Authorities arrest teen in death of 6-year-old Bremerton girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EAST BREMERTON —  FBI agents arrested a 17-year-old boy for the death and rape of 6-year-old Jenise Wright, authorities said at a news conference Saturday.

Agents took the suspect into custody around 2:50 p.m. without incident. They say he lived at home with his parents in the same mobile home park as the Wright family.

According to Kitsap County Deputy Sheriff Scott Wilson, detectives got probable cause to arrest the suspect after collecting forensic data. The Washington State Patrol Crime Lab was able to forensically connect the suspect to the death of the child.

“We promised yesterday that we would find justice for Janise,” Wilson said. “Today, we have reached a major milestone toward delivering on that promise.”

No further details were released.

Authorities are not identifying the suspect at this time. The teen will be booked for 2nd degree murder, 1st degree manslaughter and rape of a child.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in Kitsap County District Court at 3:00 p.m. Monday. A judge will review the charges and consider bail.

Jenise was last seen Saturday night at her home. Jenise’s parents have said they would allow Jenise to walk through the neighborhood on her own and thought when they woke up Sunday morning that Jenise was already out playing. When she didn’t return home Sunday night, the parents called police.

The girl’s disappearance struck the tight-knit community, and Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Wilson said hundreds of tips poured in since Sunday on the missing girl.

Jenise’s body was found in a wooded area near her mobile home park Thursday. Officials said it was an FBI team with specially trained dogs that found the remains.

The Washington State Patrol has volunteered the use of their crime lab to help with DNA testing. People in and around Jenise’s neighborhood have been voluntarily giving their DNA samples during the past few days.

Remembering Jenise

The girl’s disappearance shook the tight-knit community.

There were hugs, tears and prayers as a community came together at a memorial Friday night for 6-year-old Jenise.

Jenise’s mother did not attend the vigil, but asked her bishop to speak on the family’s behalf.

“She’s very thankful for all the prayers that have been offered; she said she’s felt them,” said Bishop Chris Byron of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “But she wanted me to express that for now, it’s too hard to even leave the house.”

The bishop is inviting the community -- especially the volunteers who searched for Jenise -- to a service next Saturday, August 16th at 1:00 p.m. at the LDS Church located at 9256 Nels Nelson Road in Bremerton.

Stay with Q13 FOX News for the latest on this developing story.

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  • Modest Prude

    who the heck in this day and age allows a 6 year old child to “walk through the neighborhood on her own”, and, apparently, go out to play in the early morning while mom and dad are still sleeping???????????????

      • pete

        Statistacly the child is safer in the street, most molestations are done by a family member, or someone close to the family, as was this case. They knew this kid well.

    • Jessica Todd

      Believe it or not a lot of people do. It’s sad and tragic and people will continue to do it. Some parents don’t care or are too busy. I’m not saying that the Wright family didn’t care. I have neighbors who do the same thing and I live in a bad part of Everett. I’m not surprised.

    • Jonathan

      You’re right about “this day and age”. Actually, this is how kids used to play. Small parks like this, everyone pretty much knows everyone and back when most of us grew up, it wasn’t uncommon at all to go up the block or down to the park to meet up with the other kids. Sad it’s all changed. I’m not going to go after the parents hard on this, they thought she was playing as I’m sure she has many times before. I’ll place the blame on the evil monster that preyed on this child when she probably knew and trusted him.

      • Natasha S

        Thank you Jonathan! I was thinking this very thing. It’s not the parents fault, it’s the monster who did this. He probably befriend Jenise, used her trust against her. Could this have been prevented? Idk, were there warnings signs from the 17-year old that did it? While some of you are blaming the parents for letting her walk around. You can’t say without a doubt this would not have still happened. He is a predator and eventually,
        I think the outcome would have been the same. If not for Jenise, for someone else’s 6-year old.

      • Barbara Norton

        Thank you Jonathan, I was beginning to think there was nothing but haters responding. We as kids ran the neighborhood all day too. Families in mobile home parks in a tight little community generally have each other’s back, and watch out for one anothers’ kids. If there is ever a time to NOT make a nasty comment, then surely it is the death and rape of a child. Just don’t go there, it is pure evil. These parents need your love and prayers and if ya can’t give that please let it be.

