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Bill & Melinda Gates donate $1 million to support I-594 gun background check measure

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Bill and Melinda Gates. (Photo: Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images)

SEATTLE — Bill and Melinda Gates donated $1 million to support Initiative 594, a measure on the November ballot in Washington that would require background checks for all private firearms sales, including those at gun shows or on the Internet, a Gates spokeswoman said Monday.

“We are pleased to join many others making a donation to the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility to support Initiative 594 on the November ballot,” the Gates said in a joint statement. “We believe it will be an effective and balanced approach to improving gun safety in our state by closing existing loopholes for background checks.”

It was disclosed last week that Seahawks owner Paul Allen had donated $500,000 in support of I-594. reported that Seattle-area venture capitalist Nick Hanauer had also donated $1 million and Steve and Connie Balmer had given $600,000.

I-594 has raised $6 million, reported.

A competing gun initiative on the November ballot is I-591, which states it would be “unlawful for any government agency to require background checks on the recipient of a firearm unless a uniform national standard is required.”





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  • Mr Holms

    Remember these laws mean nothing to criminals they dont carry legal guns your just making it harder to protect your sorry a$$e$

  • Larry

    Mr Holms is right; 594 will only hurt honest people, plus it is much more than background checks–the thing is 18 pages long. Rich do-gooders can afford private security, unlike most of us! Larry

  • Joe

    Hey Bill Gates remember when the Gov confiscated all the gold in America, registered guns are next, then what will we use to defend against mobs of rioting gang-bangers invading our homes after the economy finally tanks and no jobs because illegals do it for less money and the other like at Microsoft have been outsourced abroad?

  • The World is Ending

    If it were up to guys like Gates and many other of the rich politicians and their rich supports both Democrat and Republican background checks would be required to buy any and all guns at a huge cost.. say in the several thousand dollar range if not 10+ thousand for every purchase, that way only the rich would have guns. Oh… I almost forgot crooks.. Wait…. politicians and crooks oh well same difference.

  • Paul&Kathy

    Perhaps Bill and Melinda Gates should move out of state or move to Africa where they seem to have more interest in things. I wish the Gate family would leave us alone since they do not seem to want to help WA state with their enormous profits they make off us.

  • Bill

    Initiative 594 will do nothing to stop the bad guy from buying a gun. There are already several laws preventing bad guys from buying guns. Look at Chicago! Nobody can buy a handgun there. How’s that working? It’s not. The only thing I-594 will do is add more red tape to an already over loaded gun control agenda.

  • We The People

    Definitely voting NO!! Im pretty sure those rich bastards have firearms themselves locked in a 6 by 6 vault in their mansion with level 3 type security systems and armed body guards. We all know I594 is the beginning for them to turn law abiding citizens into criminals because criminals dont register fire arms and neither can they purchase fire arms without going through a background check or having it sent to a local ffl dealer. Theyre preparing for this economic collapse with the attempt of gun confiscation which would only lead to genocide by federal officials and massive civilian casualties from criminals. It is not a crime if im at work and a robber breaks into my home and my family member needed to use my weapon for self defense. I’d be damned if legislation passed this after swearing to protect the constitution. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  • Paul&Kathy

    Little Billy Gates and Melinda have ARMED guards for their residence and their person when traveling.
    Why shouldn’t you??? ************** Vote NO on I594 *************

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