What happened when M.J. McDermott tweeted about a spider at Q13 FOX? The Mayor and Seattle Police got involved

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — It started with a single tweet from Q13 FOX News This Morning meteorologist M.J. McDermott.

That single tweet (and subsequent post on Facebook) caused quite a stir among viewers.

It also sparked an instant reaction from morning anchor Liz Dueweke.

After a couple of hours the terror on twitter died down.

Then M.J. returned to the scene.

That is when the Seattle Mayor’s Office got involved.

And then the Seattle Police Department.

We are waiting for the Seattle Fire Department to chime in at any point.

Maybe the Governor?

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  • silentdrgn

    Wow. Its likely not even the mayor that sent the tweet. Even if it were that took maybe 10 seconds to type? 20 seconds if you need to recheck for typos. Plus its fun. I know it gave me a chuckle and provided me with a few seconds of humor. Definitely needed that.

    Now….if they put 20 officers and 3 hours of the Mayors time on Twitter duty….that would be a different story. But they didn’t Lighten up. Smile. Get a good laugh out of it.

    • thelandyacht

      Actually, I think it’d be kinda cool if this went right up the government chain as a sort of joke thread. People do need to lighten up & learn to have a tiny bit of fun in their lives.

      Standing by for the response from the Governor, Senators, maybe a high ranking “Government Official”

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