      • Betty

        yes…………our community used to be that way…our people used to be that way…as kids my bro n sis’s used to fall asleep whatever home we were playing at…but that was many years ago…as human beings we are our worst judges…but our faults are all on the same level…of mother earth…we have no right to judge one another…its prayers our young sister needs…to help her on her way to the other side…to celebrate the time she was here…to take care of the spirit…we cant allow our focus to be on the parents be they at fault or not….as for the molester of children…he will face his maker on what he has done…and he will also face our jurors down here on earth…and his life will no longer be easy…he will pay for it the rest of his life…and be constantly looking behind himself…because we know what child molesters go thru in prison…a prayer for the little girl, that the creator of all good things reach down and bless her in a good way, and take her to a much better place…which her innocent lil heart deserves…my heart goes out to her and to those she loves…<3

    • Amy “Feisty” Majah

      Those that are naive and trusting. In many mobile home areas it gets very tight knit where everybody knows each other and blindly trusts each other,sadly

    • Are you kidding

      I don’t understand how her parents didn’t notice her missing SATURDAY night! Responsible parents would have made sure she was properly and safely in bed. I know they didn’t murder their own daughter but maybe some accountability is in order! Unexceptable parenting!!!!

    • Victoria Enriquez

      The minute I would wake up and not find my child at home, I would be tearing up the neighborhood looking for her and if not found right away, I’d be calling the police. The parents want their other children back, and it’s understandable in that they should be together as a family especially with what’s happened to their sister. I’m sure the parents have learned in the worst way possible, how they need to never let their children out of their sight. But, just to be on the safe side for the other children’s sakes. I think someone has to supervise the parents or oversee them, in making sure they understand how their parenting skills of just letting a child run loose is really not the correct way to parent. It’s not just by chance their child was killed. She was an easy victim out there that long, not even checking to know where she was. Bottom line, she’d have had a better chance if she wasn’t out there on her own.

  • co2guy

    Prayers go out to the family. Let this be a lesson, watch your kids. Keep them close and make sure they are safe. Since when are 6 year old children old enough to go out by themselves?

    • Jonathan

      Lighten up on the mother. She’s not only in inconsolable despair, but she’s probably afraid of having to deal with people like you calling them “idiots” after their child was murdered.

      • jennifer

        Listen! That poor little girl died because her parents were so irresponsible and did not give a crap for her well being!! I am in disgust of their so called parenting skills. Who goes about their day not knowing where their six year child is or any age child. Shame on them!! She died a horrific death because of them and their idiocy. And shame on you for defending them!!

        • T Roberts

          Jennifer…I agree!! Who in their right mind gets up in the morning, finds their 6 YEAR OLD gone and doesn’t try to find her ALL DAY!?!?!? REALLY?! I know people are saying the parents shouldn’t be made to feel bad, but…come ON!!!

        • grmpyii

          What parents do this and are held to a certain standard, most likely your parents if you are over 40′ the street lights were our call to get home and come in. When they came on the play day was over. Now we have helicopter parents and there are studies that show that are children are not developing properly. The no longer have social skills needed to communicate with others. There needs to be a balance between protecting your children, and smothering them. There is one person responsible for the death of this child. That is the person who killed her. You need to remember this when something ( and i truly hope it never does ) happens to your child . You may believe you can protect them from everything, and would be sadly mistaken. Put them in a bubble and let the rest of us deal with a overprotected ,coddled human being that can not preform properly in society. Now go look in a mirror and repeat what you said in your comment and see that you have no compassion for the ones that were hurt in this tragedy. I fell almost as sorry for you as I do the mother who lost her child. She may someday start to heal from her tragedy , you still need to learn before you can get over yours. That may never happen.

