Marcelis Lopez: Convicted felon wanted in Tacoma accused of blasting bullets into car with young girl inside

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Convicted felon, Marcelis Lopez, is accused of blasting a bunch of bullets into a car with a three-year old girl inside.

Tacoma detectives say he first pistol whipped a man he was mad at. The victim was hospitalized and needed two staples to close-up the gash in his head.

Detectives say Lopez came back a few days later and shot at the victim and didn’t care that there was a young child in the line of fire. “The victim’s vehicle was riddled with bullet holes, and anyone of those could have killed either of the occupants,” says Tacoma Ofc. Loretta Cool. “Anyone who’s going to fire from a moving vehicle at another car, regardless if they’re angry at that person or not, I mean, you have to consider all the other things that could have been hit by bullets. Obviously that tends to make us believe this could happen again. The judgment was not there the first time. We’d like to arrest him as soon as possible.”

Marcelis Lopez is 23 years old.

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