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Police: Couple calls 911 to report child in hot car, mother hears them and runs them over

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Courtesy FOX31 News

Courtesy FOX31 News

LONGMONT, Colo. — A man and a woman called police to report a child left in a hot car, but they say they ended up getting run over by that child’s mother moments later.

FOX 31 in Denver spoke with Shannon Dominguez, who is now confined to a wheelchair, and her boyfriend Alan Mason.

Doctors say Dominguez, 43, may never walk again.

“My tibia has a spiral break. My fibula has three breaks in it. They put a rod in there,” Dominguez told FOX 31. “Every day is a chore. Every day is stressful.”

The boy’s mother, Kristina Riddell, is charged with hitting the couple with her car in the parking lot of a Dollar Tree store in Longmont Colorado after they called 911 to report the child in the car.

“All four windows were rolled up. And it was in the direct sun. It scares the heck out of me. It’s some innocent child might die,” says Dominguez. “She heard me on the phone with police.”

Dominguez says Riddell got mad, threatened to beat her up and punched Mason in the face.

Dominguez says they were standing in an empty parking space when Riddell then got in her car, backed up and accelerated towards them, hitting Dominguez first, then Mason.

He went over the hood.

“She had her windows down, so I grabbed onto the door. She drug me about 20 feet. I realized she was not going to stop, so I let go. I tumbled in the parking lot,” says Mason. He suffered internal and external bruising.

Riddle was arrested at her home nearby and now faces charges including hit-and-run and child abuse. The 27 year old has a criminal record including arrests for assault, domestic violence and multiple driving violations.

FOX 31 stopped by Riddle’s home for comment, but she wasn’t there.

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  • Ricardo

    Her child should be removed from her care forever and then have her sterilized and put in Jail. I’m happy to pay taxes for that! With her history, she is useless to society!

  • Jessie P

    It makes me so mad that people are so careless now & days, especially with their children, been seeing too much of people leaving their child/children in the car, abusing & abandoning them. Its so sad. People who do this DO NOT deserve kids they’re a blessing no matter what.

  • Fuamaila M.

    Use the mother as a perfect example of why you should not leave your child in the car regardless if its Cold especially Hot and sentence her to 5yrs minimum. Too many innocent children dying because of stupidity.

    • John Smith

      Are you 1000% positive this is the correct Kristina Riddel? The amount of suffering you could cause a person would be monumental if incorrect. I would hate to see you get in any legal entanglements as well. I do applaud your good natured effort to punish this evil being! ;)

      • Ted

        You guys don’t know crap…… but you’re willing to jump on the bus to show how good you are and how bad they are, no matter the subject. No facts here, really none, but go ahead ‘hang em’…. wooooo hoooo…..

  • John Smith

    Personally if this was my wife, mother, or sister I would be honor bound to KILL Kristina Riddel in a slow and agonizing manner. If I were feeling merciful I would sever her spinal cord around the C-5 to C-7 area. I do not care whether she has a mental illness, prior abuse, or was intoxicated. There is no way that I would rely on the Injustice System to handle this to my satisfaction.

  • John Smith

    She needs to go away for at least 25 years. She may have permanently crippled Good Samaritan Miss Shannon Dominguez. Doctors say she may never walk again. We all need to pray to God for a miraculous healing and recovery! My heart goes out to you Miss Dominguez and I will pray for you.

    • WightNite

      I don’t need to prey to god, because it’s science and medicine that will be the cause of her healing and recovery. Also, for a bible-thumper, you sure are quick to judge. “Judge not, that you be not judged.” You have one side of a story, so why don’t you wait until you have all the facts before slandering people.

  • Really now...

    It’s worth pointing out that while the story may very well be true, you’re only hearing one side of it here. It’s just as possible that she didn’t actually leave her kids in the car for any length of time, seeing as she was in the parking lot near her car when this woman was calling the police. And for all we know, the couple could have stepped in front of her car as she was driving away in an attempt to keep her from leaving, rather than her purposely trying to run them over. Maybe she felt threatened by the woman’s bulky tattooed boyfriend approaching her car. He claimed that he got ‘dragged’ from grabbing onto her open window, which might even indicate that he was trying to reach inside to unlock her door, causing her to speed off and run into his girlfriend in the process. We simply don’t know, since we only heard what one side wanted us to hear.

    You can’t get an impartial impression of what may have happened without hearing more details, along with both sides version of events. That’s why we have trials for these sorts of things, to work out the details that you can’t necessarily get from a short news article. Also, according to the other article, this happened almost two months ago, and is only considered ‘news’ now because of that recent story dealing with a vaguely-similar topic.

    • Tena Kay Michel

      Right, that’s why she has a lengthy record of assaults, because she’s just an innocent lamb being slandered by these evil people, who have clearly injured themselves severely just so they can blacken her good name. Shame on them for setting up such a good mother this way!