          • Michael Welch

            i agree with you but you are missing one huge part SHE WAS 6 YEARS OLD Not old enough to be out on her own the parents were responsable for all that happened. dont get me wrong the person who did this should have his balls ripped off and his legs broken and left out in the woods to die a worse death but that will never happen he will go to jail the let go in a year or two for good behavior

          • Sherri

            I’m sick to my stomach that poor little girl was not only neglected at home, but then to have that pig do that to her is revolting! We live in a small town of 900 people, the thought of my granddaughter out roaming around the neighborhood all day would be neglect on my part! I think that is what everyone seems to have a problem with and rightly so! The parents where still sleeping when she was gone, they wake up not KNOWING where she is, BUT THEY CONTINUE along their whole day without a thought they hadn’t seen her, checked on her, called the neighbors, this sounds like it is a common thing the parents did all the time! Shame on them, and anyone that buys into this kind of crap of parenting!

    • BettyJean

      unless you are a parent who lossed a child in a horrid manner you can not say her not attending a vigil is disrespectful. As a parent of a brutally murdered child in 2001 I can tell you that I didnt want to come out of my room let alone out of my home to meet and greet neighbors and community. She is in shock of the death of her child. And your the idiot who cant show some compassion to this mother. I didnt go out of my home except for the funeral of my daughter for along time after her death, This mother is coping in her own way. Give her some respect and pray for her not condone her for not attending a vigil.

  • ☆☆Alyssa

    Seriously…? I feel for this family, as their daughter was just killed. But parents, no matter how old (or young) the child is, needs to be 100% where their child is at all times til they have no legal responsibility over them anymore…
    Ptayers for the family and community ♡♡

  • Pamela Powell

    These parents are innocent as far as not directly killing this little angel but they set it up to happen. They didn’t check in on her before they went to bed. They didn’t find her to eat breakfast. They didn’t find her for lunch nor did they look for her for dinner. Who in this day and age lets a 6 year old out for hours not knowing where is was? The child isn’t the fault nor is she a brat like her father first said…….no he is the brat, no actually he is a complete idiot. I know they are suffering now and for that reason I pray for them……but just think about the suffering Jenise suffered. I would hope the authorities wouldn’t return their other children to them. They seem to be incapable of taking care of them. Tonight I go to church to pray for little Jenise…..the innocent one in this whole story.

    • T Roberts

      Pamela…the father called her a brat?? Oh my god! What is wrong with him, blaming it on her???!! They did not even try to check on their 6 YEAR OLD…all day…and it’s her fault? UNBELIEVABLE!!

      • Stephanie Alexander

        She’s a spoiled brat. The princess of the house. He was referring to brat as she is the most spoiled one in the house.

  • Brooke

    Her parents shouldve kept an eye on her, but I think the 17 year olds parents have WAAAY bigger issues in parenting than her parents do.

  • Jp

    I feel sad for her siblings, could care less how the parents feel. Had they been parents they could have prevented this, or at least made it a hell of a lot harder for it to have happened. No instead they had no problem with their child running around without knowing where she was and only worried because she didn’t come home for dinner. After they hadn’t seen her for a whole day…even two houses over I make my kids check in or I make sure they are still there. I know the places my kids are and know who is in the house where my kids are at.
    Sad sad news about this poor child and it could have been prevented had the parentsunami done what they were supposed to do.

  • Debra Campbell

    everyone is always so quick to judge. You all must be perfect. Why don’t you blame the person at fault? The monster who did this.

  • daniele

    My heart is heavy for all involved Jenises parents and for the boys parents….. What a horrible horrible horrible thing. I am sure that Jenise’s Parents feel really bad and dont need the public telling them anything. I hope everyone will be able to heal and get past this terrible tragedy.

