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Police, protesters clash; 2 people taken to hospital with gunshot wounds

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FERGUSON, Mo. (CNN) — An evening of peaceful protests devolved into clashes in Ferguson Monday night as a few protesters hurled bottles and rocks at a heavy police presence, and they responded by firing stun grenades and tear gas. Some arrests were made.

Police in riot gear and gas masks formed a barricade. They used LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) crowd control systems to send out piercing and painful sounds to disperse the crowd.

Police told protesters they had to keep walking. If they stood still, they were warned, they risked arrest for unlawful assembly. Most obliged, but not all.

One protester ripped out a “Do Not Enter” street sign and pointed it toward officers.

Then, things deteriorated rapidly.

Some reported shots being fired. A few Molotov cocktails were also thrown.

Police responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

Then, with guns drawn, police moved in toward the protesters to clear the area.

Officers told reporters it was for “public safety,” and that there had been a gunshot victim. They didn’t elaborate.

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson later told CNN that two people had been taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Their conditions were not known.

“At the end of this, we’re gonna be classed as insurgents,” an upset protester told CNN.

Earlier, rowdy demonstrators were greatly outnumbered by fellow protesters trying to keep the gathering peaceful. Some locked arms and walked through the crowd.

“Get out of street! Don’t fight!” some protesters bellowed on bullhorns.

Police in riot gear formed a barricade, donning gas masks and asking reporters to do the same. Some officers sat with guns pointed atop armored vehicles. But they showed restraint.

Officials temporarily detained a few, including news photographer Scott Olson and longtime activist and Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein.

“We are not going to let outside provocateurs to come here. We can’t allow this movement to be destroyed,” said Malik Shabazz, national president of Black Lawyers for Justice.

The renewed tensions came after the preliminary results of an autopsy that Brown’s family requested were released, as was a new account of what allegedly happened in the moments immediately before the teenager was killed by a local police officer.

Evidence in the shooting death could be presented to a grand jury as early as Wednesday.

And as the situation in the St. Louis suburb was being watched and talked about across the country, it continued to draw comments from numerous quarters — including the White House.

“We have all seen images of protesters and law enforcement in the streets. It’s clear that the vast majority of people are peacefully protesting. What’s also clear is that a small minority of individuals are not,” said President Barack Obama.

“While I understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of Michael Brown, giving into that anger by looting, or carrying guns, and even attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos,” he said, in a call for calm.

“Let’s see some understanding” rather than confrontation, and “let’s seek to heal,” the President said.

Brown’s death has sparked nightly protests in the Ferguson, prompting Gov. Jay Nixon to call out the National Guard.

Dueling narratives

The officer who killed Brown says the teenager rushed at him full speed in the moments before the shooting, according to an account phoned in to a St. Louis radio station and confirmed by a source with detailed knowledge of the investigation.

 Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown make their voices heard on August 18, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Protesters have been vocal asking for justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer on August 9th. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown make their voices heard on August 18, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Protesters have been vocal asking for justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer on August 9th. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

According to the version on KFTK, phoned in by a woman who identified herself as “Josie,” the altercation on August 9 began after Officer Darren Wilson rolled down his window to tell Brown and a friend to stop walking in the street.

When Wilson tried to get out of his cruiser, Brown first tried to push the officer back into the car, then punched him in the face and grabbed for his gun before breaking free after the gun went off once, the caller said.

Wilson pursued Brown and his friend, ordering them to freeze, according to the account. When they turned around, Brown began taunting Wilson, saying he would not arrest them, then ran at the officer at full speed, the caller said.

Wilson then began shooting. The final shot was to Brown’s forehead, and the teenager fell two or three feet in front of Wilson, said the caller, who identified herself as the officer’s friend.

A source with detailed knowledge of the investigation later told CNN the caller’s account is “accurate,” in that it matches what Wilson has told investigators.

But accounts of exactly what happened when Wilson stopped Brown vary widely.

Witnesses said they saw a scuffle between the officer and Brown at the police car before the young man was shot. Several witnesses said Brown raised his hands and was not attacking the officer.

