Little boy allergic to the Pacific Northwest?

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GOLD BAR — The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful landscape, but a local mother says nature is keeping her 5-year-old son stuck indoors.

Alex loves playing with his toys just like any little boy, but his mom says he’s a hostage in his own home.

“His face will swell, his eyes will swell, neck will swell,” said his mother Kara Moore. “I try not to let him go outside, but he is five.”

Moore says Alex is allergic to practically everything in the Pacific Northwest.

“He had an allergy testing in April,” she said. “He’s allergic to cats, he’s allergic to alder, birch, cedar, timothy grass, dust mites, feathers, any kind of fragrance.”

Alex can’t be outside for long. When he does go outside, he has to wear a face mask.

“I actually have to give him baths every couple of hours,” Kara said.

Data pix.

"Every time I go to bed at night, I itch," Kyle said.

"He's up until about 3, 4 o'clock in the morning just scratching, and he scratches his skin until it literally bleeds," his mother said.

On a recent trip to Florida, she says her son's symptoms seemed to disappear.

"His skin started clearing up -- within two weeks he was completely clear," Kara said. "Happy, healthy."

She has decided Florida may be just what the doctor ordered.

"I don't really want to move, but I know that's our only choice," she said. "I don't want Alex to live his life the way he has been living it."

For now, Alex is contained inside his house, but there's no containing his excitement about moving.

"I want to go camping every day outside," Kyle said. "It's going to be so exciting!"

The family is trying to raise $5,500 in order to make the move to Florida. If you'd like to help, click here.

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  • Sheila Wickstrom

    When I was growing up my friend had the same symptoms…her family moved to Reno Nevada where all of her own symptoms, same idea, A LOT CLOSER!!!

  • Annie Joe royall

    I am from Washington State my son had to have allergy shots and on his nebulizer since birth until about five years ago. I moved to texas. he hasn’t had to use his asthma medicine nebulizer or any kind of allergy pills.I miss home but for my son benefit living down south has been the best thing for my son

  • Vanessa

    My husband has the same allergies, hay fever, this time of year. We go across the mountains to Eastern Wa, he’s fine!

  • Justin Thyme

    i’m 42 now and still with allergies although I’ve learned to control them but I’ve lived in the Pac NW my whole life. When I was young I would sneeze and soak a handful of tissues in one violent blast leaving me only enough time to grasp another tissue mid sneeze, switch tissues, and sometimes breath the tissue into my mouth as I breathed deep for another violent sneeze. This process would repeat until the box of tissues or roll of TP was gone which was about 10 mins. (the box being gone, not the allergic episode….that lasted hours) I would rub or grind at my eyes and nose until both were raw and watery because that’s the only thing that felt good. When I finally was able to sleep, I would wake with swollen eyes that were stuck shut from dried secretions. I would rip my eye lids open and the lower lashes would be ripped from their glands and still stuck to the upper ones and visa versa. My lungs have been weakened and at 30 years old or so, my right lung spontaneously collapsed (twice) while simply eating lunch or for no reason at all. As an adult when I go on vacation from the area, I have no symptoms whatsoever. I’ve found that taking a shower and Clariton are the only things that work but Clariton has only been around for the last decade. I really wish my parents would have been so concerned and moved and I know that this boys parents are doing the right thing by moving. Washington is gray and gloomy for 9 months and for the short 3 months that it’s beautiful, it’s miserable!!!!!! Run for the hills little man. Run for the hills. For anyone reading this…… I have sneezed more than all of you combined. I once thought to take a drill and drill bit to my nose when I was a teen. MISERY!

  • kara

    Hello everyone I’m Alex’s mom. I just want to let everyone know that Alex has been see by children’s hospital along with Northwest asthma and allergy. His RAST blood test results showed his alder and birch allergy is at 100 on the test so it very extreme. He’s not a good candidate for allergy shots. The doctors keep putting him on predinzone along with 7 other types of medications.. Alex can’t go outside with out being on predinzone if he does he almost goes into anaphylactic shock. Alex has had to have epi ejections just from walking outside. He has been transported to the hospital by ambulance 17 times this pollen season. Thanks everyone

    • Frances

      PLEASE have a consultation with a Naturopath – there are LOTS of healthy remedies for even the most severe allergies. Diet changes – was he tested for foods ? Homeopathics. so many options.