    • cimi

      There is no doubt that the parents were neglectful. I mean; I worry & pray when my TWELVE yr. old walks home from school that is only around the corner. I make her call me when she arrives at her friends house that is just down the street. That’s all I’ll say about that. I feel for the parents and the siblings of the young girl who was maliciously murdered. Yes, the boy who did this is to blame, but the parents were negligent and I hope that parents who let their kids wander around all day will think again. Way back, a hundred yrs. ago, my mother let me walk about 3/4 miles to a local convenience store where I satisfied my sugar fix:). I got lost and a newspaper boy noticed me looking around and took me to his parents home until he was finished with his paper route. He then took me home. I was lucky. Other kids, like this one, aren’t so lucky. I was 6 when that happened to me and looking back now I realized I had dyslexia and poor sense of direction. My mom didn’t know this. She probably wouldn’t have let me go alone had she known. But, regardless of all of that; a child as young as 6 should be accompanied by a parent or an older sibling. I’m comforted to know that little Jenise is now with Jesus playing hide-and-go-seek. I hope the parents and family members can also take comfort in that also. God bless and help the family.

  • Russ Crase

    This is absolutely sad! I want to say first my prayers are with that beautiful little girls family and prayers to the parents of this “sick” kid! I believe the parents are wrong for not watching her, but remember this 17 year old did the unthinkable when he raped and killed her! Its time to put an end to these kinds of people. There us no rehab for them and this state needs to make a dramatic change or this will continue to happen! I am glad the authorities found him and may GOD have mercy on him, I will never! RIP sweet little Angel😞

  • Violet Alvarez

    I think it is very sad that this sweet innocent girl was allowed to play outside all day. Not once did her parents check on her. They just assumed she was alright. My children are not allowed to leave the house for any reason, and especially when I am sleeping. For her to be gone all day is unthinkable. The person who did this to her should have the same thing happen to him. I pray this little angel is at peace.

  • Florinda Warren

    The monster would have never gotten his hands on her had she been supervised. Her parents should be charged for neglect. You don’t leave a child unsupervised and expect everyone else to keep their eye out and do your job. The teenager probably knew that she is always wondering around and her parents didn’t care enough to check up on her. What the hell is wrong with people that they have such little regard to the safety of their children? Kids are being raped and murdered everyday. It’s not safe to leave them unsupervised to many dam pedophiles ready to grab them up!! God Bless you Sweet Heart!!

  • Krissy Freeman

    Okay, a lot of times in safer communties, parents feel safe about their kids going out to play without constant supervision. To the people writing how horrible her parents were to not be watching her, shame on you! Don’t you think they are going through enough?! Of course they loved their baby. And I could not even begin to imagine the amount of pain going through their hearts right now. I’m sure they feel guilty enough without the inconsiderate comments. Keep them in your hearts too. It is NOT their fault that a sick young man raped and murdered their kid. They are victims to this as well.

  • Wendy

    No judgement from me. I wish this sweet girl’s family to find peace. I also wish the family of the accused peace. Sad times we live in that this is common. I hope the community of Bremerton can support both families in their healing.

  • Caitlin

    So in the midst of such a tragedy you people are finding ways to blame the parents.
    this is the rape of a child there’s nothing that could’ve been done to prevent this person from doing something to someone’s child, unfortunately still if it hadn’t been this girl it would’ve been a different girl… it’s unfair of you to blame the parents for letting her play in her own yard and her own community

    • Marilyn

      You bet I’m finding ways to blame her parents as well as that teen!!! Who in their right mind allows a 6 year old to wander the streets in the middle of the night…DO YOU CAITLIN? Those parents need to be held responsible for child neglect. Do I feel sorry for them?…Not really…my heart goes out for that child and her siblings that have/had crappy parents. Perhaps this teen wouldn’t have done this to someone else, those parents handed her on a silver platter. You can’t say he would have done it to someone else….you never know.

      • Shawn

        Marilyn Yes he would of done it to someone else he’s a child molester if he did it put him to sleep with all other child predators but yes the parents should if watched her better I agree

      • Laura

        I agree that child neglect played a big part in this horrendous crime. It is one thing for people to use the “excuse” that some people trust that their neighborhood is safe, but to not check that your 6 year old child has come home (when they shouldn’t be unsupervised in the first place), the parents go to bed, and then wake up the next day thinking she went outside to play and not realizing she never came home is absolute 100% child neglect. How can you not check to make sure that your child is home for the night at the very least before you go to bed !? I hope that poor little girl did not suffer and that she is resting in peace, and that the monster that did this burns in hell. I know the parents are greiving but I hope they accept some responsibility for their neglect. You can’t just ignore the fact that child neglect took place because they are greiving for the loss of their daughter.

