‘It was very vicious and snarling:’ 3rd person attacked by otter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A North American river otter. (Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images)

First, we learned an otter put a little boy and grandmother in the hospital with serious injuries.

And now, another victim has come forward.

“The cute little otter was not so cute,” said Radek Bazant, of Snohomish.

Bazant was floating on the Pilchuck River a few weeks back when he says the otter attacked from below , popping his raft and chewing on his leg.

“It was very  vicious and snarling.”

When he got to shore, he says blood was pouring out of his wounds. He went right to the hospital where they patched him up before giving him a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

Bazant  thought the otter attack on him might be an isolated case. It wasn’t.

On Thursday, an 8-year-old boy was attacked on the Pilchuck near the same spot. When his grandmother ran in to help, the otter turned on her. She’s still in the hospital with severe damage to the muscles around her eye.

Wildlife officials don`t know if the river otter was protecting its pups or its food source – but clearly it’s not a fan of people. They closed that portion of the river park, and are frantically trying to trap the animal.

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  • Lane Wilkins

    We are in the Otters territory in the forest on a mountain stream and are surprised and in fear of what is supposed to be there?? We as humans are the invaders in the Otters domain so does that make the Otter a horrible and out of line animal?? to be trapped?? I think the ever so invading and overpopulating humans need to accept the fact that we do not own the whole damn world and the Otter here is just doing what it’s instinct tells it to do,I am for the Otter on this issue,people take risks by entering wilderness areas …do not blame the wild life for us as humans putting ourselves in a bad position!

  • Joshua Sanabria

    Kind of funny that all of a sudden it’s these people’s fault for accidentally angering the otter, which it sounds like they didn’t even know was there. Sure, the otter is in it’s natural habitat, but I’ve never heard of one attacking people like this; most animals don’t unless they are sick, or protecting their offspring, or food, like the article said. And attacking a guy in a raft? That’s absurd! There has got to be something wrong with it. But the idea that the pain the animal inflicted was somehow deserved? Come on, people, is this the Darwin awards or something? Otters don’t generally attack people, so we don’t generally expect them to, and we generally don’t expect any trouble swimming in the same river as them. Who goes to swim in a river and says “Oh gee, we better be careful of the otters!”? I’m more worried about leeches than otters!

  • John Gates

    My daughter and her boyfriend regularly float the pilchuck river. My kids have always loved animals of any sort. I go after crayfish with her. This story is quite odd. My kids always respect animal life.
    I do believe the animal was provoked in some way.One last thing the pilchuck river is basically
    a stream this time of the year…Its not the Snohomish River its the pilchuck river…Why didnt they immediately go to shore when you can see obviously its coming towards you? I hope everyone is allright including the odder