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Denver columnist calls Seahawks Super Bowl win ‘fluky’ after Broncos preseason win

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DENVER — The Seahawks are World Champions. There’s no disputing that.

But a columnist in Denver is calling the Hawks dominant Super Bowl victory against the Broncos — 43 – 8 — “fluky.”

Wait, what? That’s right.

The Broncos  beat the Seahawks 21 – 16 Thursday night in the preseason opener, but it was hardly a Super Bowl rematch.

As expected, the majority of the game was played by guys fighting for a spot on the final 53-man roster. Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning only played a couple of drives each.

Mike Klis wrote this in an article that appeared Friday in the Denver Post:

“Let’s not be silly about this.

An encouraging preseason opener is a long way from a Super Bowl beatdown. Revenge is for February, maybe even September, but never in August.

Yet, there was satisfaction, maybe even a touch of glee, in the Broncos for not only standing up to the bullying Seattle Seahawks, but landing a punch or two.”

From there, Klis goes on to write that this preseason game meant something to the Broncos “especially against the Seahawks.”

“At the very least, the Broncos may have proved to themselves, if not quite the rest of the NFL, that the 43-8 whipping they took from the Seahawks back in February was somewhat fluky.”

Giving Klis the benefit of the doubt, Q13 FOX News Sports Director Aaron Levine wondered if that’s what he really meant.

Either way, we haven’t seen the last of the Broncos. The team heads to Seattle to take on the Hawks in Week 3 of the regular season.

12s, what do you think?

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RECAP:  Broncos defeat Seahawks 21 – 16 in preseason opener >>

Here’s the front page of the Denver Post’s sports section:

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  • Mike

    Manning gave a poor performance. Perhaps it was because he was already honored the night before the Super Bowl and nothing more to prove? Or perhaps being the best in the league and having the odds against him for the underdogs gave him some pity on the Seahawks?
    Anyone who pays attention to football overall (instead of just the Seahawks), would see all the amateur moves he was making. And they would know that Manning does not just make amateur moves; especially in the Superbowl.

    Theories/speculations go: Manning gave the Seahawks the game by choice.

    • Jonathan

      Payton manning have the SEAHAWKS the game by choice??? He “chose” to lose the biggest game of his career? He didn’t want to win the Super Bowl??? Are you kidding me? What about every other miserable playoff performance by manning? Was he giving all those games away on purpose too?? I suppose the SEAHAWKS paid the refs in the game too? Or maybe paid manny Ramirez to botch that first snap of the game? Do you dream in color?

    • Shane Bornstein

      LMFAO!!!!! Peyton probably didn’t want as many superbowl wins as his brother…. He’s not a competitor .. he totally wanted to throw the game. omg.. denver fans are as idiotic as this columnist.

  • Ben

    People need something better to whine about than this. The context makes it pretty clear. Let’s be honest. Did we stomp them? For sure. Was the performance from Denver s offense in the SB kind of a fluke? For sure. They weren’t prepared and it showed, but for the great est historical offense to basically lay an egg in the super bowl? That’s sort of the definition of a fluke. Nobody thought that game would go that way. I’ve bled blue and green all my life, and I certainly didn’t expect it to go like that.

    • Kc Lange

      Seriously? What a ridiculous article. Yesterday’s win was against 3rd string defense and offensive line! Hawks had 10 starters who didn’t even play! There is nO way you can compare this game to a dominating Super Bowl performance by the Seahawks! Payton and his Broncos never faced such a fast, dominate, talented defense like the LOB! Seahawks were hungrier and were out to win. Say what you will about winning a game without Super Bowl players but to say the Hawk win in the Super Bowl was a fluke is ridiculous. Maybe hard to swallow your pride or still bitter about the Broncos loss and poor performance in Super Bowl! The real rematch will be game 3! Look out Broncos! Hawks winning is NO FLUKE!

    • Kc Lange

      Seriously? What a ridiculous article. Yesterday’s win was against the Hawks 3rd string QB, defense and offensive line! Hawks had 10 starters who didn’t even play and the rest of them only played two drives. There is NO way you can compare this preseason game to the dominating Super Bowl performance by the Seahawks! Payton and his Broncos never faced such a fast, dominate, talented defense like the LOB! Seahawks were hungrier, faster, better prepared and were out to win. Say what you will about winning a preseason game without Super Bowl players but to say the Hawk win in the Super Bowl was a fluke is ridiculous. You all been smoking too much weed. Maybe hard to swallow your pride or you’re still bitter about the Broncos being slaughtered and poor performance in Super Bowl! The real rematch will be game 3! Look out Broncos! Hawks winning is NO FLUKE! See you in a few weeks!

  • taylor

    Cmon, media always finds something to blame it on…its preseason and most of the starters sit out most of the game….the broncos just got their ass kicked that in super bowl 48

  • DVernarelli

    Don’t forget, Fans, that Seattle also “blew up” some other pretty good teams not too long ago: New Orleans (twice) on MNF & playoffs, San Fran. (twice), Atlanta, Giants, etc.. Maybe, Denver just wasn’t as good as the they and the National News Media thought they were all year. And/or the Seahawks got tired of reading about every day, and decided to bring everything they had to the SB. Giving Manning the League MVP on SB Eve…. gotta be one of the dumbest NFL moves in a while.