    • S Noble

      You can bet I am blaming the parents as well! She was 6!! She should not have been allowed free reign of the ttrailer park without supervision .

  • Shawn

    Horrible that there are wackos out there like this just hope we don’t hear next this kid had been to mental health places or prescribed any of all these new wacko pills. But hate to say that’s probably the case time will tell don’t hate the parents hate the system that doesn’t lock up wackos and throw away the key

  • Sally Bishop

    Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to supervise your children 24/7. However, in the case of a 6 year old not showing up after several hours and not being concerned enoughed to look? Sounds a bit odd to me. I hope justice is served and this innocent little angel can rest in peace.

  • Donald l young

    My daughter went to school same class I don’t let her out of my site when she’s out playing call it what u will but i know the world we live in and the trash that’s out there and if there’s one moment that I can save her from any harm from something so evil that’s what this dad will do that’s unconditional love!!!!!

  • The World is Ending

    I hope prosecuting attorney charges the guy as an adult. So he can spend the rest of his life in prison. For those who will say charge him with murder, unfortanatly this case don’t qualify with the current evidence.

    • Tara

      Can I ask you why??!!
      I would appreciate the details very much. I could tell there had to have been more to it then brutal murder based on the charges, but I know nothing of the evidence you mentioned. I have been following this closely as it is our neighborhood, but I seemed to have missed an explanation on the charges. I am also very curious if they had already checked the spot they found we body, thus meaning someone had dumped it there.
      Anyway, helping me gain any understanding would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello!

    Okay, I don’t know what everyone is so upset about. I wandered around the neighborhood ALL THE TIME. I came home when it got dark. I would be out all day with no contact with my parents. Sometimes I’d be playing in the trees down the street, sometimes I would be hiding at a friend’s house. Nothing wrong with it. And it’s not like I grew up in the 50’s or 60’s where it wasn’t uncommon to see kids wandering loose.

    • Hello!

      I should add that yes, it’s a horrible tragedy what happened to this poor little girl, but don’t be attacking the parents for their decision to allow their child to wander freely. They’ve suffered enough.

      • Mai güdness

        Don’t attack them for putting their child in danger? Are you even a parent? You were lucky nothing happened to you. I can reassure you that you would have met her same fate had there been a sicko living around your neighborhood. Don’t assume the world is all the same and danger free. You would never be running around like that had I been your mother. Probably don’t like hearing that, but what are you gonna do about it, whine and try to act “smart” online? It’s because of their stupidity and negligence that she is dead. Stop trying to bring your’s and OTHER KID’S situations and try to compare them to this. I hope other parents can learn NOT to do this, so that their kids don’t have to go through something like that either.

      • Patti Whitham

        you are 100% correct, and they will live with the questions of “what if” for the rest of their lives. And don’t need every one being so hard on them, they are probably doing a good job of that them selves.

  • Grandparent

    This is mainly for the people who blame the parents for this horrible crime. In most of the post I never heard them mention anything about the 17 year old pervert who committed this crime. One common theme I keep hearing is kids should never be unsupervised. You seem to be doing a fine job otherwise you would not be throwing stones. If you do supervise your child one hundred percent of the time, at what age do you stop this? I seriously doubt that you supervise your child every minute of the day when they are in your yard playing? Do a goggle search to see how many kids have been snatched out of yards and even fenced yards while playing. Wake up sheep, you are raising a generation of kids who have no analytical thinking skills. There are plenty of educational sites that help train kids what to do in abduction situations. I bet you are one of those parents who tell your kid to never talk to strangers…who would they ask for help? Those of you that are throwing stones are just glad it aw sent your kid…if you even have a kid!

