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Parents turn in 13-year-old daughter after discovering nude photos on cell phone, tablet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Virginia — A mother was shocked at what she found on her daughter’s cell phone and tablet.

The 13-year-old’s parents discovered she had been sending and receiving naked photos of other teenagers, WTVR reported.

The mother said she became aware of the situation when their other child overheard voices in her bedroom around 4:00 a.m.

None of the photos showed the girl with anyone else, but the mother said it was clear that these pictures were being sent back and forth with boys.

“Looking through the phone and the tablet we did find sexual pictures, conversations that were very inappropriate for her age,” she told the station.

“Everybody wanted to be her friend, because according to these people, she was cool now.”

She decided to call police when she discovered that an older boy, 17 or 18-years-old, asked the young girl for sex.

The parents told WTVR they decided to call authorities to protect their own daughter — even if that meant criminal charges.

“What she’s facing may be harsh, but we feel it’s for her own protection,” the mother told the station.

And she has important advice for other parents to keep their children from using dangerous apps.

“Please put parental controls on everything. I was informed that if you take it to the store… wherever store you buy it from, they can put all kinds of locks and controls in place, so that they can’t access these apps,” she told WTVR.

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  • Josie

    So….in other words….she caught her 13 year old doing what most 13 year olds are doing these days. I’d say the Mom is very out of touch, she needs to learn the new reality of the digital age.

    • ash

      You have your 13 year old child send out naked pictures and call that normal!! There are bad people out there..and sending photos to people like is normal…yeah right. Idiot

      • Addison

        Get a reality check, what Josie said is right, I know three 13 year olds who have had SEX. Taking nudes is a normal thing nowdays, her parents are really freaking dumb.

  • Dan

    and now the girl can register as a sex offender for the rest of her life… wonderful parenting. I’m sure she will thank them every time she has to register.
    She will never work for the government. She will have a difficult time getting good work in the private sector… amazing parents.

    • JakeD

      Yeah, this is just a little thing. Based on Josie’s post above, it is all the rage among 13 year olds. Maybe just being told how naughty she is for doing something that is highly illegal is all she really needs to make everything better. No reason to hold kids accountable, they will end up living at home till they are 40 anyhow with how little accountability we have in society. Especially if people like you have anything to say about it.

      • Dan

        I was not saying what she did was a good thing. I was saying what her parents did was extremely bad. There is no reason for this child to be a registered sex offender. She did create nude pics which will be viewed as creating and distributing child porn. Her life is officially over.
        Her parents should have dealt with the situation. Look into Kajeet and other filtering software.

    • Tham

      Totally brainless mother. This reminds me of one Malaysian case years ago, in Penang, I think.

      This woman found a video tape of her husband having a wild time with two young teen girls.
      This complete idiot turned him in, not thinking once of the ramifications and repercussions on her family, particularly the trauma, on her young daughters, as well as the embarrassment and humilation they would have to face in school, not to mention the rest of their lives.

      Their father had the unfortunate chance to be sentenced by a Malay woman, and received
      some 26 years in jail and 30 strokes of the ”rotan” (whipping by a bamboo cane).
      In Malaysia, they do that to you if you have sex with an underaged girl, with statutory rape
      currently set at 16 years (previously 14).

      In receiving his sentence, he ”thanked” his wife …….

      ( My office manager at that time commented that the woman should have reacted :
      ” Why don’t I join all of you for a nice gang-bang ? ” And then pass the tape on to some
      nice porn video site ! )

  • Angela

    According to another news source, the charges to be filled on her, if any will be dependent on the ages of the other teens whose nude pics were also found on her phone and tablet (WTVR via Crime Feed)