Piaget Crenshaw said she was sitting in her home when she witnessed the shooting. She captured video of the aftermath, including images of Brown’s body lying in the middle of the street.

Crenshaw said Brown was running away from police and then turned around. She said that was when Brown was shot.

Police provided a different narrative, saying Brown struggled with the officer and reached for his weapon.

Parallel investigations

A grand jury will hear testimony from witnesses and decide on whether to return an indictment in the case, Ed McGee, spokesman for the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney, said Monday, stressing there is “no time line on this case.”

In addition to that proceeding, the Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into Brown’s death. Attorney General Eric Holder will travel to Ferguson this week, to meet with investigators there.

“I realize there is tremendous interest in the facts of the incident that led to Michael Brown’s death, but I ask for the public’s patience as we conduct this investigation,” the attorney general said in a statement.

“The selective release of sensitive information that we have seen in this case so far is troubling to me. No matter how others pursue their own separate inquiries, the Justice Department is resolved to preserve the integrity of its investigation.”

Autopsy findings

An autopsy conducted for the family of Brown found no evidence that he struggled with Wilson before his death, according to the pathologist in charge of the examination.

Dr. Michael Baden conducted the autopsy after an official examination by the St. Louis County medical examiner’s office.

Michael Brown's Autopsy DiagramThe autopsy results are the latest development in the investigation into Brown’s death, which has resulted in nightly, sometimes violent, protests in Ferguson that have prompted Missouri’s governor to declare a curfew and send in the state National Guard.

“Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard … in restoring peace and order to this community,” Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement.

Later, he told reporters the National Guard would have a “limited mission” to protect the command center in Ferguson.

The protests have also gained international attention. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement Monday on the events in Ferguson, saying that he “hopes local and federal investigations will shed full light on the killing” of Brown. Ban called on authorities to ensure that people are able to assemble peacefully and urged law enforcement to abide by U.S. and “international standards in dealing with demonstrations.”

Gunfire, tear gas and Molotov cocktails Sunday night marked some of the fiercest clashes yet between police and protesters furious about the death of the unarmed teenager.

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  • Sandy

    Facts do not matter to the group that is rioting and burning it’s own neighborhood. They are a stupid bunch and they merely want to use this as a justification to loot and steal and burn. They don’t want to acknowledge that, had this guy complied with the police orders and been personally accountable for his own actions he would still be alive today.

    • littleluke1968

      Facts do not matter to the rioters but most of those protesting are peaceful. No one is burning down their own neighborhoods. Outsiders are doing the looting. Nothing Michael Brown did warranted his being shot to death while surrendering, according to multiple witnesses. However, I imagine you are too racist and/or prejudiced to believe anything Black witnesses have said.

      • keepinitreal

        First off, I am black. I am a survivor of growing up in the poverty and gang infested neighborhoods of Chicago. I fought to get out and get an education and have worked hard all my life and have succeeded.

        Are you talking about the witness who was with Michael Brown , the guy acting like a thug walking down the middle of the street with him?

        He is now a proven LIAR. He said Michael Brown was shot in the back.

        A lie. Plain and simple.

        The pressure black Americans feel to lie for each other or against whites or Hispanics or to lie against the police is overwhelmingly powerful to those blacks in poverty and who choose gangs and the thug culture.

        “Stop snitching” and “Snitches get stitches” are not just credos or mantras in the hood. They are a way of life and are what allows gang violence and hopelessness to continue in America unabated.

        In thenYouTube video shot just after the shooting, you hear the witness say Michael Brown charged at the officer. This after already assaulting and battering the officer and trying to take the officer’s gun.

        While he was charging back at the officer full speed do you think he had his hands up?

        Use common sense.

        This officer was in fear for his life after being assaulted by 6’4″, 300 lb thug who struck him and tried to take his gun.
        Michael Brown killed his own self. We all know it’s true. Those of us who believe in truth regardless of color.

