Violent robber: Who would stoop so low as to viciously hurt, rob elderly woman with a cane?

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Surveillance photo of suspect in mugging of elderly woman with cane in Kent convenience store.

Surveillance photo of suspect in mugging of elderly woman with cane outside of a  Kent East Hill convenience store.

What kind of man stoops so low that he viciously hurts and robs a little old lady with a cane, perhaps someone’s mom and grandma?

The kind of man who’s wanted in Kent right now.

Here he is (in photo) at the counter of the “Circle K” store on Kent’s East Hill.

Detectives say he gets change for a bus, then walks outside the store.

Now, look at that sweet old lady in line a few minutes later.

She’s got a cane in one hand, and a Big Gulp in the other.

Detectives say getting a drink at that store after work is a daily ritual for her -- but this time her routine was viciously broken by a man waiting in prey in the parking lot.

"A suspect approached an elderly woman who was walking with a cane from the store.," said Kent police detective Melanie Frazier. "He approached her, tried to yell at her, pushed her up against her car as she was walking towards her car and then snatched her wallet from her. And, it appeared as though he got on a bus from there.

"I think once they look at the surveillance, they took a look at this guy, I think somebody out there knows who he is. He's a smoker, he rides the bus, he's wearing a distinguishing hat. I think that, with the public's assistance and WMW's assistance, we can get this guy identified."

That camouflage hat he's wearing has the letters "N-Y" on it.

Detectives say he hurt that elderly lady's knee, and it could have been much worse.

Let's get this guy swept off the streets before he's preying on your grandma.

If you recognize him, call an anonymous tip into:


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