Donors to once-homeless veteran’s family seek their money back, saying they were misled

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — The community rallied around a disabled veteran and his homeless family with cash donations and home supplies, but then many of the contributors asked for their money back.

“I am 40 years old. I spent 15 years and four tours in Iraq. If I had money given to me, why would I have another grown adult tell me how to spend it?” asked disabled vet Eric Wells, alluding to those donors who were upset at how the family was spending the money.

Wells, his wife, Nicole, and their three children were homeless and living on the streets of Everett a few weeks ago.  Their belongings were in a shopping cart. A woman driving by snapped a photo of them and posted it on the Snohomich County Crime and Community Facebook page.

Wells said he lost his job a few years ago and was evicted from his home after he couldn’t pay the rent. He hasn’t been able to find work in years and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and knee and back problems.

When their plight received media attention, the community rallied around them. A page was set up and donations poured in.

Within 24 hours after a Q13 FOX News story aired about the family, the Wells family moved into an apartment and the veteran got a job with a towing company.

Dozens of people wanted to help, including Daniel Roehl

“All we wanted to do is get the three kids off the street,” he said. “It was to make sure the kids had a place to live, a stable place to live, for long term.”

Some of those who donated say the want refunds now, after learning the Wells planned to use the money to pay for Nicole’s U.S. visa (she’s a German citizen) rather than for housing costs.

“The funding is supposed to go to us for whatever we want to use it for, for whatever we want household-wise, and it was never the case that it was supposed to be for rent purposes only,” Nicole said.

Roehl insists the only intention for the donations was to keep the family safe. "All these people got involved in their lives to make their lives better" and get them into a home, he said.

But, he added, "When they (the Wells) requested the money go toward her being a U.S. citizen, that's not why we did it. That would be a separate issue."

The Wells family said they're getting by, donations or not.

It's believed donations from the gofundme account were returned as of Wednesday night.

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  • nicole

    The way they talk seems like they aren’t thankful enough. They saw the they had the chance to get a visa for her cause they now have the money. Why can’t they just save up for it, put extra money aside each paycheck. The most important thing to do with the donations (that some other people would die for) to make sure their kids are safe and off the streets long term. Just saying..I also wanna thank him for his service

  • Concerned citizen

    They neglected to mention the public was fooled when Nicole had said they didn’t have a working vehicle so one was donated and we later found out that she lied. She also attempted to rub people nose in it after receiving the vehicle by saying “hahaha funny smartass becouse we have 2 cars” Once we found that out the car was immediately taken back. The reason for the insistence that the money be used for rent was because of Aric’s instability to maintain a job and pay rent. We found numerous claims of defaults in the Wells court history and buy paying their rent that would free up Aric”s paychecks to be used to get Nicole’s Visa. Citizenship isn’t a necessity but have a safe shelter for their children is.

  • Julie

    The gofund me was set up specifically to help this family pay for their 30% responsibility of rent after their VASH section 8 voucher covered their rent, a deposit, utilities and basic household needs. Through our fb community Mr. Wells was also given a job, and had a vehicle donated to him that the community spent their own money to repair. Over 50 members of this community donated various household items, clothing for the girls, NEW school supplies, TV’s, furniture and the like to the Wells family. It wasn’t until Mrs. Wells contacted several people on the fb group stating different reasons for why she needed the money immediately, and began requesting specific items to be donated, and asking for more money after a generous admin even “loaned” her $440 of her own personal money, to be repaid when the gofund me was cashed out for their housing/basic needs, that we became suspicious and started questioning.

    Upon confronting Mrs. Wells, we were told by them that how they chose to spend this donated money was none of our business and if we didn’t release it to them, they would take it to court and have the news stations on us so fast… There were threats and nasty messages, and then the ultimate request came that they needed it for Mrs. Wells’ Visa because “that is the most important thing”. We offered to DIRECT PAY THEIR LANDLORD their portion of rent each month (which we understood to be $400 a month, but that would be changing), so $400 a month for 10 months to assist them in “starting a fresh life”, and that would free up Mr. Wells’ income from his new job to use as they saw fit (Visa, vacations…) but that the community did NOT make donations with those intents in mind. Those offers were refused repeatedly. A number of different admins and non-admin group members asked Mrs. Wells if she would agree to accept the money that way each month. Again- the refusals were loud and clear. We also discovered, actually by Mrs. Wells own admission that “the joke is on you because we already have two cars”. So here is a family claiming to be poor, homeless, claiming to have no resources…yet they have 2 running vehicles, 1 we know for sure in their name, a storage unit full of household items, rent paid for except their 30% and a portion because Mrs. Wells is not a citizen and does not have a Visa (nor does her oldest daughter it APPEARS), and a they have completely duped an entire community.

