Breast-feeding mom with shot of Fireball and beer asked to leave bar

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RALEIGH, Va. — A woman took to Facebook slamming a local bar for being anti-breast feeding and got a huge response. But the bar’s owner said there is more to the story, and that the woman was drinking while breastfeeding.

The woman, identified as Crystal, said she was asked to leave a bar because she was breastfeeding, News Channel 3 reported. Crystal had a shot of liquor — Firebal — and beer in front of her, but said she had only taken a sip of the beer and planned to drink the booze after feeding her 11-month old.

“The treatment is wrong,” she said.

The women says she wasn’t told to stop drinking, only to be more discreet.

The co-owner of the bar, Jeff Leroy, said he is not against breastfeeding, just against it while the mother is drinking at a bar.

“It’s not easy to go and talk to someone and say you’re breastfeeding but you’re drinking too,” he says.

But Crystal said she is a chemist and knows how much she can consume without harming her baby, Channel 3 reported.

“I said there is no law that says I can’t breastfeed and drink,” she said.

Crystal is trying to organize a sit-in where other mothers go and breastfeed their babies at the bar. Leroy said he invites the mother to come in, and welcomes a sit in.

“Women are allowed to breastfeed here,” he told Channel 3.

Click here for more information on the maximum amount women are recommended to drink while breastfeeding.

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    • Nick

      No, you were right the first time. Having spent some time at this establishment over the years…it’s a BAR. They serve food, sure, but not one time that I’ve been there would I have been comfortable bringing a child. I have a feeling this woman wanted to make a point, so she picked the single least appropriate “restaurant” in the area to pull this stunt.

  • Bob

    Idiots come in moms too! Why would any mother in their right mind want to come to a bar and bring their baby and say, “I think I’ll breastfeed”…Such a nice and inviting atmosphere…Rights aside, it takes more to being a mom then being a chemist! Go home

  • Shirley

    To clarify. Women have the right to feed their child whenever and wherever. BUT, if they choose to breastfed, there is a responsibility that comes with it. Illicit drug or alcohol consumption is not acceptable. And yes, I know, if the woman waits a few hours after consuming alcohol then it will not go to the baby…however, I still think its irresponsible.

    • Jennifer Weaver

      So apparently you don’t have kids then. When my daughter was 11 months I went to a bar had a few drinks and came home I didn’t take her with me but it’s no irresponsible to drink then wait a few hours pump that milk out discard it and then breastfeed, it’s not irresponsible it’s called getting out having fun and relaxing being a single mom is hard work

    • tecumseh

      “I know, if the woman waits a few hours after consuming alcohol then it will not go to the baby…however, I still think its irresponsible.”

      What’s irresponsible about it? If you know the baby doesnt get any alcohol, then what’s the problem?

      This is like saying “I know I’m wrong, but I’ms ticking to my prejudice anyway”

  • Malachi Polyeidus

    There actually should be laws to prevent businesses from serving alcohol to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Perhaps her planned sit-in will help draw attention to this, and initiate the legal process to enact such measures.

    • 03sv1g

      Yeah, just what we need, another law interfering with our private lives. Nothing wrong with this mom drinking as much as she wants, as long as she isn’t feeding her baby with a load of alcohol still in her system. It’s her business and nobody else’s.

  • Chris C

    As a former neonatal RN, we always cautioned our moms against breastfeeding and ANY drug, prescribed by a physician or self prescribed by the mom. ANYTHING she imbibes goes straight thru to the milk. The breasts are not a filter system and don’t work like a placenta. If she goes to surgery our advice was to pump and dump for 24 hours to make sure the baby did not get anesthesia. I don’t know what kind of “chemist” she thinks she is, but I would agree with the bar owner in asking her to either leave or not drink and nurse her child. She has the right to do whatever she wants in her own home, but in someone else’s private establishment, she was wrong.

    • Jennifer Weaver

      How is she wrong, I use to drink then breastfeed, I would pump the first couple of bottles then dump them, my daughter is in second grade now doing 5th grade math, but as long as the alcohol has been dumped drinking while ur a breastfeeding mom is not wrong you people need to read shit, shit has changed since y’all have had kids

      • Christa

        There is no need to pump & dump milk after drinking alcohol, other than for mom’s comfort — pumping & dumping does not speed the elimination of alcohol from the milk.
        It’s all in how quickly your body rids itself of alcohol. Which is good to know if you only enjoy a glass of wine or two, but if you’re out getting completely wasted, pumping a few bottles first isn’t going to do anything about the alcohol in your system. Rule of thumb is safe to drive, safe to feed. Feel free to Google it.

