Young mother, 4 children accidentally pulled over by police at gunpoint (VIDEO)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

YouTube screen capture

FORNEY, Texas — Police accidentally pulled over a young mother at gunpoint and put her in handcuffs while her four children were in the car.

WFAA reported that police in Forney, Texas recently pulled over Kametra Barbour at gunpoint while her four children — all under the age of 10 — were in the car.

The incident was caught on police dash cam video.

Police admit they made a mistake.

Barbour told the station she was driving with her children when she was suddenly stopped and surrounded by police at gunpoint. The mother said she was told to get out of the car with her hands above her head. She was then handcuffed in front of her children.

The stop was in response to a 9-1-1 call reporting four people waiving a gun out of the window of a beige or tan Toyota.

Barbour was driving a red Nissan Maxima.

Police realized they made a mistake when the mother’s 6-year-old son came out of the car with his hands up, according to the report. Officers then went to try to calm down the terrified children.

The Forney Police Department told WFAA that officers responded appropriately to what was believed to be a dangerous situation.


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  • Lane Wilkins

    Nothing ever happens to Police when they make mistakes,clearly this was not the color or make of vehicle they were sent to apprehend,once again the police brotherhood is backing one another,if this lady would have made one wrong move she would have been shot without a doubt in front of her four young children because of storm troopers without a clue of how to do their job!!

  • Josh

    I’m not going to defend everything that police do, but they put their lives on the line for us each and every day. If someone told me that a car was driving down the road waving a gun I’d have reacted accordingly as well. They weren’t rude or overly mean to her, they followed protocol.

    • Terry ward

      Let see burgundy and a tan looking car wooooooooooow!!!! What a color difference.stop please stop making excuses for people bad behaviors. This has gotten out of control u all know we do things over and over because why we have gotten by with it in the past. You notice I say gotten by cause god see all. There days and time is number. You don’t see the seriousness in none of these cops behavior cause it has not happen to u. And if ur white it may never will unless u are hanging in black communities. Let be honest about what’s going on in America.

    • Bernie (@GuessWho002)

      Did anyone of the police lovers read the story. Report: Beige or tan Toyota. What occurred: Pulled over a red Maxima. Even if you can’t tell the difference between a Toyota and a Nissan (and police officers should be able to), shouldn’t you at least get the color correct.

  • Judy

    One time my husband was pulled over and his car surrounded by police with guns drawn because he drove a car like the one a suspected murderer was driving (and in the same area where the young girl was murdered). Luckily he didn’t match the description and he was let go without incident. But he was driving the same car. A tan Toyota versus a red Nissan. Kind of a big difference. If it was the same kind of car it might be understandable. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

  • Karen

    And yet this is the same department that pulled over Zimmerman for speeding, and he admitted to having a gun in his car. The police officer snapped a picture of him with his personal camera phone (hero worshipping,perhaps?), shook Zimmerman’s hand, laughed, and pulled away.

  • TK

    help me understand. The officers said she matched the description and license plate.. but her car isnt the color described and the caller didn’t give a license plate number either. How was this a valid stop?

    • Ml

      I’m white, live in a small town with mostly white people and even I can see that that was racial profiling! That poor woman and her children.

      • Angela

        Did I miss where this article even said what race the woman was? Why does everything have to be turned into a damn racial issue! Give it up people! Stop playing the victim (not you personally)

        • Fran James

          The article didn’t have to say it. The video showed it. The question should be why is that white police officers are always quick to pull out their guns when the person is black when the majority of random and mass shooting were done by white.

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