    It wasn’t until we took our concerns back to the fb community and those who had donated, and were completely transparent with what we discovered and that we had made a decision to refund the donors their money, that Mrs. Wells came crying back for the money. But it was too late, the donors had spoken and they agreed they did NOT donate money for the Well’s family to spend on Visas and trips to Disneyland. They donated to get this family, particularly these kids, into a better living situation. We suggested that those who wanted to continue to support the Wells family do it on their own, outside of this fb community, but that we would be issuing refunds and not providing any further assistance to the family.

    I think before anyone reading this story jumps to conclusions, they need to get the facts, which many of us are happy to openly share.

    • Chris

      You are spot on. Aric came to me for work, telling me of his military experience and claiming he was eager to work.

      He showed up to work late on the first day. He worked out okay that day.. A little sluggish, but that is to be expected when you’ve been out of work for a while.

      The second day he showed up, I knew something was wrong. I can tell when an employee isn’t “feeling it” and I asked if he was alright. He said, “yes” and we headed off to work. He wouldn’t even get out of the truck to help us fuel the equipment (I own a lawn company).

      When we got to the recycle yard to unload a truckload of cut grass, he started unloading the truck one handful (literally grabbing about what amounts to asandwich bag’s worth of clippings each time). After he said he couldn’t get down and grab larger chunks because it hurt his knees, I gave him the pitch fork.

      He got our of the truck, and said, “I’m done.”

      I asked him, “what?”

      “I don’t need some 27 year old (I’m 33, and built this company from the ground up) telling me how to my job!”

      He then got his timecard and actually billed me for sitting in the truck while we fueled up and for the ride to the recycle yard.

      This guy doesn’t want to work. That’s it. I appreciate his service in Iraq, and for the military in general. But I don’t appreciate him using that service to prey on people. There are plenty of folks out there that gave their heart and soul to this country through service, and don’t ever mention it. They suffer quietly.. Those are the ones in need. The ones we should be helping.

    • Julie

      Well thankfully James, the money was never released to the family. This is because upon informing the family of how we were going to release it (direct payments to their landlord, approx $400 over a 10 month period) to them, in a method we felt most successful given Arik’s history of eviction’s due to nonpayment of rent (most recently in pierce county in August 2013), were were met with bashing, belittling, name calling and foul language. After trying to negotiate with the Wells family but standing our ground on how the funds were going to be distributed, and after Nicole Wells told us that the joke was on us and they had 2 working vehicles in addition to the one that a member donated to them, we decided to issue a refund to all who had donated, as we felt they donated under false pretenses.

  • UmadBro?

    All you people who asked for a refund should feel ashamed. When u donate money it’s for them to use how the want to help there family. She wanted a visa so she can be here with her family. What’s wrong with that??? You cheapskates. You should all be ashamed for asking for your donations back

    • Julie

      Nobody asked for their donations back. Let me educate you on the WHOLE story, since I’ve been a part of it from day one. When the Admins who created the gofund me account told the Wells family how the funds were going to be distributed (direct rental pay due to Arik’s history of nonpayment of rent), the Wells family refused, threatened court, belittled us and called us names. We offered several times, and suggested they use the income from Arik’s new job we got him, to fund the Visa issue, and let the donations that were donated FOR RENT, actually be used for that purpose. Again they refused and demanded the money be given to them and it was theirs to use as they saw fit (mind you none of the monies had been released yet). The thing is, people donated to keep the family housed and with a roof over their head. If they wanted money for a visa, they should have been honest about their intent from the get go- it probably would have been received with the same support. But given the fact that they refused to accept paid rent for 10 months, we started digging, and what we discovered wasn’t pretty. Prior evictions for more non-paid rent, unsatisfied judgments, they own TWO cars and admitted to that, after we had a member fix up a car at his own cost and give it to them, a storage unit with plenty of household goods… These are not needy people, they are scammers!

      We took it to the community members who donated, and the overwhelming majority wanted the money given back as they donated under false pretenses.

  • Tami

    These people should be ashamed of themselves. They are off the streets because of the giving people who helped them get on their feet. Karma will get them, just watch.

