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Parents keep incredible secret from young son for years, reveal it on his birthday (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN JOSE, Calif — It was a secret Sarah Goer and her husband kept from their young son for more than two years.

But this secret was something the parents couldn’t wait to reveal to their son when the time was right because it was the good kind of secret.

It started when the family moved into their new house and found a small unfinished crawl space connected to his bedroom.

Since the boy was a toddler the two decided to keep him safe they would block off the area with a large dresser.

Soon though they realized the space could have incredible potential as their son grew.

They decided to secretly remake the space into a play room and to keep the whole project a secret until a future birthday.

By the time their son turned four, the tiny space was fully transformed into something magical.

It had a new floor, brighter walls, a map and a coloring supply area.

Best of all, Sarah and her husband had created it all right under their little son’s nose without him ever suspecting a thing.

On the big day the two gave their son clue after clue until ultimately he himself discovered the secret behind the dresser.

Once inside Sarah told FOX8 News that her son just lit up and instantly dubbed it his ‘secret treasure room.’

Since that special day the little boy and his sister have spend countless hours every day in the room reading and playing. Sarah’s daughter even added glowing stars to the ceiling after receiving them for her own birthday.

And that dresser that kept the secret safe for so long?

It no longer lives in front of the door.

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