    • Wesley Cunningham

      To that writer down in Denver talking about the 43-8 seahawks victory in super bowl 48 was “fluky” JUST because they won yesterday in the preseason opener, he’s obviously an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about!! Peyton Manning and the broncos gave up a safety on the first play of the game and Peyton Manning threw 2 interceptions and one of those went back for a touchdown!! The seahawks lead by double digits going into halftime and when they came out Percy Harvin returned the kickoff for a touchdown!!! Then the seahawks striped the ball from Demaryius Thomas and recovered it, then the seahawks striped the ball from Peyton Manning and recovered it, the seahawks held them to only 8 points, they DOMINATED THE BRONCOS in the Superbowl, that writer thinks just because they won a game that doesn’t count that the super bowl was fluky, he’s a complete idiot we beat them by 35 points!!!! Second largest margin in super bowl history! Its either he’s a freakn idiot or he needs to get his eyes checked I honestly thinks its both, obviously that writer along with a hole bunch of other people thought that the broncos were going to win just because they had the highest scoring offense in NFL history, in the super bowl it was the best offense (broncos) against the best defense (seahawks) well guess what defense wins championships and offense wins games and the super bowl was mostly controlled by Seattle’s defense and the seahawks thrived off the breathing room that they had that the defense help set up, yeah the broncos had a great offense, but just like I said defense wins championships and offense wins regular games and the seahawks won, so that writer needs to shut his mouth and stop talking about stuff that he doesn’t know about

  • Seahawk_LOYAL

    Hahahaha.. This makes me LAUGH!! All this because Broncos won a PRESEASON game & all of a sudden the Seahawk Super Bowl Win was “fluky” OH GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!! It was the most watched game & EVERYONE was a witness to it that SEAHAWKS won that game fair & square! The Broncos performance was just not up to par against the SEAHAWKS!! And that’s the TRUTH!! #LOB #GOHAWKS

  • Shane Bornstein

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. Flukey? because the 2nd, 3rd and 4th string players – meant to see how and if they can contribute lost a game to Denver? I cannot wait for Denver to come to Seattle so that you guys get round 2. There will be no “omaha” because nobody will hear Manning. I call a win by 20 in seattle by the Seahawks. You sir, are either an idiot, or a genius. The genius part would be trying to get your name out there, which you did – but obviously as an idiot. LMFAO.. thanks for the laugh. PS – How do people like you actually make it to being a columnist???

  • chase

    I agree. If they want to prove themselves, rematch the actual players that spanked them. Not our 3Rd lines and what not. Until that happens, nothing was “fluky”

  • furnace

    Ah the butthurt is STRONG in denver. At least the 49ers have moved on. Seahawks D is no fluke and neighther is russell wilson. Gtfo of here, pony homers.

  • melissa

    Our 3rd & 4th stringers went toe to toe with their 2nd stringers…if anything it proves we are still a strong team. And I don’t get how we are bullies??? I guess bi@!#es always need something to bi@”% about.

  • Barunuuk

    It will be truly interesting to see Denver’s record this year now that they play the NFC West, the best division in Football, not to mention the best defenses. I am betting that Denver wins maybe one match up against either SF, SEA, ARZ, or StL, and loses the rest, if not all of them. Denver will not have as good of a record at the end of this year. Yes their defense is better, but their offense will get a wake up call. Granted, they will be a better team going into the playoffs this year jsut for having played the NFC West. And so they might just go far in the playoffs if they make the right adjustments.

  • Michael Clarkson

    Listen, I am a Broncos’ fan, and I thought the “revenge talk” was ridiculous. It’s preseason, and even I think the Seattle game will be tough in week 3. It won’t be 43-8, but the Broncos don’t have good odds — much like Seattle would not in Denver. I think it’s possible the two could meet in the Super Bowl again. It’s hard to repeat.

    Now, I am still in shock about the fact the Broncos just didn’t show up in SB48. I mean, even the most ardent Seattle fan would agree 8 points from the highest powered offense in history is not showing up. We in Denver realize it was a good ol’ fashioned ass-whoopin’. (Personally, I think it’s the orange jerseys, in which they have been outscored 167 – 38. I am telling you, it’s the jerseys. They won in blue and the away kit.) But Mike Klis is a moron. I think he’s been enjoying some A64 agriculture.

  • Michael Clarkson

    By the way, I think the Broncos have a good shot at 12-4 this year. I think they will lose the following: At Seattle, at New England, at KC and (maybe) at SD. So, I am thinking 12-4, potentially 13-3.

  • Brenda

    Seahawk fans it was a fluke that you won. As for game 3 of the season it’s at your stadium. If you all can keep quite while the game is on then let’s talk.

  • John

    Sorry Denver & all those who believe there will be a SB48 rematch,the Broncos had their chance and Blew it! There is no rematch,,,really? It`s over they had their shot.

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