MISSING CHILD: Police looking for 6-year-old girl last seen Saturday night; other children removed from home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Janice Paulette Wright

EAST BREMERTON — The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is hoping the public can help locate a little girl who last seen more than 24 hours ago.

Jenise Paulette Wright, 6, was last seen by family members around 10 p.m. Saturday when she went to bed in the family home in a mobile home park in 1400 block of NE Steele Creek Drive in East Bremerton.

According to her family, Jenise has left the home on previous occasions, and stayed with friends. However, she normally checks-in every few hours. The family became concerned when they hadn’t heard from Jenise around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. Family members called police, and search and rescue units, as well as K-9 teams, were not able to locate Jenise.

Jenise is described as mixed-race Caucasian and Native American/ Filipino. She is 3-feet tall, 45 pounds and has a medium build. She has brown eyes and black hair.

Jenise is one of seven children.

Police are investigating possible sightings of the girl in the mobile home park between 2 and 4 p.m. She has been entered into the FBI National Crime Information Center as a missing juvenile.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Deputy Scott Wilson said they do not expect foul play, another girl was also sleeping in the room with Jenise, and she was fine. Two other chidlren in the home, an 8-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl, were removed from the home by Child Protective Services, Kitsap County deputies said, as they felt conditions in the home jeopardized the safety of the children.

The parents have been cooperative, and are not in police custody.

Anyone with information on Jenise is encouraged to call 911 or 360-308-5400.



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  • Rachel King

    So, was she last seen getting into bed at 10, or was it that they hadn’t heard from her since before 8:30? I don’t get it.

  • Wendy N Barnes

    They live in a mobile home but the yard was fenced so they were not concerned from 10pm Sat. until 8:30pm Sunday the next evening that they had not seen her? Sorry, do not act like this normal. Glad the other 2 kids were taken out of there.

  • Amanda

    Im so pissed off about this, im so glad the other children got taken away. I pray to god she is found, bremerton is a big city, filled with pedophiles. I live about 10 mins down the highway. I guarentee these idiot parents are to busy slamming needles into their arms to even notice their child has been missing all night and day. They didnt even get worried until they havent seen her for almost 24 hrs! This is sickening to be, I am a parent of a 6 year old little girl, and I know exactly where she is at all times! Please everyone, put the word out, and her picture, the longer she is gone the least likely the police are to find her safe, text everyone you know in the area of bremerton, facebook all of it. She needs to be found so she can find a real set of parents who will actually care for her.

    • Kevin

      Amanda,you should not sling insults without looking in the mirror,I know these people, and you do not know the whole story, plus these “reporters” don’t have all the facts either. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Do not judge others just by a news article. And to top it off, these parents Do Not use drugs, get off your high horse.

      • Rachel

        I’m with Amanda on this one. She’s 6! She shouldn’t be running all over the neighborhood unsupervised. If I woke to find my kid missing I’d be freaking out. It wouldn’t take until 8:30 that night. Especially at that age.

  • Don't worry about it

    To be honest the parents need to be in jail, yesterday around 7ish the mom was posting a bunch of random stuff not evan noticing her child was gone, witch supposedly was around 8:30, people need to take a look at the small things this lady wasnt concern this whole time they didnt evan file the report till midnight , what dose that tell you or lets start with the fact that a 6 year old is going to bed at 10 or the fact that the 6 year old was out with friends around 8pm! I think the cops need to drag in that mother ,the girls missing because of her! Be a better mom watch your kids!

  • Chad

    Are you serious the parents waited until that evening to report their 6 year old daughter missing, because she had done this before. I pray that the detective assigned to this case is looking at the parents as suspicious because any resonable parent once they had realized their child had gone missing would call in the “calverley” regards the amount times the child had previously turned up missing. Please God I pray for this child’s safety.

  • Robyn

    The fact that she goes to bed at ten is not even relevant … It’s summer and extremely hot. What’s mind blowing to me, is why her parents make it sound like it’s a common and acceptable occurrence for her to just take off and visit with whomever she likes and whenever likes… A statement made earlier today read, ” This is so not like her, she always checks in with us”. Seriously?? She’s six years old, not sixteen!! The fathers stament on the news tonight, “She was a spoiled brat who did what she wanted.. She was the princess” He’s right about one thing, she is a princess, like any precious six year old should be! Let’s all come together and say a liitle prayer tonight for this sweet little girl….

  • Diane

    This whole story is fishy. Who waits almost 24hrs before reporting your 6 year old child missing? Definitely need to look at the parents and talk to the other 2 kids!

  • Yeah...

    I’ve known members of this family for years, and they almost always lived places where it’s normal for everyone’s kids to be running around and always at other peoples houses. Was it maybe a mistake to wait so long before thinking something might me wrong and reporting it? Yes. Was it not a good idea to let your 6 year old run around doing whatever she wants? Yes. But do you not realize what this family is going through? Their daughter and sister is gone. So maybe instead of pointing your judgmental fingers and blaming them you should hope and pray that this little girl is found safe and unharmed.

  • Angie O'Kelley

    I am from GA. and have been following this story too. I cried when I heard about the body being found. I always wanted a girl and she would have been perfect.Those people didn’t want her, they wanted her to stay gone all day.It’s
    times like these that makes me want to use my gun on whomever hurt that sweet child. Also I don’t know why the dogs didn’t pick up her scent.. Have you’l noticed how many chilren that have been abducted or killed this last two weeks?
    What the hell is wrong with people? Angie

  • Dan

    Hope all you people throwing insults feel real good now. Once again not a stranger but someone she probably knew next door.
    The kids in that neighborhood all play together every day. She would probaly go to a friends house before the parents got up. Better than keeping your kids cooped up getting fat.