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Capitol Hill street robberies on rise: ‘The crime problem keeps getting worse’

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SEATTLE — Someone was robbed at 13th and Olive.

“It is not safe on Capitol Hill when the sun goes down,” Social Outreach Seattle President Shaun Knittel said.

It also happened t 11th and Union.

“The crime problem keeps getting worse, unfortunately,” Knittel said.

It happened at Broadway and Pike, too; street robberies — all since Saturday.

“I think it has a lot to do with the amount of people that have moved into the neighborhood,” Knittel said.

Police call that a target-rich environment and, unfortunately, Capitol Hill is just that.

"If you're a criminal or someone looking to mug or rob people, you're going to go where there is more individuals,” Knittel said.

In the month of August alone, on the Hill, there were more than two dozen muggings, robberies and thefts on the street.

"I was using my bike to get everywhere and so not having that is pretty inconvenient,” victim Julian Genette said.

Genette knows what it's like to be a victim.

"In the blink of an eye, I feel like I was watching my bike at one point out in front of the bar -- and the next thing I knew it was gone,” Genette said.

Seattle police say they are aware of the problem. They have increased patrols with uniformed officers and some in plain clothes.

They are working to make the Hill safer, they say, as quickly as possible.

"We're not just going to wait for it to go away. We are actively searching for the people who are doing this and we will continue to do so,” Seattle Police detective Patrick Michaud said

But for people who live here, particularly those who have already been victimized, time is not on their side.

"There's also this feeling of, well, nothing is improving, and I know that it takes time, but for the victims that time ran out the second that they were a victim,” Knittel said.

"It's unfortunate but some part of me feels like living in the city, that's just kind of part of it but I'm definitely going to be more cautious,” Knittel said.

Anyone with information about these crimes should call 911.

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  • Stan

    The problem is that the people of Seattle stood idly by and allowed the DOJ to destroy the SPD…and now they have the de-policed city they asked for

    • Luke

      Precisely! If you want safe streets, let the police do their jobs! The entire department has been dismantled because of the actions of 1% of the officers.

      DOJ and the rest of the federal government gains more and more power as people give up control of their LOCAL police forces.

  • jaminjenn

    My husband was mugged after the Seahawks vs. Chargers game…..his wallet, cell phone and shirt were taken and he was choked out from behind. He was missing for over an hour. Very scary for him and our family, just so thankful he’s alive. This same night, August 15th a lady I work with….her husband was also mugged after the same Hawks game….he was also robbed of all belongings…..but knocked out and taken….and later dropped off at a gas station on the other side of town. He was missing for over 5 hours…..he woke up on the sidewalk of the gas station….with nothing. During the 5 hours he was missing his CC was continually used at different parking garages around Seattle. Not sure if there’s a link with the parking garages or not, but seems strange. I hope it get’s under control soon and there are no more victims….we usually stay up in Seattle for the games and make a night of it, as it’s usually our “night away” go to place…..but this has changed our minds. In all the years we’ve been staying in Seattle this is the first time something like this has happen to us or a friend (ironically on the same night after the same event)…..but it sounds like it’s becoming a bigger problem that will keep us away and defiantly more aware of our surroundings.


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  • Derrick

    It is all the people that have moved to the Pacific Northwest from other parts of the country who perhaps want to get away from problems in their communities. And all the openly drug deals going on in the streets that the police do not want to get involved. This is serious folks, stay away from capital hill, south seattle, SeaTac, federal way… The list could go on and on. Call your city representative to express your opinions.

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