        • Tabitha

          I just wanted to say thank you for speaking up. Many do not speak out with common sense when there is a Sharpton/ Jackson movement.
          Even white media uses statistics in a one sided way. In the same statistics as the so-called “proof” being used by news, blogs, random on Facebook, celebrities, and the evil Sharpton, it shows that whites die at a higher rate than Blacks while in police custody. For every 100 blacks that die this way, there are 171 whites that die the same way. But the media and race baiters have made it out as the opposite. Many have said that cops kill an unarmed black man every 28 hours, but that is a lie. A black man is killed by someone every 28 hours acting for security reasons. This includes cops, security guards, military, retired cops, and anyone who claims to have done it in a security type situation. So if a man is robbing a store and I shoot them, I am added to these every 28 hour statistic. So not being told the truth. Also, they have been implying that most of these every 28 black men were unarmed when shot, because only a very small amount were unarmed. When a man is driving a car and fleeing from cops, He is the opposite of unarmed- a car is a very big weapon. Also if a man reaches into his pocket to grab a phone while being arrested, he is not innocent- he’s dumb.
          Aside from that, all these people are downing cops, acting like they just go around looking for black shooting targets, but the reality is this: 12 million arrest take place every year in the U.S. while approximately 400 deaths during arrest occur per year in the U.S. – including whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, others. That is a 99.9% effective arrest without death rate. So essentially, being arrested by a cop without being killed is more effective than condoms or birth control.

          Many people do not think for themselves. They think that they are but in reality, they just believe what is being fed to them. The white man is keeping them down. They were born into poverty so they don’t stand a chance, but this is simply not true. It is what these race baiters rely on for their living. They don’t want people to succeed. If people start taking responsibility for themselves, these guys wouldn’t have anyone else to blame. Keep the problem going strong and we have someone to blame.

          You took responsibility for yourself, so you of course will require others to be accountable. Without personal responsibility and accountability, they don’t have to respect consequences. As long as these seem to be a racial problem, no one will accept that it may be their own fault. As long as we excuse the black man from criminal actions or poor behaviors, their wives and mothers will agree. Then all youth raised during the process, will continue to not respect consequences. They need someone to blame. And as long they have someone to blame it won’t get better.

          I was raised without a dad. My mom single with 5 kids. Broke as could be. But I was the fir s t and only to graduate, and I put my self through School. So I just don’t fall for all the hype and hypocrisy. The last thing this nation needs is to listen to black men in thousand dollar suits, telling them they can’t do any better or they don’t have a chance. How hypocritical is that? The entire theme is abolished by the exact people pushing it.

          Anyhow, once again thanks for speaking up. Keep doing it. And don’t let people call you a traitor or change your mind, just because you don’t buy into the “poor poor pitiful me” mentality. You have broken the cycle. So it will stop with you in your family. The more this happens, the closer we will be to a somewhat peaceful living among races.

          • duststorm

            There is something about being raised by a single mother, if she was a hard-working, sacrificing, determined person, that indelibly imprints a person. You learn to be self-reliant, to care for siblings, and to do your best in school. Thank you for writing. I also was raised by a single mother.

  • Sherrie ryder

    This is an incredibly irresponsible head line…..Investigator confirms Brown rushed officer? Nowhere in the article is there anything to back this up. It says that someone associated with the investigation confirmed that a second hand story given by a friend of the Officer was the same as given by him to investigation…….that is not an investigator confirming that is actually what happened. This kind of headline must be out to attract the average FOX viewer/reader, but it is misinformation at best.

    • Ted

      That’s why we need to stop reading these articles and stop watching news about it, so they can move onto the next lie they want to shove down our throats.

    • Tabitha

      At least fox will give both sides. You could always go on over to CNN or MSNBC if you are in search of the racist theme to it. Since it isn’t possible that there may actually be some truth to anything the officer says, I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with the one sided, misinformation, false statics, given on those outlets.

  • Tommy Davies

    Something tells me that this kid was asking for it. I actually do believe that Brown was being a disrespectful asshole and he got what was coming to him. This is an excuse to play the race card when in reality, the officer was just doing his job. Maybe, just maybe this was Browns fault. Nobody see that it was Brown who was antagonizing and instigating the whole thing. Maybe that will teach all your thugs out there who want to try to be a badass in front of a cop, you will get shot and you will die.

