Where has Ms. Pac-Man been all these years? ‘The real question is where haven’t I been!’ (VIDEO)

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YouTube screen capture

YouTube screen capture

SEATTLE —  Have you ever wondered what happened to Ms. Pac-Man?

What if she was still out there and she was trying for a comeback?

That’s the premise of a new cabaret theatre show debuting in Seattle next week.

Seattle performers and writers Freddy Molitch and Scott Shoemaker have taken everyone’s favorite 8-bit video game diva and imagined her life as it might be 30 years after her peak of fame.

In a video reintroducing Ms. Pac-Man we get our first look at her as she sits for an interview which begins with a question about where she has been over the last few decades.

“The real question is where haven’t I been, you know?” she slurs.  “Some people thought I was retired.  Some people thought I was dead.  Some people thought I was in jail.”

Then in a whisper, “Some people were right.”

The rollicking sketch comedy continues from there with hilariously groan-worthy lines like:

“I am done chasing the ghosts of my past.”


“I’m on the Richard Simons plan where everything you eat has a point value attached to it.  So it’s cherries 100 points, oranges 500 points, the only downside is when I go on a real bender I get a high score.”

At one point she declares, “I am clean and sober, cheers!”

Then slugs down a clear liquid in a martini glass complete with 5 olives.

When asked if she is drinking alcohol Ms. Pac-Man’s cherry and pretzel earrings shake as she replies.

“This is fermented potato juice.  I’m on a real vegetarian kick right now.  It’s all small fruits and vegetables for me.”

Molitch and Shoemaker originated the idea as a sketch during the ‘8-Bit Theatre Festival’ and the audience loved it so much they turned to Kickstarter to crowdsource funding for a full show.

Pledges came rolling in, the two earned more than $5,300 and ‘Ms Pak-Man:  Multiple Lives!’ was born.

The show promises ‘Hollywood hi-jinx’ and ‘scandalous secrets.’  It premiers September 4th, 5th and 6th at Re-Bar in Seattle.

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