Outraged moms stage ‘Nurse-in’ after mother told to breastfeed child in bathroom

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Nursing mothers lined up outside and filled the chairs inside an Anthropologie clothing store in California to breast-feed their babies as a sign of protest.

“I feel really compelled to get the message of other mothers out there that there’s nothing shameful about this,” protester Kate Ward said.

The so-called “nurse-in” is in response to a fellow breast-feeding mom, Ingrid Wiese-Hesson, who claims when she visited the store with her 6-week-old, the manager wouldn’t let her feed her son in the back of the store.

Her son, Xavier, began crying because he was hungry. When she sat down in the store to feed the child, the store manager escorted her to the ladies room to finish nursing.

“His exact words to me were, ‘I’m here to escort you to the ladies’ room so that you can finish breast-feeding,’” Wiese-Hesson said.

Under California law, businesses are not allowed to prohibit women from breast-feeding or relegate them to a restroom.

“I would never eat a meal in a bathroom, and I would never force a child to,” Ward said.

But that’s exactly what Wiese-Hesson says happened to her.

“She opened up the bathroom and she said ‘sorry, there’s no chair,’ and of course the only thing in the bathroom is the toilet seat,” Wiese-Hesson said.

Wiese-Hesson posted what happened to her on her Facebook page and within hours, her story was circulating the internet.

“I want to be able to feed my kids without feeling like somebody is going to kick me out of any public place at any given time,” protester Melissa Remer said.

Anthropologie issued an apology which it posted to Facebook and Twitter. It reads, in part:

As a company comprised with hundreds of mothers, which seeks to put the customer first, we celebrate women in all of their life stages. Given our staff’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service, we welcome this as an opportunity to enhance our customer experience by providing further training and education for our staff. Our aim is that all women, all mothers, be comfortable in our stores.

But some shoppers weren’t happy to see the nursing demonstration.

“Being naked is private,” one woman said.

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  • Mom of 2 (@sahmof2cubs)

    I used a breast pump before hand and used a bottle for our kids if they needed it. I am a modest person and also respect other people that are at a restaurant or other business. I don’t know what I would do without that pump. I didn’t want to stop going out, or travel, when my kids were little. Love that inventor!!

  • Kay

    There is nothing shameful about breastfeeding…however..If you just ‘whip it out’ and start feeding, I don’t want to see that!

  • Freddie Law

    i don’t want to be sitting down eating and someone just whip’s it out and starts feed the child in public while i’m trying to eat, I would feel disrespected.

    • Brittany

      Why is it more important or ok for you to east but a child can not. I understand the being covered up part, but I guarantee if your problem is with the feeding, you would complain much more if the child had to sit there a cry.

    • jade

      Freddie I completely agree with you. I don’t see where these women get such entitlement. You decided to have a kid. Keep it at home or get a pump and bring it a bottle for public feedings not be a wild animal and just pop it out where people are trying to eat. If I’m not eating dinner with my tits exposed, yours shouldn’t be either.

  • Alana

    I am a mother of 3 and I did breastfeed and never ever in public. I do not want to see breast feeding in a store or any public place I will take my business else where if I come in and someone is breastfeeding its common decency and my and my childrens feelings should be respected also and they are not.

  • Bree

    Freddie Law, why is it that you’re allowed to eat but the child isn’t? If you have a problem with a child eating maybe you should eat elsewhere like the bathroom or with a blanket over your head. Breasts are for feeding children, not a sex organ. Educate yourself

  • Anna Golla

    You know women don’t literally “whip it out” and swing it around right? They literally are just trying to feed their child. Kay, Freddie, and Alana…if you feel uncomfortable, those are your own weird insecurities. No baby should have to cater to YOUR adult needs. I promise you, your kids will be fine if they see a quick glance at half a breast. They’ll be better actually. They will learn to see it as normal to feed a baby when hungry and become positive role models in this world when they get older and not make women, especially overwhelmed new mothers feel bad about themselves.

