Tim Eyman seeks to overturn $15 minimum wage laws

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — There’s a new challenge to Seattle’s historic $15 minimum wage law.  Initiative guru Tim Eyman now has his sights set on overturning the city’s recently adopted law.

Eyman is collecting signatures for a measure to prohibit cities from raising the minimum wage above the state’s level, which is currently $9.32 an hour.  That would effectively gut both Seattle and SeaTac’s recent hikes.

Seattlepi.com reports that Eyman has met with key business leaders and groups to solicit at least $1 million to run the initiative effort.  His goal is to put the idea before voters in November 2015.

Earlier this year, state Sen. John Braun, R-Centralia, introduced a proposal like Eyman’s in the Legislature, but couldn’t muster the votes.

“Think about all the city limits you cross as you drive through the Puget Sound region and all the different minimum wages you could have in all those places and how you would process payroll,” Braun said.  “That gets really hard really quick.”

State Sen. Sharon Nelson, D-Seattle, argued that local jurisdictions should have the final say.

“If we have a city, like Seattle, that is saying, we need a $15 minimum wage, or SeaTac, then that should be their option,” Nelson said.  “Seattle has the highest cost of living. You can’t have a low minimum wage in that city and have people living, making a living wage.”

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  • Travis Hunter

    We have the same thing in CA. San Francisco has a higher minimum wage then the state itself. I say that I agree with Seattle raising minimum wage and Mr. Eyman needs to back off. Higher minimum wage in SF has not effected fast food prices as everyone thinks will happen

  • Randee cate

    Perhaps not, but it does affect the quality of the food you get.
    What you’re not understanding is that folks may be worth $15 an hour, but the work they’re doing isn’t.
    Once the cost of living
    catches up, what then?
    $18 an hour?
    Then the problem becomes even the guys that worked their way up to $18 an hour are now making minimum wages again.
    It’s just a dollar store bandaid on the bigger problem.
    Not to mention, now the city, state and fess an tax those employees at a higher rate for more ridiculous spending.
    Think before you vote.

  • Nellie

    I don’t understand why a fast food worker should be making the same or more then a person with a degree who has worked their butt off to get to that point. Minimum wage is not the “living wage” its a wage for someone who has minimum skills, doing a minimum skilled job. At no time in history has anyone expected to live off of the wage made at a fast food restaurant, it is a stepping stone to better yourself, say while you are going to college to get a better job. Stop expecting the world to take care of you, work hard for the money you earn and always be bettering yourself. The generation of people who think that they are “entitled” are what is killing our economy and dragging this once great nation down. Get off your butts, get a job, work towards bettering yourself, and be part of the solution NOT part of the problem.

    • big john stankus

      And those of us who make more than $15 MADE A CHOICE to improve ourselves and get to a place where we deserve this pay. We understand that we can control our own destiny instead of relying on the government tit. Perhaps you should do the same.

  • Paul&Kathy

    Tim Eyman is the ONLY guy on the west side who is conservative and working to contain government and defeat the insanity of Liberalism. Thank GOD for Eyman!!