    • Michelle Olsen

      To the people that are saying don’t blame the parents..there are some factors that make me blame the parents for creating the perfect storm that allowed a 17 year old to rape and murder her. Almost 24 hrs went by before they started looking for her. Said they thought she was in bed at 10PM Saturday, and and did not start looking for her until 830PM on Sunday and called the police at 10PM Sunday! So who did they think was feeding her breakfast lunch and dinner? Where was she going to the bathroom? They had much involvement with CPS prior to this, because the father was accused of child molestation of Jenise’s older siblings ( Who are not currently in this home ) and pled guilty to child assault…previously. So when he made his heartless comments and had no emotion in his voice while speaking with television reporters, I stopped with all empathy. If she had not been missing for almost 24 hrs before they started looking, maybe she could have been found alive…but they did not care enough..even discounting the dad being an idiot, what about the mom…why was she not out searching and calling for her. for lunch, or breakfast? So now their other kids are in CPS care…were taken the first day of the search. The predator, that killed her..yeah he is should be tried as an adult…but the parents should be charged with gross child neglect. And never have the responsibility of children again.

      • Stephanie C

        As a precautionary measure I assume CPS would take the older children so if the parents or older kids were involved in the disappearance they would not be influence.

  • Brandon

    I can’t believe so many people are on here blaming the parents. my heart truly goes out to them and their family,but come on people saying the parents should be charged? that’s crazy I have 3young kids of my own and I personally would never leave them unsupervised like that I do give my 7year old some scares me yes and I’m worried about him when I let him ride his bike around the block, but I believe giving your kid small freedoms like this gives them much needed self confidence,honestly what we need is to stop having a ton of stay at home moms having everyone scared of their neighbors.people need to get back to actually meeting and socializing with the people in their communities instead of just spreading fear to others from behind a keyboard.there are monsters out there,horrible human beings but there always. have been and always will be

  • rhoda

    I don’t have any kids and would like to have one, I feel sad for the little girl died in such young age, and the 17 year old boy should deserve life time in jail just in case he will do it again, he’s really sick! And the young girl’s parents……I don’t even want to make any comments….that mobile home park is not a safe community and parents should never let their kids run around for hours by themselves, and the park is on the main road, any kids run out the park, can easily hit by a car.

      • Joe

        Actually the general population and it’s social experience will make him a bigger stronger and more evil criminal before release back into the unsuspecting population of sheeple.

        • grmpyii

          Actually, this guy will be tried as a adult, he will be tried fir murder with aggravating circumstances. He will be eligible fir the death penalty, and if convicted will most likely be given the death penalty. If not death he will be sentenced to live with no parole. He will never be getting out to do this again!

  • Bob

    All these people who say we should stop judging the parents can settle down. We absolutely should be judging the parents. Yes, they have learned a very harsh lesson, but it’s because we don’t judge enough. We as a society are telling everyone to stop judging, but this is what keeps us in line. Our judging of these parents will maybe keep some other parents in line and prevent another six year old from being killed. I will judge these parent and no I don’t feel for them. I am going to judge them because little Jenise can’t.

  • Kara Conner

    I’m not from Washington, I have a question. What is the age of consent? I’m just wondering why the article keeps referring to this guy as a ‘boy.’ Like that’s going to garner sympathy for him or something.

    I keep seeing people coming down on the parents for letting Jenise roam about. I’m pretty sure most everyone commenting was not 100% supervised as a kid. Seems people want to pass along that silly Facebook trend about “Share if you grew up drinking from the water hose, stayed outside all day…” and all the rest, but preach about supervision when someone gets hurt or killed. Saying things are different today is bull. The only real difference is we have easier access to more information and advocacy is much stronger. People were just as evil 30 years ago. We just didn’t hear about it as much. There are hundreds of documented missing kids from decades past.

    I’m so sorry for Jenise and her family. I hope the monster gets punished to the full extent of the law. As far as her parents, I do believe they have suffered enough.

    • S Noble

      She was 6 years old. The parents should have been watching her. The parents were negligent in this case. How do you not check on your child? The last timethey saw her was sSaturday night, so they wake up Sunday morning she’s not there so they just continue on with their day. So you are saying the parents acted appropriately?

