted the suspect and tried to negotiate with him to give the baby to the mother.  But the man refused to take the baby down, and allegedly shouted “You’re going to have to kill me,” and “You aren’t taking my baby,” Bremerton police said.

B14-007495 009

The apartment window.

For a moment the suspect moved inside the apartment with the child. Feeling the baby was endangered, officers kicked in the door and contacted the suspect, police said. But the man still refused to give up the child and held it tightly to his chest.

Luckily, officers managed to pry the child from the suspect and bring him to safety. The suspect was Tased after the child was removed from his hands, police said, as he allegedly tried to fight officers.

Police said the baby was unharmed.

The suspect was arrested and transported to Kitsap County Jail.

He will likely face charges of felony assault, resisting arrest, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia following Saturday’s incident, police said.

Officers said the man was “high and strung out,” and a meth pipe was found in his pocket at the time of arrest.

It was not immediately known where the baby would be transferred, or if it was left in the care of the mother.

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