      • David

        Did you not read the article? “He had an allergy testing in April,” she [Kara, his mother] said. “He’s allergic to cats, he’s allergic to alder, birch, cedar, timothy grass, dust mites, feathers, any kind of fragrance.” A diet change cannot affect his reaction to his environment.

    • TR HAM

      poor baby. I would go the ends of the earth for my kid to not suffer like this. however, florida had the exact opposite effect on my allergy/asthma girl. 6 hours in that humidity and she was lethargic from inability to breathe properly. we had to leave the state and not finish the vacation planned there. Please see every expert you can find, dermatologists, allergists, naturopaths…skin like this is so unbearably painful, and kids never share the full extent of their suffering. my thoughts are with this little man! I hope he can camp outside everyday!!!!

    • Amy Holt

      Kara, I too have a little boy who is allergic to a lot of things about the NW as well as daily life, although not as severe as your little guy. And that late night itching is exhaustive, mentally, emotionally and physically. When my little guy has itchy patches we do wet to dry wraps, I was wondering if your doctor has mentioned that to you. Before seeing Dr. Julie Francis, a pediatric dermatologist in Bellevue, I used to wrap his hands in socks and tape them on in hopes that I could prevent him from itching. The wraps worked wonders. If you want to know more… I’d be happy to pass on the procedures that we did to heal my kid’s skin. Best of luck.

      • kara

        Hi I hope you son is doing better and thanks for the advice. I do wet wraps with him he won’t leave the wrap on.. But I try I also do bleach bath’s along with all the creams etc.. Not much works for him do to his trigger being pollen’s.. Alex is allergic to so much stuff. thanks for the thought..

    • Seattle Team Gear

      I’ve had skin issues as an adult that I still can’t get to the bottom of. Allergies just can’t account for all my issues. I was on prednisone for a few years and if I could have moved to solve my problem, I would’ve done it in a heartbeat. I fully support your decision and I sincerely hope that everyone in your family is happy there because if your son can live there symptom free, it’s the right thing to do.

  • Justin Thyme

    Hi Kara. Thoughts and prayers for Alex. He’ll do fine if you move and you can come visit anytime from October to March. I visited Florida in 2009 and am still in love with that state. I think about it daily since my visit and have some beach sand on my end table. Florida is much better. The freeway flows, it’s cheaper, and it’s beaches aren’t rocks like they are here. Dolphins jump behind your boat because they love to play. As it turns out, the beach we were at was rated number 2 in the U.S. Siesta Key in Sarasota. Go check it out. The sand feels like sugar and it’s 95% quartz meaning it is always cool on your feet no matter how hot the day is. Stand shoulder deep in the 72 degree water of the Gulf, and you can see your toenails in the sand. ahhhhhhh! and no allergies. Make the move for Alex and you might also be happier as well.

    • kara

      Thanks Justin we will be there by the 1st week of August. please look us up on Facebook. Florida is a beautiful place and I know Alex will be much happier there..

  • katie

    As a kid in eastern wa o was allergic to dust, dust mite s, pet dander, pollen and all grasses. Luckily I just suffered with itchy skin and a completely stuffed nose and swollen sinuses. I did get allergy shots they helped a little. Be warned it takes around 2 years for allergy symptoms to develop or show up when you move. I was told this from my allergist. I hope the move helps because I know how miserable these allergies can be (spring is awful still for me).

  • Kell Richardson

    Why hasn’t the doctor run tests for nutritional deficiencies? This child is severely Vitamin D Deficient & that will exacerbate any dermatological problem to the point of recurrent infection, failing health & serious immunity problems.

    Alot of research is showing just being outdoors isn’t enough, more patients are needing frequent supplemental mega-doses.

    I would keep an eye on his hydration status as well. Is he drinking beverages with caffeine like coke or pepsi that act as diuretics? Even one per day can cause problems with people who have dermatological issues. Sugar intake is also a factor.

    The frequent clothing changes & baths are part of the problem as well. What kind of laundry soap/fabric softner is being used? Try diluting it by half (most clothes aren’t as dirty as people believe…it’s a gimmick of manufacturers trying to sell more product).

    • kara

      Hi Alex takes vitamin D he also takes pro biotics and he doesn’t drink any caffeine. I only use free and clear laundry soap. Also his bath soap is free and clear. The baths and clothing changes is done to remove pollen.

      Alex see a doctor at children’s hospital in Seattle for dermatology. She said bleach baths and wet wraps. I have done everything I’ve been told to do by all his doctors. His trigger is outdoor pollens. Thanks for the advice. And if you can think of anything else please let me know

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