  • Jeff

    Who are any of you to judge? What makes you think that you can judge another, for you have skeletons in each of your closets. To help another is done from the soul, and not for recognition. You cannot say that you are empathetic to one part, but against another. If you gave, then you have given from the soul. Taking back, or asking for a return is you trying to assert control over another. I cannot give to my children, and then turn around and tell them that I want it back from them. It does not work that way. This Veteran has served each of you, and you helping his situation is what patriotism is all about. Shit on the Veterans and the Veterans will shit upon your faces. The rich will pay for what they have done to the Veterans of this country, as well as to the poor of all walks. They will be judged, not by man, but by a divine force. Let those who have given and then asked for a return, to have a lifetime of despair for they have given from the wrong side of the spectrum, and their rhetoric only works to widen the gap of despair, and oppression. Shame on you, and may your life turn into that of those you have oppressed! Judgment will come, and when it does, not understanding how we are all connected will result in your own demise. This is a curse to the evil within Society. May your life become that of sorrow, and misery for the remaining days you have left upon this Earth. May your loved one’s suffer as well, just as you have brought suffering upon another.

    • Julie

      Jeff, I don’t see judgment. I see wanting accountability for funds donated. Of course we all have skeletons. But this family was greedy, dishonest, ungrateful and they got caught. Bottom line.

      • Jeff

        What I see is someone exerting control over another. If people gave to a person in need, who are they to determine how that money is spent? You are wrong! Absolutely wrong, and judgment will fall upon you for your views. It is not what is said that matters, but what is in the heart!

        • TH

          Yes he is a Veteran but that does not justify his poor choices of the recent event. Jeff, if only you’ve seen how this event fold out from the beginning, you would have different opinion for sure. I for one had similar thought as you at first…

        • Julie

          Jeff, this wasn’t about exerting control. Given the family’s statements, and the media’s spin on this, without seeing first hand our WRITTEN conversations with them, I can see how you would feel that way, I honestly can. Let me assure you this money was NEVER raised to be given as CASH to the family, NEVER. It was clear to those of us involved in helping this family, that they were financially irresponsible and in order to help them, direct paying their rent was going to be the most effective way to KEEP THEM OFF THE STREETS (which was the entire goal afterall). But they refused direct payment of rent or utilities, and our hands were tied. We had a responsibility to the donors to spend the money for the purpose they donated it for. Surely you can understand that? I invite you to email me at and I will share the conversations with the Wells family with you, I can’t seem to post them on here. I hope that will change your view of what REALLY happened here.

        • jessica

          Jeff, you are ABSOLUTELY spot on about these people. They have gone through so much effort defending their actions, and never once stepped up to take responsibility concerning the way they dealt with this poor family. They were never and STILL aren’t able to leave well enough alone, by continually dragging the entire family through the mud and causing more pain than good to these people they supposedly set out to help. I followed their page long rants on another link, and was glad to see how many other people weren’t fooled or taken in by their excuses. I’m thankful the people here aren’t falling for it either😊

          • Julie

            Jessica, you would defend your actions too. You mention not stepping up and taking responsibility for the way we dealt with this poor family… can you elaborate on what responsibility we need to take. We offered to direct pay their rent for 10 months from the monies that were DONATED FOR HOUSING, AND HOUSING ONLY. We were told to go eat rocks by both Nicole and Arik. We continued to offer that. Given Arik’s history of not being able to pay rent, we thought that was the best, most financially responsible way to keep this family with a roof over their heads. They were told if they didn’t want their rent directly paid (we also offered utilities and internet since they have school aged children) we would refund the money to the donors. After name calling, threats of suing us and threats to involve the media, THEY TOLD US TO REFUND IT. I have the conversation screen shots. I am happy to share them with you, please email me at

  • Darice Gamache

    Those poor children! I wish there were more good foster homes that are available to take in children of homeless adults. Maybe the community could save the next generation…

  • Bette Williams

    Families need to be able to make their own choices, even poor families and poor choices. To donate with expectations of having control over these people is wrong and I don’t blame them for resisting. It is human nature, God gave us the gift of free will.

    • Julie

      Bette, the entire point of the Gofund me was for housing for this family. Upon discussing with the family how we were going to release the funds in a way that was accountable to the donors, and would best meet the needs of the family (10 months of rent paid directly to the landlord because Arik has a history of eviction due to nonpayment of rent), we were called names, belittled and threatened. That is when we started digging because of all the red flags. What family in “need” declines 10 months of paid rent? A family that is scamming, that’s who.

