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WATCH: Genius dad’s invention fills 100 water balloons in less than a minute

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YouTube screen capture

PLANO, Texas — A father in Texas just changed the game.

He invented a device called “Bunch O Ballons” which allows you to fill 100 water balloons in less than a minute.

Josh Malone explains how the invention works on his Kickstarter page.

“My kids and I love water balloons,” Malone said. “While I sat there for hours filling and tying, I tried to think of ways to make it faster and easier. With my kids help, I developed and tested several different techniques and prototypes.”

"Bunch O Balloons" Kickstarter page

“Bunch O Balloons” Kickstarter page

So far, the invention has about 12,000 backers who want to help get this project going.

Right now, Malone is able to create about 200 balloon packs per day.

According to his timeline, he hopes to be able to produce 20,000 packs per day by April.

Watch Kickstarter video

Demonstration video

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