Jenise Wright’s parents still don’t know when they will regain custody of their kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PORT ORCHARD — Despite an official hearing on the issue Monday, the parents of slain 6-year-old Jenise Wright still don’t know when they will regain custody of their other three children who were removed by Child Protective Services.

At a hearing Monday afternoon, Jim and Denise Wright, of East Bremerton, learned their kids will remain with their grandparents until further notice.

“We’ve been controlled about what we can say and what we can’t say.  There is still an ongoing investigation so I can’t speak about it,” said Jim Wright.

The kids, ages 8, 12 and 16, were removed from the Wright home two weeks ago during the criminal investigation into Jenise’s disappearance.

Investigators later arrested Gabe Gaeta, 17, in connection to the rape and murder of Jenise. The little girl’s body was discovered in a wooded area near her mobile home community.

Jim Wright said it has been tough to grieve as a family without his other children.

"Thank God they are with family. If they were in a strange home, I would be even more concerned than I am now," said Wright.

Due to privacy issues, it is unclear why the kids have not been returned to their parents. A juvenile court official said typically these cases deal with the safety and well-being of the kids.

The children are Native American so the Wright family has reached out to tribal officials to help them through the process.

"This is a process.  We are cooperating with the process and it is what it is," said Wright.

Another status hearing about the children has been set for next month.

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  • scott

    These people didn’t report a 6 yr old child missing for 24hrs and now it’s dead! That is why they shouldn’t have their kids! CPS is doing their job for once! These people should be charged with child endangerment! If my kid was missing I would have call immediately! Be stupid is a defense!

  • Sam

    Due to privacy my foot. It was stated earlier during the investigation that the father was arrested back in early 2000 for child molestation of a 8 and 12 year old. I hope they do not get their kids back.

  • Vangal28

    Any parent who thinks it’s ok for a 6 yo to wander around the neighborhood alone does not deserve to be “parents” or have custody of them. To live in a delusion that it’s little house on the prairie highlights their lack of child-rearing skills. I bet they only want them back to keep getting the government benefits. This little girl did not need to die if she had a parent with any brain matter

  • Rosa

    Do not give these ignorant people their kids! The so called Dad is a perv himself, and both are idiots. Not even a dog as a pet is safe in their home. If they would have actually cared about Jenise and kept an eye on her than she would still be alive. Its their fault shes gone! The sick perv who killed her obviously noticed she was an easy target since her parents would let her run amuck all day by herself. Like who TF claims that their 6 year old is independent enough to run amuck unsupervised all day?? Get your heads out of your butts people.. whether its a good or bad world, YOU KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR KIDS

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