    • Freddie Law, Jr.

      and what makes you think I’m not. all i’m trying to say if you would even shut up for a moment and listen is use common decency, i’m not trying to say dont feed you kids, show some common decency or is that too good for you. all i’m asking is cover up. i could CARELESS if you are feeding you kids in public, not my problem. what i got a problem with is you using my name and you don’t even know me. so lets get a few things out of the way right now. all i’m asking is that people cover over, if that to hard to ask for. oh wait your a woman who things everything should go your way. Number 2, your don’t know me so keep my name out of your mouth

    • Monica

      Getting out a cover and putting it on takes mote time and is more noticeable than just unsnapping a nursing bra and feeding a baby. Honestly, you might only see about 2 inches of skin, and no nipple.

      And gues what Freddie law Freddie law Freddie law. Freddie Freddie Freddie Freddie. Yes, I went there. Was it mature ? No. Will it be fun to watch you get pissed? Yes.

      • jade

        If you can carry it for 9 months you can take the 15 seconds it takes to put a blanket over the kids head. Keep it classy. women are becoming so trashy.

  • Shianne Sellers

    It’s feeding a baby! Thats what breasts are for! It’ s stressful enough having a newborn without having to worry about people seeing breasts as only sexual objects so you feel ashamed to feed your baby! Get over it people! I would rather see a woman breaatfeeding than hear a child cry out in hunger!

  • Jessica mills

    You peoe that have insecuritys about a woman feeding her hungery child need to buck up… And obviously you think your selfs superior to little children. You guys need to go without eating if you think a child should have to wait for their food just because you dont like how they eat!

    • Freddie Law, Jr.

      wrong your the one who things common decency doesn’t apply to her. Lets get one things right I could CARELESS about you or your kid all i ask is that people cover up.

  • Jackalope

    Freddie Law: I’m curious as to how you want people to address you without using your name. This is not a snarky question; do you want them to just say, “That one person who said Thing X”? Do you only let people who know you talk to you by name?

    • Freddie Law, Jr.

      if thats not a snarky question i don’t know what is and yes i only let people i know talk to me by my name and not those who hide because a computer using a screen name. so do a both a favor and leave because knowing someone like you much be like being hit by a train and once again i don’t know you and you dont know me so dont use my name

  • Tiffani

    Why should women breast feeding have to cover up when trying to feed a hungry child but a hooker/escort or whatever you prefer to call them can wear whatever whenever they want and noone says anything. Smh!

  • Kelly T

    Mr. Freddy Law Jr. if you don’t want people addressing you just don’t comment or put your name as anonymous. I’ve come to realize after reading your comments that you are a special kind of stupid. Back to the real issue. When did feeding a starving baby become so unpopular? Get a grip people, its ok for Victoria’s Secret to post breasts everywhere and movies to show near full nudity but feeding a baby in public is an issue. If you don’t want to see boobs don’t bloody look.

  • Lindsey

    Even if you try to cover up .. Babies will pull the cover right off… Half the time people
    Nurse in public it is not even noticeable.. We are lifting out shirts up in the air..

  • Kristy

    I think it’s funny that people say it’s common decency or that people think it’s to exposed…yet some of them are probably the same people googling over woman in bikinis or tank tops or they are the same woman that have it all hanging out but you add a baby to the situation that’s covering up the part that most people feel is inappropriate in America and it’s gross or not for people to see. Women become proud of your body and your baby! Men remember god made women that way for a reason and they are just there for you to play with…sorry you have to learn to share. I breast feed both my baby’s and it if you don’t think it’s natural or you think it’s gross then you can turn your head because my child’s health and well being is more important than what you think if me any day of the week!

  • Stacy

    I’m a little more conservative and I think that should be ok. I don’t get weirded out by breast feeding though because my sister would always whip it out. However, what I wonder is, there’s a lot of creeps out there. Don’t you get worried about them a little? I’d imagine if I ever had a child I’d take the time to have one of those covers, but like I said, I’m a bit consecutive and have no personal experience in that area.

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