The 6 apps every student needs to succeed in college

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Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

SEATTLE — With summer break ending soon many college students will be heading back to school. So for all those new or returning co-eds I’ve got some useful apps to make the jump back to scholastic life a little easier.

Efficiently planning your time and managing projects (or just making sure you keep up the work hard/party hard mentality) has never been easier with Evernote, an all-in-one note taking, photo organizing, audio recording, file storing app. Speaking of recording, couple the OneNote 2013 app with a front facing camera and you can record audio and/or video of your lecture as you take notes – plus you can share those notes with friends who – for one reason or another – weren’t in class that day. Both of these apps can also be synced to various devices and allow web access, features that come in handy when inevitably you’re stuck working you need to collaborate on a group project.

They say 90% of anything is showing up and you can’t show up if you accidentally sleep in – conquer oversleeping with Sleep Time an advanced alarm clock that uses micromovements to sense when your optimum wake time is. Too bad there isn’t an optimum sleep time feature that reminds you to go to bed the night before. #oops #sorrynotsorry

If diet is on the mind consider a calorie/activity counter like My Fitness Pal, this free iPhone app will help you track your calories, set daily calorie goals, and record your daily food and exercise – take that freshman 15.

College is daunting enough without worrying about finances – keep up-to-date with bills and budgets with Mint, a free app that syncs with your existing credit and savings accounts to track and organize your spending. It also helps you create saving goals and notifies you about upcoming bills. Though if you’re anything like me the notifications function, while effective, does seem to mimic my mother’s seemingly constant reminders to save money…

Then there’s Dropbox – a great tool for people who might have used up the space on their phone taking copious selfies. Why not try a cloud based storage system? Its a locker for your digital stuff – you don’t have to take up space on your current device but you don’t have to get rid of anything either – plus you can access and share the contents at any time.

Finally feast your eyes on what could be the most important tool in this must have app arsenal: Wi-fi Finder. It uses your phone’s built in location services to detect the free and pay wi-fi hot spots. You can also search free hotspots worldwide and download the information to your phone so you can access it offline. This one is great for that obligatory European backpacking trip  where roaming charges can drive your bill into the stratosphere.

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