PROTEST IN THE PINES: Woman refuses to leave tree in bid to stop clear-cutting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chiara D'Angelo, 19, of Bainbridge Island, is sitting up in a tree to protest the planned cutting down of that tree and up to 830 trees in the area for a new shopping mall. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. — A 19-year-old Bainbridge Island woman has climbed up in an evergreen tree and is refusing to come down to protest plans to cut that tree and hundreds of others for the building of a commercial center.

About 830 trees are slated to be cut down to make way for the future Key Bank Visconsi Mall.

Chiara D’Angelo is sitting up in one of those and said Monday she plans to stay in the tree until the development is stopped.

Visconsi, the Ohio-based developer of the site, has threatened to press charges if she doesn’t come down.



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    • Alex Hazen

      To ALL the people out there who think she’s got a hidden agenda….THINK again!! She’s one brave woman. I defy any of you cowards with word sot shimmy up a tee and do what she’s doing. It’s not for naught .his action IS bringing a lot of attention to this event. There are people out there with their own hidden agendas too make money over this no matter what. Bottom line is if they do go down it’s not without a fight.

  • Joe

    Sorry lady, but we must pave over the wilderness in order to make way for more and more bodies of people, the masses, the illegal immigrants also need more malls, schools, hospitals so not a 350 million bodies and growing the also breed at four times the rate, you should have protested over population and hungry mouths too feed.

  • Goodalwayswins

    you will not make a difference you need more people to help!!
    Nobody cares about mother earth any more…They want what they want and nothing nor anybody will prevent them from getting it.

  • Mercedez

    I support this amazing woman! We do NOT need more random buildings. There are thousands of abandoned buildings in WA and across the nation, why the fuck are we tearing down the forests and building so much that IS NOT NEEDED.

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