Two men found dead in their Spanaway home, housemate arrested for double murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SPANAWAY — “It’s very nerve racking, actually that’s my property, neighbor and landlord JoAnne Maitrejean said.

Maitrejean owns the land under the crime scene.

But like everyone else, she’s got more questions than answers.

“I can’t tell you exactly what happened because I don’t know,” Maitrejean said.

Investigators say bodies were found just after eight Sunday morning.

A Deputy verifying addresses of convicted sex offenders found something at this home that didn’t seem right.

“It’s kind of suspicious to walk up on a wide open door on early Sunday morning, so he ventured in just to check things out and make sure everybody was ok and obviously they weren’t,” Pierce County Sheriff’s Detective Jerry Bates said.

Two men ages 66 and 20 were found dead inside the home.

Police wouldn’t say how they died or if either of the victims was a sex offender.

“That address is not associated with a level two or three offender that would have been subject to more public notification so it’s likely it’s a level one offender’s address. We just don’t know if the dead person is the sex offender or not,” detective Bates said.

The area is very rural; just a handful of houses on gravel street.

Police say at one time the house may have been a marijuana grow operation but tonight no clues exactly what happened or why and that has neighbors nervous.

“Terrible way to start a day. I mean I was kind of shocked. I just thought maybe it was some domestic violence or something,” neighbor Charlie Bauer said.

Late this afternoon Tacoma police spotted a car that was associated with the murders.

They pulled it over near South 96th and Pacific and a 40 year old man was arrested for double murder.

Now police are trying to determine what happened.

“They have to kind of start from Ground Zero and figure out who these people are, who is associated with them, are they residents? Are they visitors? Are they strangers? We just don’t know,” Detective Bates said.

The suspect will be in court in Tacoma tomorrow afternoon at that time we should learn his name and the name of the two victims.

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