  • jody

    why does she not have a cast on or at least have something on to keep her leg stable. oh i know, to get the pitty out of America. now don’t get me wrong. what that girl did was wrong and yes she should be punished for her crimes. however, don’t use the media to get attention for your pain to get more money. cause you know she is going to sue her.

    • Tena Kay Michel

      So, just out of curiosity, where did YOU get your medical degree? Sometimes they don’t put a cast on right away, moron, and sometimes they don’t use a cast at all. My brother fell out of a tree and broke his hip, and they had to wait until the swelling went down before they could put him in a cast. I broke my wrist, and never had a cast at all! Really hate idiots like you who believe everything they see on t.v. and think they’re doctors because they watch “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    • Lemelia Johnson Bonner

      Jody, you might want to take the attitude down a notch and educate yourself. They don’t put a cast on such injuries. It’s a difficult type of fracture, and that’s not how it’s repaired, if it’s even reparable. More than likely, she will have to undergo a series of surgeries and rod adjustments over the next weeks and months, and a cast will do nothing but get int he way. Everybody’s a critic these days…

  • Kim

    It was 69 degrees out, hardly deadly temps. Her son was in the car blowing up floaties, baking to death? I think not. These people that thought they should ‘rescue” the kid look like white trash liars. They taunted her when she came out of the store “oh look mother of the year”, (and other phrases I am sure.. she tried to get away from them. and they jumped on her hood. If you look at her fb page this mom does not look like some irresponsible trashy person. Watching the news and these people are milking it for all they can. “We already hired a civil attorney for a lawsuit” Of course they did!! LMAO

  • scotty

    ALRIGHT LISTEN ASSHOLES!!!! I personally know Kristina. in fact I would call her family. She is not a bad mom or even a bad person. She is the sweetest lady ever. Infact she watches my son from time to time. These lame news idiots are only focusing on one side of the story. First of all I know her son too and he is no idiot. He knows how to roll a window down or open a door if he is hot. He is actually quite smart. Second any one heard of air conditioning? And third….he was in there for two min tops by himself. Anyone….any PARENT who wishes harm or death to her……well shame on you. Just because of one bad instance you should not judge her like that!!!!

    • Lemelia Johnson Bonner

      I can give you a clue as to why people are judging her here and elsewhere. It’s because of the last line of every news article, which reads: “The 27 year old has a criminal record including arrests for assault, domestic violence, and multiple driving violations.” So, it’s not about “one bad instance,” as you say. It’s about an extreme overreaction and a documented history of it. Normal, decent people who aren’t doing anything wrong don’t punch and threaten others and then run them down with a vehicle and leave as if nothing happened in such a situation. They keep their composure, talk to the cops, and explain themselves. It’s not hard. Mature, responsible adults do it all the time.

    • stealth

      Ok Scotty, maybe we don’t know all the facts, and you say she’s innocent, so please explain why is it posted she has a criminal record of assault, moving violations and such? Was she wrongfully accused of those too? Was she only found guilty because someone was “out to get her”? Or has she pretty much made a bad example out of herself in the past, that now even if she was not in the wrong, has already tarnished herself and any credibility she may have ever had?

    • steve

      I know her too and she is a crazy, drugged up, white trash mom. “Best lady ever”….you’re an idiot man. They do drugs in front of kid. She has also been fired for stealing from employer. Hope she rots in jail.

  • scotty

    So you guys are all to say YOU have a completely clean record? All of you? Did you know speeding with children in the car is child endangerment? Have you done that? Probably. Did you get caught? No…. so you can’t say past crimes are an issue. You can get charged for the stupidest things that really aren’t what they seem. Like do ANY of you really know what the real circumstances were for those past crimes?

    • Nathaniel King

      She ran them over. That wasn’t accidental. I don’t care how “nice” of a lady she is, she’s obviously unstable and the state should seriously consider if as women like that is fit to raise children.

  • Nathaniel King

    Why does it not surprise me this happened at a dollar store? Minimum wage rage. Don’t get me wrong here, I make barely over minimum myself, but I’m not literally insane because of it.

  • vgirl

    I heared the 911 call and it wasn’t even one minute long before the boy’s mother came out of the store. When she did you could hear Mrs. Dominguez yelling at her and being confrontational with her saying “Here she is Mommy of the year! the cops are on their way!!” She hardly sounded like a concerned citizen. In my opinion she seemed more concerned with getting this mother in trouble versus making sure the child was safe. My father is a police officer and I have always been taught that when you witness a crime, you report it to the police and you as an untrained, unarmed citizen DO NOT confront the offender. Nothing good will ever come out of antagonizing an already bad situation. I also read that the woman’s boyfriend admitted to jumping onto this woman’s car to prevent her from driving away and ended up getting dragged through the parking lot. Again..completely stupid! He could’ve gotten himself killed or caused this woman to crash into innocent bystanders. Would’ve been smarter to just get the woman’s license plate number and let the police track her down. In my opinion, ALL parties involved in this situation showed poor judgement and made terrible choices.