    • Ted

      Haha Dorian Johnson??? They guy in dreads that was in video robbing the store clerk with his fellow dead rubbings scum bag? Of course your anti-cop, anti-white and anti-common sense prevents you from seeing the evidence.

    • keepinitreal

      Yes! Let’s believe Dorian Johnson the proven LIAR!

      He ALSO said Michael Brown was shot in the back by the officer!!


  • Todd

    Not counting the aftermath, the death, the judgment now coming there are 4 things I know.

    There are good cops.
    There are bad cops.
    Obey the law.
    Don’t directly disobey cops orders.

    Its a terrible tragedy that could have been prevented. So many young lives are headed down the wrong road who struggle to make the right decisions. They’ve become government dependent instead of taking responsibility for themselves to make something if this life.

    Live or die.

  • georgevreelandhill2010

    Six bullets were not needed.
    This may have been the result of tempers getting the best of them with a boy dead in the end.
    Simply obey the police when they tell you to do something.
    A lot of bad stuff can be avoided that way.
    Who cares if the cop is wrong or a bully.
    Let it go.
    The cop has a gun.
    Live to see tomorrow.

    George Vreeland Hill

    • littleluke1968

      At least one other person on here is level headed enough to at least entertain possibility that Officer Wilson executed an unarmed teen while he was surrendering. The private autopsy is compatible with that narrative and doesn’t contradict eyewitnesses who say the officer murdered that boy.

      • Truth

        It sounds as though any opinion that differs from your own will be labeled by you as rascist. Thats more prejudiced and closed minded than any comment ive seen.
        Is it hard to believe that a black male caused probkems and got shot. Ni. Happens everyday. 13% of the US population is black but they cimmit 75% of the crime and make up 75% of the inmate popukation in prisons. Its harder to believe he was just an innocent angel. The tape shows he was aggressive before the incident with tje clerk. If the familys story is true the cop should pay, if the cop is telling the truth the black community needs to sit down and shut up.

        • littleluke1968

          That’s untrue. You have to talk a certain way to be labeled by me as a racist.

          Has it ever occurred to you that maybe White racist cops often falsely arrest and frame Blacks? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe our criminal justice system is racist? There is evidence that Blacks get longer sentences than Whites for the same exact crimes, you know. Also, most inmates exonerated by DNA evidence are Black. God knows how many more are sitting in prisons because DNA testing is chronically backlogged in America. I never said Mike Brown was an innocent angel but there’s a video of him paying for the cigars on You Tube. He got aggressive with the clerk because he got on Mike for reaching over the counter to get what he wanted. Again, he paid for the cigars . It was a customer, not the store, that called the cops. That’s another indication that Mike didn’t steal anything.

          It’s not the family’s story. Multiple witnesses say that cop shot him from the car,chased him down, and shot him some more while he was surrendering. However, if that’s not true, the Black community can’t be faulted for believing eye witnesses. Does their Blackness hinder you from believing the eye witnesses?

          • Ted

            Wow you are going to completely ignore what you see on a video camera. You are a liberal moron aren’t you? The two guys you are trying to defend are/were dirtbags. Dorian Johnson belongs in jail or the ground too.

          • littleluke1968

            I saw Mike Brown paying for his cigarillos in a video, so he didn’t steal anything. Did you see that, ignorant ass Conservative? Why is Dorian Johnson a dirt bag who deserves to die? He’s Black? After all, he has not been accused of committing any crimes. Multiple witnesses say Mike Brown was surrendering when that dirtbag cop executed him. I have no reason to disbelieve them,especially when the private autopsy supports what they’ve claimed. So, Officer Darren Wilson is the one that deserves to be in the ground too.

          • Tommy Davies

            Wow Luke. You are totally oblivious to the facts. Stop throwing the race card. Whether it was a black, white, yellow human being, you will get shot trying to assault an officer like that. Stop trying to pull up facts about race and look at what Brown did. It sucks but Brown chose to do what he did. This is all on him. And I think you are too arrogant to understand when you fuck with the police like Brown did, you will get shot and you will die.