      These donated funds were NEVER released to the family. As such, the were never requested back. We were trying to get the money distributed to the family when all of this because an issue.

      • Jeff

        Easy fix, you selfless, selfish people. Give the money back to donated, then they can reach out to the family and contribute to their plight. Who are you to determine how the money is spent. As a man, and as a Veteran who has killed for his country, and went through 6 months of uemployability due to the fear people have for our kind in this country, I will say this. When you take away the ability for a man to provide for his family, do not be surprised at the outcome, when that man turns on you.

        • Julie

          Jeff, I am a veteran too. What I don’t think you understand is that WE got Arik a job. We raised this money with the ONLY intention of it going towards housing, deposit and if necessary utilities (including internet because we recognize that is a necessity for school aged children in this era). They refused our offers. Our hands were tied. -HM2

    • jessica

      Bette, I couldn’t have said it better myself. These people will get what’s coming to them in the end.
      Remember God doesn’t like ugly, and there’s a whole LOT of ugliness among these “charitable” people.

  • Chris

    I just saw this story and was STUNNED! This guy worked for me.. for one day. He tells a good story, but in the end, he quit because he didn’t want somebody younger telling him how to do his job. He can’t find work because HE DOESN’T WANT TO WORK! He literally walked off the job after I instructed him how to expedite unloading our landscape truck.

  • ni

    I work with a aric at his new job. He is a hard worker who is making very little money while in training. My take on this is a grown man knows what is best for his family. He served our country truth he was homeless truth his wife could be deported truth . Taking this money away makes you all look bad and hurts the children you purport to Care about. Putting his wife in jeopardy of deportation is not a good situation and is a priority to him. Seeing him near tears this morning makes me wonder is he still proud to have served his country. Thanks scrooges.

  • Tammy

    My family was on verge.of being homeless ourselves but my family still stepped up and bought the requested pullups with the little but of money we had and someone delivered for us. She was
    not greatful cause it was a small pack of 19 and not more. We did what.we.could even when didn’t have the extra funds to help a family in need not to be mislead by all the families lies

  • Megan Dascher Watkins

    This is my only statement in regards to this mess. I started the go fund me account in good faith with confirmation that this was indeed a war veteran who was in fact homeless with 3 children. All the facts we were given allowed me to feel comfortable to set up the account. Upon meeting the family and after spending countless hours helping them including lending them money from my own pocket I started to see red flags. After obtaining more information it became clear that in the best interest of the kids the money donated should be allocated to insure housing not to be given to the parents to use as they saw fit. When we told Aric and Nicole of the plan and it was met with disapproval and we were told that if we didn’t freely give them the money they would sue us. I under good conscious could not give them the money so it was decided to refund all donations. I would have felt like I let the contributors down had I given them the money and shortly thereafter the family was homeless again. Nothing was stopping them from using Aric’s paycheck that would have originally been used for rent to be used on their own free will and people are now free to contribute now knowing the full story. The $400 I lent to Nicole out of my own pocket COULD have been used to secure a VISA but she chose to use it for internet and cable installation. HER CHOICE. Obviously it isn’t that great of a need because the money I lent her would have more than covered it. Either way I will still be looked at as a bad guy in this scenario but I know my actions helped a family get off the with streets, secure full time employment and gift them items they never would have had if not for the generosity of the loving people of Snohomish county. I WILL sleep well tonight. Thank you Snohomish county.

    • Julie

      You did a good thing Megan. When you discovered things about this family, instead of ignoring it or covering it up, you were transparent with the community (a rare quality these days) about what was discovered and what the plan to rectify it was.

      You can never please all the people all the time. Your efforts are appreciated beyond imagine (as are the other admins) and your heart of gold has been shared with all of us.

      Take care of yourself, it’s been a rough week.

        • Julie

          I am unaware of how she ruined a family’s life Jessica? She got them a car (which was later taken back, NOT by her when it was discovered they already owned 2), she got Arik a job by a member on the site…this family was helped substantially by her efforts, and the efforts of the community as a whole.