      • Kay

        Did you ready the article or even watch the video? It plainly states the probably came when she started to breast feed he child in the bar while she had been drinking. It was after that, the bar asked her to leave.

    • Caty Taryn

      I hate to tell you this but I was given narcotics BY THE HOSPITAL as I was in labor with my daughter ( the drug passed thru the placenta) and also afterwards to recover from my episiotomy while I nursed my very brand-new daughter!

  • Jen

    This is getting stupid. I’m a mother of two (soon to be 3), and I breast feed. These “sit in’s” are ridiculous. Feed your kid and get over it. No one takes as much issue with breast feeding as the mom’s who want to prove some point and show their boobs to the world. Another overreaction.

    • JoAnn Hinther

      Feed your kid and get over it. No one takes as much issue with breast feeding as the mom’s who want to prove some point and show their boobs to the world. Another overreaction.

      A little dramatic don’t you think? Do you really think the point of breastfeeding is to ‘show your boobs to the world?’ That’s funny because I was under the impression the point was to feed your child… that IS what breasts are for, right. The whole point here is the mother has rights. There was no alcohol in her system at the time she fed her child. It is recommended to feed your child first, then its ok to have a drink or two. By the time baby is needing to nurse again (4 hours later) the mother is perfectly fine to nurse again.

  • JoAnn Hinther

    The post clearly says she was waiting until AFTER her baby finished eating to drink the beer and shot. This is not the same as breastfeeding while drinking. The establishment is in the wrong here. It is perfectly ok to feed your baby and then have a beer.

  • Kate

    I think this mom is very defensive and jumping the gun on this nurse-in she’s trying to do. I’m a mother whose currently breastfeeding her second child, in public with or without a cover depending on my mood. Yes I occasionally have a beer or some wine and breastfeed. Yes you can have a single low alcoholic beverage and not have to dump it. But if you do this I suggest you do it at home or with friends only because you will be judged, it will make people uncomfortable out of fear that you are passing it on to your baby. I think this mom needs to be understanding of how having alcohol in front of her while nursing her baby looks. They were trying to protect the baby not the other customers. Moms like this give us breastfeeding moms a bad name, but doesn’t surprise me that a mom whose willing to breastfeed and drink liquor in public is dramatic.

  • Kristen

    I breastfed all my babies and never drank at all while I breastfed…..she’s trying to play the poor victimized, breast feeding mother role and purposely tried to get attention…..idiot…..YOU DONT drink and breastfed! ANY AMOUNT of alcohol is bad for a baby…..what a moron!

  • Nichole

    I think the issue here should be, why is this lady bringing her infant to a bar! An then planning on hanging out an drinking after she breastfeeds! Who cares about the breastfeeding part!

  • Suzie

    To the nurse who commented, you are providing inaccurate information. Please educate your self regarding breastfeeding. Professionals who are ignorant play a high factor on why someone quits breastfeeding.

    This isn’t a breastfeeding issue. It is a parenting issue. It is about a mom bringing her baby to what is essentially a bar. Not acceptable in our culture. Noone knows if she would of consumed the entire amount of alcohol or just part of it. She could of been sharing it with someone.

    Education is a must…please do so.

  • kat

    Why can’t Moms just cover up a bit and nurse. Really, an 11 month old can drink water and eat without nursing in public. As far as a drink, everyone has an opinion and we really just don’t know. I’m all for nursing and did with both my boys. If I did nurse in public, I would cover up a bit.

  • Tiffany

    Breastfeeding and drinking an alcoholic beverage in a public place is insane. Of course she is going to be asked to leave. She wasn’t sitting there, eating a meal, she was getting tipsy. I’m not saying a breastfeeding mother shouldn’t be allowed to have a drink. However I completely and totally disagree with drinking and breastfeeding. Any amount of alcohol is bad for a baby. I think the mother should pump milk for while she is drinking until its out of her system. I know there’s studies that say how much alcohol is safe but I don’t believe any alcohol is fine and breastfeeding at the same exact time. That’s just wrong. Looking at a breastfeeding mother, in a bar, taking a shot and drinking a beer, is like seeing a pregnant woman taking a shot and drinking a beer. Both ways the baby receives what you take in.