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Top 5 reasons why if you think you HATE Capitol Hill Block Party, you should go to Block Party

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SEATTLE — The curmudgeons were out in force yesterday, the first night of Seattle’s noise-filled and drink-spilled Capitol Hill Block Party.

Walking from downtown to the festival’s entrance at 12th and Pike Street, I heard every complaint in the book as to why some resident Seattleites hate the iconic festival that just entered its 17th year in existence.

Too many hipsters. The bands aren’t as good as last year. Drinks are too much. Did you SEE what that 15-year-old was wearing?

And the traffic. Oh Lord, the traffic!

But before you curse the noises of festival wafting into your apartment building, clouding the loaded dialogue of your all-important second re-watch of ‘House of Cards,’ we offer you these five reasons for why you should get off your duff and head to the festival.

Especially if you’re already sure you’re going to hate it.

Top 5 reasons why if you think you hate Capitol Hill Block Party you should go to Capitol Hill Block Party 

5. The Local Bands — Country Lips, Hand of the Hills and Tacos! are just three of the dozens of local bands that crowd the stages of Block Party. Think Seattle’s pinnacle as a music local died alongside the flannel of grunge? Than you just haven’t been listening. Block party is a perfect venue to get a heap of a helping of local bands,  some to pass off into oblivion, and some to look up to catch their next show at the Tractor.

4. Music at the Cha Cha — Most will shrug their heads and blaring music coming from the basement hipster paradise the Cha-Cha. But something about seeing bands like Sandrider and Blood Drugs in the small, sweaty space is everything the Seattle music scene is supposed to be about. Stand close and you’ll get knocked int he elbow by the bass, or kicked in the groin when the overjoyed singer steps it into overdrive. Coming out drenched in other people’s sweat screams loud, heavy music, didntchaknow?

3. Festival wear in the city —  No you don’t have to fly down to Coachella or drive to Sasquatch! to see the skimpy skirts and the muscle shirts of a music festival. We don’t subscribe to the Indian headdresses, but everything else is fair game. Heroin Chic, 90s grunge, etc, etc. Remember, you may think less is more, but not always.

2. You can leave the venue — One of the best parts is leaving. Hungry? Grab a bite at Lost Lake. Thirsty? Head to Linda’s and grab a beer. Many of the other notable venues in the area (i.e. Sasquatch!) are dozens of miles from the nearest cantina. At one point during a lull, I went to my local bar Cure until I heard the crunchy beats of Odesza coming lulling by. Choices, people. Choices.      

1. It’s in the middle of Capitol Hill — Listening to sweet music as the sun goes down behind the city and into the Puget Sound. ‘Nuff said.

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