    • Michael Destefanis

      Age of consent in WA state is 16 with a 4 year play in age (basically so freshmen-senior dating doesn’t become a statutory rape issue) but in this case with consent is not even a factor let alone when the child ends up dead regardless of the other person’s age.

      As for the parents, no this is not enough. They were severely negligent by not checking up on her at all during the day. I can get the whole tight-knit community, everyone knows one another, etc etc but with a child that young you just do not let a whole day go by without checking up on them. Personally I feel that the other children should remain removed from the home until they are older because clearly they are not responsible enough to handle young children. Their negligence in this is a big part of why their daughter was raped and murdered.

      As for the piece worthless pile of crap who did this… it’s regrettable the state will not employ the death penalty. While I am not a proponent for the death penalty for just outright child molestation/rape cases I am VERY much for it when someone goes as far as murder. But they will probably garner up some story about how the teen is disturbed, was molested himself, blah blah blah and give him a free pass with some prison time. I’m rather sick of people excusing the extreme behaviors of people just because of their age, let alone when they result in someone’s death.

    • karina

      Its Bull!?!?! Come on! The only real difference is easier access to more information.!?!?! Um… NO! Open a textbook, do REAL research. Dont make blatent statements that hold no real value and try to pass them off as facts. Nobody can really supervise their children 100 percent but a whole day really!? Thats acceptable? No. That is absolutely no excuse. If YOU Left Your Child alone in a car with ac, food, and the doors locked for 20 mins you would get arrested or some form of a ticket or trouble from the police… How is outside in the world, no food, way of communication, or exact location ok? I DO feel sorry for the parents but they DID neglect her! #fact . Maybe the 17 y old would have done it to another child, sadly, yet had they not neglected her it wouldn’t have been THEIR child!! People that think with your mindset is what make this country weak! I cant..

  • Amanda

    If the judicial system would just order these freaks to be killed, we could do away with alot of worthless people in this world. I know it would not have helped in this situation, but it would save alot of others in the future. Killed or at lest put away for life on their first charge.

  • Christy

    First of all, anyone with any common sense would know not to leave a 6 year old child unattended outside anytime, especially in this day and age! Secondly, what parent in their right mind would just assume that the child was playing outside all day in the neighborhood and not once go see what she was doing, call her in for lunch, a snack, a nap…something???
    I am appalled that we let the parents off so easy! This beautiful little girl may still be alive had her parents been more responsible and used better judgement!!!

    • micro

      The stepfather had a history of sexually abusing her kids and she stayed with him….. They are pure scum whose lack of love for the girl allowed this to happen. The girl may be better off dead than living with the abuse her step dad had on store for her.

    • Kesha

      Read my comment. I totally agree with you. My 7yr old gets kissed every night. I couldn’t imGine going to bed and not placing her there. Maybe these ppl are on drugs but they bear responsibility!!!

  • Kesha

    I know many of you are saying don’t blame the parents, blame the suspect, but that’s like saying, blame he sun for killing that baby in Ga, not the dad who left him in the car to be cooked. The parents should have legal culpability in this! As a parent we are tasked with protecting our kids and when found to be neglectful, the state can remove them. If you have a 6yr old child, should you go to bed without making sure they’re tucked in first?? Could this murder not have been prevented if the parents simply acted with care and a duty to protect? It absolutely could have! The killer is at fault, that’s obvious. But we live in a world filled with evil and if we place ourselves in the line if that evil, or even worse OUR BABIES, we are partly responsible for the consequences of those actions. This murder: easily preventable!

    • tucker

      The parents allowed the child to play unsupervised in what all the residents thought was a safe neighborhood is a lot different than leaving a toddler in a car to die in the heat. The murder of this child might have been prevented but the monster would just have found another child. Who knows what all he has done in the past and no one was warned because he was protected as a youthful offender. These parents I am sure have been thru heck and back by public opinion and having to deal with the rape and murder of a child alone would be unbearable beyond words

  • Elizabeth Brasile

    Arrest the parents. Who lets there kid walk around in a trailer park by themselves? I am going to say the dad probably was molesting her too. Child molester’s know the weak and those they can prey upon. The dad looked guilty as all guilty, diverting his eyes away and the fake crying. I think its also strange the mother was not on TV nor did any plea to find her daughter. Horrible parenting, horrible. My dog was missing for a minute and was screaming through the neighborhood.

