Violence flares again in Missouri town where cop shot, killed unarmed teen

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Ferguson, Mo. (CNN) — Police fired tear gas and shots were heard in Ferguson, Mo., Monday night, where the weekend shooting death of a teenager by a police officer has sparked community outrage.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said the gas was used to disperse a crowd and that arrests were made.

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Holder: Death of Missouri teen shot by police deserves review

The shooting death of a teenager by police in a St. Louis suburb “deserves a fulsome review,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday.

The attorney general said FBI and federal civil rights investigators have opened an inquiry into Saturday’s shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, which left 18-year-old Michael Brown dead and has fueled rising tensions in the town of 21,000.

“At every step, we will work with the local investigators, who should be prepared to complete a thorough, fair investigation in their own right. I will continue to receive regular updates on this matter in the coming days,” Holder said in a statement. “Aggressively pursuing investigations such as this is critical for preserving trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

Dozens in Ferguson took to the streets Monday to march and chant, “No justice, no peace!”

A vigil for the teen devolved into chaos Sunday when violence and looting broke out among some protesters.

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks called for people protesting Brown’s death to do so nonviolently.

“We have seen young people giving in to violence and frustration and rage. It may be inexcusable. It is not unexpected,” Brooks told reporters Monday. “But I say to my young brothers and sisters, note the young man whose rage is your heart, note that he was nonviolent. He never got into a fight. If you want to honor his memory, honor his memory by seeking justice nonviolently.”

Witnesses to Brown’s shooting say he was unarmed and had his hands in the air when the police officer shot him.

Authorities tell a different story. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar says the officer tried to get out of his vehicle just before the shooting, but Brown pushed him back into his car.

Brown “physically assaulted” the officer, Belmar said, and the teen tried to get the officer’s weapon.

Brown was shot about 35 feet from the vehicle, the chief said, declining to provide more details.

“The genesis of this was a physical confrontation,” Belmar said, adding that his department has been called in to conduct an independent investigation.

The Ferguson Police Department said its cars are not equipped with dashboard cameras.

Shell casings collected at the scene were from the officer’s weapon, Belmar said.

Beyond Ferguson, social media messages were on fire Monday as peopleposted strong opinions about the killing. #MichaelBrown and #Ferguson were trending topics.

Mother: ‘No violence, just justice’

The lawyer representing Brown’s parents called Monday for a swift investigation.

“We want this investigation to be done fairly, and we make a demand to the Justice Department to come in and help restore trust and confidence in the process of equal justice. … This family is very distrustful. This community is very distrustful,” attorney Benjamin Crump told reporters, calling for witnesses to come forward.

Brown’s parents urged people to remain calm.

“No violence, just justice,” the teen’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, told reporters.

McSpadden said her son recently graduated from high school and was supposed to start college Monday.

“We can’t even celebrate,” she said. “We’ve got to plan a funeral.”

Standing beside the teen’s family, Brooks said the NAACP is committed to determining what happened.

“We are committed to this family, committed to seeking justice, committed to being a presence, day-in and day-out,” he told reporters.

Mayor calls for calm

“Obviously, the events of last night are not indicative of who we are,” Ferguson Mayor James Knowles said on CNN on Monday morning, adding that Sunday night’s chaos was “not constructive” and was only “bringing down the community.”

St. Louis County Police said that 32 people were arrested and that shots were fired at police.

Flanked by several from the community Sunday, McSpadden was emotional as she shouted into a television reporter’s microphone.

“You took my son away from me! You know how hard it was for me to get him to stay in school and graduate? You know how many black men graduate? Not many!” she said. “Because you bring them down to this type of level where they feel they don’t got nothing to live for anyway! (They feel) they gonna try to take me out anyway!”

Others who gathered shouted at police.

“We will stay out here as long as you are!” they screamed at officers.

Many of the officers appeared stoic, watching young men kneel before them and raise their hands up to symbolize surrender, but one officer can be heard on video yelling back, calling protesters “animals.”

Some in Ferguson are demanding that the name of the officer who shot the teenager be released.

Monday afternoon, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said he plans to release the name in the next 24 hours. Authorities want to make sure the officer is in a safe location, he said.

‘Lost control’

“Last night, everything lost control,” Knowles said Monday.

He was asked about the officer who called protesters “animals.”

“The officers did their best. They’re only human,” Knowles responded, adding that not every police officer present was from the Ferguson department.

Sunday’s gathering became more intense as some people broke windows at a store and began taking things from it. They threw rocks and bottles. Gunshots rang out.

Antonio French, an alderman in St. Louis, said a QuikTrip gas station was looted and an ATM dragged out.

“This QuikTrip is where things started (Saturday) with this case, based on various accounts,” French said.

The slain teenager and a friend were “accused of stealing gum from the store or some sort of cigarettes,” the alderman said.

Knowles said he wants to let the independent investigation into Brown’s death take its course. He plans to meet with Brown’s parents soon and will meet this evening with clergy in Ferguson and African American leadership in the town.

Whatever the investigation’s findings, “we will deal with that,” he said.

Ferguson, which has a population of about 21,000 people, is 67% African American.

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  • Jay Jopa

    Those idiots are showing their true colors. During the time it took them to attend that rally and loot and pillage, a few black folks were murdered in America by other black folks. Of course… outrage from them over THAT. And of course, they seem to think it’s OK for a young thug to assault a police officer because the young thug was unarmed. What stupid fools they are.

  • Truth

    13% of the population commits 75% of crime, prison statistics show the same percentage of those who are incarcerated.
    They riot and loot their own neighborhoods, setting storefronts and vehicles ablaze. They kill each other at an alarming rate, but make up for it with bastard children. They poison each other and their community with drugs. They have adopted a culture that holds down others in their own community who would succeed. They use any excuse to destroy, kill, and rape, and it is at the core of their music and culture.
    I think “Animals” would be an apt desription. (Except for the fact that wild animals dont even behave this way)

  • Kit

    The rioting isn’t right, but it’s happening because the people are poor, uneducated and discriminated against. You don’t see the black millionaire NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS players out there tearing-up the town.

  • Big John Stankus

    There are about a dozen things a person can do – an unarmed person can do – to get themselves justifiably shot by the police. An investigation will reveal the truth. I’m guessing this guy did one of those dozen things – but I don’t really know. The difference between me and these rioting peabrains is that i understand that I don’t know for sure – and they don’t. They don’t care either – they just want an excuse to riot and loot and create mayhem. Just like 1992. I feel sympathy for the man’s family but that group as a whole makes me sick.

  • Shawn

    Just typical and yes I do see the rich black people doing stupid stuff to I been discriminated against my whole life when we gonna start the NAAWP ohh wait we can’t cause that would be racist maybe when the truth come out would be funny if it was a black officer protecting himself against the thug


    was SHOT 17-times by a WHITE COP/VICTIM/PERPETRATOR in ST. LOUIS last night!

    the middle of a FIRE FIGHT over a SALAMI SANDWICH, according to POLICE

    This very confusing STORY is UNFOLDING in
    ST. LOUIS today!

    MOTHER is now claiming that her son was armed with a FULLY-LOADED SALAMI

    See the VIDEO:


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