          • duststorm

            How could he have the bones crushed around his eye socket and no ambulance come to take him to the hospital? He was able to pace up and down and speak with the other officer for quite a while. I heard he had his leg broken by the door of the cruiser being slammed on him?

      • realitycheck

        Well actually, if you pay attention, majority of the people who believe the officer may have been doing his job, are also open to the possibility that he acted in malice. These are the people who wait for facts to come out before deciding guilt- unlike those of you screaming to the innocence of a man you did not know, solely based on him being a black young man, shot by a cop. So you aren’t being logical. There is no rational person on this earth that would automatically believe 3 witnesses, who have changed parts of their statements multiple times. Add to that, the friend Dorian Johnson is already admittedly a liar, and prior criminal. Also Piaget Crenshaw has admitted that she will do what it takes to get justice for the family. She talked to the family, the neighborhood, and the other 2 witnesses prior to giving any of their statements. All 3 of the witnesses have based their statements around the others. Dorian Johnson was Michael’s friend. Piaget Crenshaw admitted to hanging out with Michael Brown. And Tiffany Mitchell is Piaget Crenshaw’s friend, and didn’t come forward with her statement until later, and it just happened to be identical to her friends statement.

        By the way, I’m not white, so me calling them on their b.s. is not based on some kind of racial bias. I’m a paralegal, so I go through witness statements for a living, in search for evidence of fact or fiction. And I’m good at my job.

        Before everyone starts with the “what reasons do they have to lie” crap…
        A few reasons witnesses lie in the cases I’ve worked:
        *they know the perpetrators or victims
        *they heard about it and believed the stories
        *they have an axe to grind
        *been treated poorly by one of the parties or similar in the past
        *they know someone who claims to be an actual witness that won’t be viewed as credible, so they back them up with the same story (power in numbers right)
        *they’ve heard about it so much that they feel like they were there

        Ways to tell witnesses may be lying:
        *fidgeting while speaking- like touching their hair, nose, rolling their hands
        *looking down often
        *looking up and over like they are searching for the answer
        *back tracking during present statements to make sense out of the lies told in past statements- clarifying what they “really meant”
        *changing statements to match new evidence as it is released.
        *using words like probable cause, constitutional, reasonably expected, compliant, warranted, and gunned -down.
        -while none of these are evidence of lying, these are words attorneys use in their statements, so it is not the witnesses first/raw statement, and has been edited/changed by lawyers.

        These are just things to look for. When multiple can be noticed, the witness is usually lying- in my experience.

    • Ted

      Tell is exactly how many bullets are needed to stop a large man attacking you. Tell me how many I need, so that I don’t upset people please. I’ll need to know this in case I am attacked.


      That is, bar non, the most ignorant garbage I have seen spewed in a long time, George Vreeland Hill… and it’s the making of a security state, indeed. “Simply obey the police when they tell you to do something.” There have been countless times where the police are proven wrong….. and your view here only feeds into the “roll over and get rear-end-raped by the d-bag with the gun” mentality of most Americans!

  • Skip

    The demonstrators shouldn’t be looting and rioting. It’s tearing up their own community and what good is that? How’s the looted hair salon going to rebuild and get insurance? The looters will create a dead zone with no economic activity.

  • John

    Its obvious in the one video earlier today that I viewed that the one person was narrating to another guy what happened, not thinking he was revealing the whole story in the heat of the moment as the guy videoing was extremely opposed to what he thought he was looking at and understanding. It seems when we video we can get a sorta Godlike attitude about it as if we are the last point of importance or something. However the chrystle clear depiction of the events leading just prior to this video footage where extremely clearly spoken of by the man next to or very close to the videoing person/man. I suggest the opposition to this lawful act take close look at just who Mr. Brown was, and what had done a short while before this event. Let’s stop letting the media determine our polarized positions on matters and start getting the facts, Gods not playing around, a white black or who ever, we got to work together here. John Noblesville, In.

  • Geoffrey

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