Liquor-looting ladies pepper spray, bite their way through Seattle booze crime spree

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — A group of brazen women thieves are going to great lengths to steal booze from liquor stores in the area.

Police said they’ve been terrorizing liquor store employees across Seattle and using pepper spray, and even their teeth, to make their getaway.

“When people like this come in and steal, it hurts us, it hurts our community. This is, you know, it’s gotta end,” Dolly Amend, manager of Capco Beverages in West Seattle, said Friday. “It hurts you physically. It’s been two months and I still have her teeth marks in my thumb.”

Amend said the same group of women barge into the store every few months and start tossing bottles of booze into their own bags.

“They seem to be escalating,” said Amend.

Employees said the liquor-looters have hit Capco three times in the past year and a half; the latest heist happened in June.

“It’s fairly horrifying,” said Capco employee Jane Schmidt. “Most shoplifters have the grace to be embarrassed and sneaky. These girls are just, yeah — they want what they want and they’ll mess you up in the process if you get in their way.”

But it’s not only happening in West Seattle. Across town at Esquin, police say employees chased the same group of woman out of the store and were met with a giant dose of pepper spray. Two employees were injured.

Cops say the ringleader is 21-year-old Zaniyah Nikia Holston of Seattle. Amend says Holston was also pregnant during one of the heists.

“This is what they do for a living,” said Amend. “She was wearing a tight red dress, 7 or 8 months pregnant.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Holston. Police believe she’s responsible for several commercial robberies in and outside of Seattle.

If you know where police can find Zaniyah Holston, call an anonymous tip into:


You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.

Click here for information on how to text a tip to Crime Stoppers.

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  • Skip

    Zaniyah Nikia Holston is listed in the phone book white pages. She lives near I-90 on north Beacon Hill. I hope they have the location staked out. Zaniyah come home honey!

  • Sam

    How racist to try and stop these women. There people had to endure hundreds of years of slavery. I think she deserves a bottle of wine or two without interruption.

  • William L Callaway

    Well, the little black girl thinks she is owed something… So she goes out to steel and get what she wants with no consequence. Is this a part of the ignorant black culture I didn’t learn. They want something for nothing and it is a real shame. Thank you OBAMA for your economic policy.

    • Michelle Smith

      William Calloway why are you saying THEY?? You started out “This little black girl.” Thats Where you lose your argument!!!! YOUR RACIST! Just so you Know Im white!!!! Everytime a white man rapes his wife do you shame the entire white man population? Every time a white woman cheats on her husband do you shame all white women?? Then whythis pregnant Black girl are all Black people wanting to get something for nothing? You are IGNORANT!!!!

  • cha

    Just leave this African america alone. The out come aren’t showing for justice. In my opinion, they are forcibly political act. Same goes for the law, does it really cost us this country if not justify. What a bum terrorist practice.

  • Big John Stankus

    If she makes a large enough dollar amount from her shoplifting, does she still qualify for those Food Stamps? She’s just keeping it real.

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