  • Becky

    Wrong. There is NOT two sides to this story. If you weren’t a part of the group and community that set their lives aside to help this family, you don’t know the REAL story. “Don’t always trust what you hear in the media…” ring a bell? It’s actually very simple: the community saw a homeless family with 3 dirty, malnutritioned children living on the streets of Everett with no home, no vehicle, and all of their belongings small enough to fit into a shopping cart. They put their own lives/finances/responsibilities on hold and got them into an apartment, got the husband a job, donated the family a reliable vehicle, clothed and fed the kids, gave out of their own homes and pockets. And then they found out that they were frauds. The monies raised for the SOLE purpose of assisting this family with housing needs to KEEP them off the streets where they were found NEVER exchanged hands. Instead they were lied to; found out the family already had TWO vehicles, husband wasn’t working because he was a dick and kept getting himself fired, were homeless because they spent their money on TWO storage units worth of crap they didn’t need instead of paying their unbelievably minute amount of rent. The community voted and majority ruled: members were lied to, pissed, and demanded refunds from the website they donated to that again, NEVER TOUCHED THE FAMILY’S HANDS. No two sides. Black and white. Cut and dry.

    • Jeff

      Ever see the unemployment numbers for the Post 9/11 Veteran demographic? Ever hear of the state subsidization that is currently in effect in Washington that encourages the hiring and firing of Veterans in their first three months? Well, look into these, as these are the root of your argument. The truth is, you all have given from the heart to help someone in need, only to change your tune once you realized that they were not doing as you wished! You are hypocrites, and not giving from the heart, and God will judge you all for your indiscretions; rest assured!

      • Julie

        Jeff, the state subsidization has nothing to do with Arik. He can’t keep a job because he can’t show up on time, doesn’t want to work and is generally lazy. He has 2 former employers on here attesting to that. We have also discovered that 2 of the 3 children are on SSI income. This family is NOT without income.

        People gave from the heart to help this veteran family “in need”. When it was discovered they weren’t actually in need, they were frauds and they had lied and were selling items that had been donated to them, that they lied and have 2 cars in THEIR NAMES (that are working and running), and we discovered their inability to pay rent in the past (3 evictions for nonpaid rent), we decided the way to keep this family housed was to pay their rent for 10 months. They told us to go eat rocks. I have the conversations to prove it if you would like to see them. It might change your mind.

        Tell me something, if you had donated to the OSO slide, to find out your donations had gone to a family that wasn’t at all affected and lied and was dishonest, would you be ok with them keeping your money?

        Bottom line, you weren’t part of the team that was assisting the family. I was so I can speak firsthand about EXACTLY what happened (and NO, I am NOT an admin on the page). They were offered direct rental payment to their landlord for 10 months. They declined it, called us names, threatened us. We offered it again, several more times. When Nicole finally told us to refund the money if we wouldn’t give her cold hard cash, we did. THIS MONEY WAS NEVER RAISED TO BE GIVEN AS A COLD HARD CASH PAYMENT TO THE FAMILY. NEVER.

        • Jeff

          Nope, just judging the actions of some hypocrites. Sure God approves of your actions. You know what, “need” is in the eye of the beholder! Who are you to say they are ungrateful, or lazy? You ever deploy to a combat zone, and come back with an ailment called “PTSD”? Exactly! Who are you to judge?

          • Jeff

            You know what is hypocritical over this entire thread, and story? You cannot give from the heart, and then say, “I want my money back”. You cannot give from the heart, and then say, “I want you to spend it this way only”. Here you are grandstanding, trying to muddy up the name of a combat Veteran. How many of you judging have been to a combat zone, and come back with PTSD? How many of you know of what the symptoms of combat PTSD are? You are all quick to judge, but have never sacrificed anything but this money, here and now!

          • Julie

            I am a veteran Jeff. I have a PTSD diagnosis. I am neither lazy nor unmotivated in life. It gets in the way sometimes, absolutely. But there ARE resources. When one donates money to a specific cause, for a specific purpose, they have faith that the money will be used as intended. All we were doing was being accountable to the donors in using that money for it’s intended purpose.

          • Julie

            HM2 here, run a nonprofit for veterans and pay myself a salary of $0 to do it so that I can keep the doors open an keep helping people. Don’t talk to me about sacrifices. You have no idea what I do for the Veteran community. It was discovered that the Wells family was not a family in need. Nobody ever “took back” their donations, when the Wells family didn’t want to accept the donations as we had offered them (10 months of paid rent), they told us to refund everyone the money. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have the conversations to PROVE that’s what the Wells family said to us. If you want to see the conversations, email me at I am happy to provide them, I have nothing to hide.