  • Tai

    This little girl will never have another birthday, a day at play, a day of joy, a day of love. She will take with her nothing but the pain and darkness you left her with. Why? Take what you want from someone weaker than you. You did not only take what you want, you took everything she had. Now you are the weak. What should we take from you?

  • donna mgm

    I can’t help but feel these parents need to be held and or charged with child endangerment. neglect, etc for what happened to that beautiful child, call me over protective, but I start making calls if my 21 year old son dosen’t check in at least every day since he lives at home. how can a parent allow a mere baby such freedom in these times, R I P little one

  • sinmn

    i live in mn. we had a little girl disappear just a block away from where i live. they never found her. she was also allowed to wonder around the neighbor hood. i’m a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 4. when my 11 year old special needs son or any of my grandchildren are out side, we are out there to or are listening and checking on a regular basis. sure it’s inconvenient at times but it’s called parenting. seems like folks these days forget that with children comes enormous responsibility. those parents may not have been able to prevent what happened but they sure as hell should have never let that little girl play outside unsupervised. she was way too young for that. such a horrible tradgity. hard lessons learned for all involved. no matter what age 6 or 17 parents need to be aware. interact with your kids. it’s what we are supposed to do.

  • mamaloggerbean

    OK, so you can safeguard your children from “stranger danger” by never letting them go out to play by themselves, I get that. Do most of you realize that MOST of the time, sexual abuse comes from someone the child KNOWS – and most likely knows well (family, close friends, etc.)? So those of you that are bad-mouthing the parents (granted, I have mixed feelings in this) – are you so sure about those people you let YOUR children play around??? There is a good chance that this poor little girl knew the older boy, especially if she spent so much time in the trailer park – probably playing with other children.

    On the matter of “helicopter” parents – if we don’t let our children figure things out for themselves, and learn how to work out of small situations with others, how will they ever function when they are adults? I understand it is hard to let our kids grow up without being there to hold their hands every step of the way, but all this has done is bring up a society of whining, sniveling brats that think every little thing they want should be given to them. Make your kids figure things out on their own – eventually they will handle it, or, at the very least, learn how to ask for help properly!

  • krisgrin

    Yes her parents are horrible. All the neighbors are blaming the parents only. But what about all the neighbors?? They knew she was always out n even at inappropriate hours. Not one neighbor thought to call Children Protective Services?? I’m sorry but everyone that knew this little girl was being neglected n did nothing!!!

  • Barbara Keisman

    Cant any one say your sarry and feel for the family,if it happened to you would you only wont ones to cretasize you or say there sarry. Parents hold up and believe in the LORD

  • lucy

    Parents should always supervised their 6 year old children, they are too young to be wondering around on their own, that is pure neglect from the parents; I am sorry but it’s the truth no matter how you look at it let it be now or 20 years ago.

  • wayneo

    her picture reminded me of my niece when she was 6 – this story struck me hard and for the last two days I’ve been feeling like ‘this is life, and there is no going back’/ “the cup of the universe we live in is half empty” sort of thing… then today I remembered a quote from the gita,

    “Just as the body sheds worn-out clothes, so the soul sheds worn-out bodies. And as we put on new clothes, the soul dons new bodies, as if they were its raiment.”

    I was able to change the way I felt and know she’s moved on to the next thing and i don’t have to waste my energy hating people like that boy or feel anything but peace for her Not trying to sell anyone on reincarnation or disrespect their view of death, but to any one who felt the same i did I hope in some way or another you can see death as some kind of renewal; as a beginning and not as an end.

    The universe doesn’t do cruel things like put a beautiful little girl to end, but it does tempt our ignorance into thinking it does.

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