Man changes one thing on resume, gets flooded with job offers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man said taking one letter out of his name made all the difference when it came to applying for jobs.

José Zamora told BuzzFeed he would apply for 50 to 100 jobs every day and for months he did not get any replies.

One day he decided to take the “s” out of his name and go by “Joe” on his resume.

The change, he said, was all it took for employers to start calling and emailing him.

“I was applying for the same exact jobs, the exact same resume, the exact same experience,” he said. “Just a different name.”

“Sometimes I don’t even think people know or are conscious or aware that they’re judging – even if it’s by name,” he said. “But I think we all do it all the time.”

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    • DJ

      It does seem unlikely but it is possible. When you desperately need a job to make ends meet, you would do as many applications as possible to get a job. Any job. I’ve done a max of 45 applications in a day. Not back to back days but hell, I needed a job.

  • DuhNigreus

    There’s scant information about this guy’s methodology. What’s his point, anyway? It almost seems like he’s trying to imply “racism”, or that people don’t like Mexicans, without explaining the reasons why.

    • Clark

      It’s not up to him to explain the reasons why, he’s just observing his experience. If you want qualified analysis you would be better off asking a social scientist. But based on his information, it does seem that racism is a likely factor (not sure why you put it in quote marks).

      • Justin Thyme

        Good point Clark. Even after this story, people seem to not get it. I have white friends who refuse to come to work with me when I’m slammed. They choose to sit home with food stamps (truth be told). I’m then forced to pick someone standing in front of Home Depot and I get ridiculed by those same white friends telling me I should go learn Spanish as I’m hanging with the Mexicans. White people are lazy and racist. As for me, I’m a 43 year old white male just in case anyone questions it.

        • DuhNigreus

          You’re right. Whites are extremely lazy. Everyone knows that it was Africans and Mexicans that engineered and built the railroads, highways, schools, and hospitals in this country, not to mention constitutional government and the rule of law.

  • Modest Prude

    let’s hope that if he gets any interviews he doesn’t show up dressed as he is in this piece, with his backwards baseball cap. won’t matter if his name is Jose, Jerry, James, John, etc. he looks like a punk, and where is the proof? just sounds like a guy looking for media attention and some schmuck to fall for his, “I’m not getting my resume accepted” schtick

  • Brittany

    In WA I was taken to juvenile court because of excessive absences even tho I had a doctor’s note for my migraines. Principal of the school walked into court and asked me what I was doing there! I was on the school dance team and very active in school yet She had filled out the papers to take me to court. She had signed a sworn affidavit to the court saying she had called me in and counseled me and in her opinion the reason I wasn’t in school was because I only spoke Spanish. My maiden name is Ortiz. She never spoke to me about my ‘excessive’ absences or anything else. I was never called into her office. Oh, and I don’t speak Spanish. She just made a bunch of assumptions based on my last name. She only knew me by my first name.

    She did not even have the integrity to say she made a mistake. She stood by her sworn statement. Because if she didn’t she would lose all credibility. Racist Bitch taught me a lot that day.

    Anecdotal? Yes. Conclusive? No

  • Bradley Luvaas

    The same happened to my youngest son. All of my son’s are half Native, the older two are blonde the youngest bark haired like me. The youngest was always under the eye of his teachers and school admins. In this case the name was not the issue, his behavior was assumed by the ones in authority. Oh and we are in WA also Brittany. The place where racist are hiding in the woodwork and put on a politically correct face.