Former Lincoln High teacher who had sex with students gets 6 months in jail

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Former Lincoln High School teacher Meredith Powell, 25, cries in court as she's sentenced Friday to serve six months in jail for having had sex with students. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

Meredith Powell, a former teacher at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, pleaded guilty to sex acts with students Wednesday. This photo is from an earlier court appearance. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

Meredith Powell, a former teacher at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, pleaded guilty to sex acts with students. This photo is from an earlier court appearance. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

TACOMA — Former Lincoln High School teacher Meredith Powell was sentenced Friday to six months in jail for having sex with two of her underage students and sexting a third.

Powell, 25, who pleaded guilty in July to on two counts of child rape and one count of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, sobbed in Pierce County Superior Court as she apologized for her actions before her sentencing.

Data pix.

The judge actually sentenced her to 5 years in prison, but granted her a Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or SSOSA.

Under the SSOSA, Powell will serve six months in the Pierce County Jail with 54 months suspended on the condition that she comply with court-ordered sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender, have law abiding behavior and have no contact with the minor victims.

Failure to comply with any of the court ordered conditions can result in revocation of the SSOSA and Powell could serve the full 60 months.

The Tacoma News Tribune said that after hearing Powell will spend only six months in jail, several friends of the victims cursed and one family member stormed out of the courtroom.

Powell was arrested in February, shortly after the Tacoma School District got an anonymous tip that she was engaging in sexual contact with at least two students between the ages of 14 and 16. She resigned shortly after her arrest.

Prosecutors said that on Jan. 17, one of the boys went to Powell's classroom instead of attending the school’s Martin Luther King Day assembly. The two kissed and engaged in sexual activity, prosecutors said.

A few days after the assembly, Powell engaged in sexual activity in her classroom with a second boy. They kissed and she performed oral sex on him, prosecutors said.

Also, she exchanged explicit text messages with a third victim in January.

On Feb. 3, Powell wrote a letter to the angry girlfriend of one of the boys in which she apologized for her “promiscuous” and “unprofessional” comments and texts. The girlfriend showed the letter to school administrators and Powell was placed on administrative leave.

Detectives arrested her on Feb. 6.

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  • Dan Crocker

    The key here is if you do it, don’t talk about it. But that’s a hard thing to do when you’re talking about a high school kid with raging hormones who gets seduced by some hot looking teacher. In my day, I would have jumped at the chance too – although I am not sure I could have kept my mouth shut….

    • Rob

      i wish that men had the right to sleep with 15 year old girls, without being sentenced to such harsh sentences. i wish that had the right to refuse a draft notice. i wish that men weren’t expected to pay more for their car insurance. i wish that men had equal rights. but this is MURICA.

  • Mike Abbott

    It’s amazing how well our justice system works these days. I know 1 that got a total of 5 years for what he did. She’s getting a slap on the hand and being told be good now and don’t do it again

  • mary jo

    what a shame what she can not get anything at home.Must not be that good.It is a wounder that the kids did not turn her down,i guess when your that young you try anything the first time.if she was that hard up,she could have stood on the street.your right if teacher was a man ,20 to life

  • Harold Hecuba

    The comments that I am SICK of reading every time there’s a story like this are the “wow-lucky-kids/where-were-teachers-like-this-when-I-was-that-age” remarks from every desperate, lonely, horny sad sack out there. She has T & A (and P) the way Michael Jackson had a D. This is a CRIMINAL OFFENDER and one who pursued her illegal interests in the most unacceptable of places. Horny dudes need to stop being so pathetic.

    • Valder Anders Jorgensen

      I I hope you subdue your sickness, get well soon and realize that in the real world (and not in that puritan make-believe fantasy world that for whatever sad reason was made up in the USA) when a man does this is plain creepy, while when an attractive woman does it, it may be pure bliss for the boy. I write this because I was seduced by a female teacher in high school and got into sexual intercourse with her, it was very good for me, I really enjoyed it and it gave me confidence in myself like I never felt before that. I grew up to have a normal life so far, I had normal relationships with women so far, I am 37, I am married, we have 3 children and after 11 years of marriage I am very in love with my wife like in the first day that I met her. So I say that they might seem ignorant, but the “pathetic horny dudes” are natural, and people like you – comparing a woman with nice T&A with a sick creep like Michael Jackson (or Roman Polanski or whatever deranged dude who ever tried to enforce his P on juveniles), are make-believe puritan hypocrites.

      • Curios reader

        Then what can you say about the actions of the victim’s family? Who get angry,cursed and even walked out of the court.

        I do agree though, example :if a non-virgin 16 year old boy (he’s not a virgin because he’s been doing it with his girlfriend, had sex with an older woman. Because he got horny for her, why would they jail that woman for life? What’s that difference?
        If nobody reported her, he wouldn’t even stopped.

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