            I know in my heart I did a good thing, and when the water got murky and questionable, all of us involved in assisting this family acted with integrity and honesty.

            You didn’t donate, so why do you think you have a right to say how the money should have been used?

  • David

    As the boyfriend of an admin on the page that started to help this family, i sat amd watched as my girlfriend spent COUNTLESS hours that she could have been spending with our family trying to help them. If Aric was in desperate need of having stable employment to support his family and keep his 3 children off the streets, he would hold a job with someone younger asking him to do the job he was given. I know I as a father of 3 children, i would go to work at McDonalds just to earn any kind of mony to support the people I love and as a man support and am looked to for anything. And the way Nicole talked to my girlfriend and other admins after they ALL spent HOURS and money getting them off the streets, getting Aric a job, and donating things to make sure those children were taken care of was out of complete disrespect amd vulgar from Nicole. The money should have gone to make sure the children have a roof over their heads for long term and not letting parents blow it. With the rent being taken care of, Aric could have been a responible and loving husband and put money away to ensure Nicole got her VISA. The right thing WAS done refunding the funds back the the people that were misled by ungrateful parents who obviously dont care very about the well being of their children. Im done ranting but wish people actually understood this like i do from someone that watched this all unfold. Thank you admins for all the hard work you did to help people that couldnt be helped!

  • Goodalwayswins

    Honestly I feel like the family should have willingly accepted the terms given and used his paycheck for whatever needed.
    I do understand the stress and fear that comes along with having a family member deported and scared but I am sure if they weren’t doing anything about it prior to this then it wasn’t urgent necessity and I kind of think that the family is broken and doesn’t want to be repaired.When you are not working for extended lengths of time you tend to get lazy and he was probably something of importance in the military so when he has to take orders from younger people than him it may be a problem for him,That he needs to get over or he will not be happy ever at all.
    They both need a budgeting class and need to learn to handle their money better NO Child should ever ever be on the streets! That is showing them a bad lifestyle I would do anything for my children and would never want to have them suffer on the streets,,,
    This is a sad situation where nobody wims,The family feels burned,The community feels burned and nobody comes out happy,,,

    • recentcitizen

      Nicole was not in danger of deportation, don’t know where you go that. If you’re married to a US citizen, even if you’re not a citizen yourself, you’d have to actually do something pretty bad to be deported. Visa troubles are something entirely different. Not having one while being married to an American, living in America, doesn’t mean you get deported. It means you can’t work and–and I think this is the key here–can’t receive welfare and things like that.
      But you’re right, the family is broken because the parents are dysfunctional. Too bad their children will be the ones who truly suffer, now and later in life. Poor little girls… I’m a parent and I can’t imagine not prioritizing housing and food for the children as far and above anything else.

      • Goodalwayswins

        I wasn’t meaning her I saw a comment above made by “NI ” Putting his wife in jeopardy of deportation is not a good situation and is a priority to him.
        I know she was not in jeopardy of that, I was just saying I know how it feels but I don’t think this family cares much about any of that or they woulda jumped on it before..Your right she will not get benefits nor qualify for section 8,the only thing she will receive is wic coupons.I believe this family will use anyone they can….

    • Julie

      A visa is $200. The community got Arik a job. Arik can use his paycheck however he sees fit. As he said himself, he’s a 40 year old man and nobody should tell him how to spend his money. The gofund me is a different story and was never “his” money. The funds were raised for housing purposes (rent, deposit, utilities and even internet for the school aged children). If we would have release the money for any other purpose, that would have been dishonest and deceitful. To allow for accountability of the money, and to create a safety net for Arki’s lack of being able to financially manage his monies, (3 evictions due to nopaid rent in the last 3 years we offered to provide them with 10 months of paid rent from the gofund me account. This family was NEVER at any point told they would be receiving the monies donated as cold hard cash. Any family or person in their right mind, in REAL need, would have accepted the money “in kind” in ANY format.

  • really..

    They didn’t ask for their picture to be taken nor did they ask for any of you to feel sorry for them, you all took it upon yourselves to snap that photo and bring them to light and donate money and vehicles and household items on a whim!! When they wanted to spend the money given to them you all got your panties in a twist and freaked out. Pretty sure they were better off before you people shamed them after helping them. I agree the 10 month rent pay is a great idea but don’t forget they didn’t ask any of you for that photo nor the attention that you brought to them.

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