4-year-old boy banned from doughnut shop because of ‘rude’ question

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Credit: CNN)

MONROE, Connecticut (WFSB) — Kids say the darndest things, but one local inquisitive 4-year-old boy asked a question that got him banned from a Monroe doughnut shop.

“We were screamed at in front of the door, ‘he’s not allowed in here, he’s rude’,” said Rebecca Denham as she described her experience at the Doughnut Inn on Tuesday morning.

Denham said her son, Justin Otero, asked a woman at the doughnut shop if she had a baby in her belly.

When the woman said ‘No’ Otero apologized, and his mother said she was mortified.

“My response was ‘Oh my goodness, I’m so embarrassed, I’m so sorry’,” Denham said.

While the woman said it was ‘no problem,’ the managers at the Doughnut Inn were not as forgiving.

When Denham and her son walked in the shop Tuesday morning, they were allegedly told to leave.

“She said, ‘he’s not allowed in here,’ and I looked around, and said, ‘him?’ and she said ‘yeah, he’s rude’,” Denham said.

She said she tried to explain what happened to her son and said he “sort of” understands, but he is still asking questions.

Eyewitness News tried to contact the manager and owner of the shop, who had no comment.

Denham said she and her son are planning to take their business elsewhere, while using this as a learning lesson for Justin.

“Some people, unfortunately are quick to pass judgment, and therefore we will take our money and business elsewhere,” Denham added.

The owner of this Doughnut Inn in question owns at least two shops in Monroe, however he/she does not own the stores that are located in Fairfield and Stratford.

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  • Lori

    He is rude? He could be like most 4 years olds and scream out “You are fat” or “You are huge”. He asked if she had a baby inside. I would have smiled and said “No lovebug, but once upon a time there was. Your smart for knowing where babies live on the inside!”

    • Celeste

      He was asking a seemingly innocent question? Both parties need to sit down and talk things out. A ban is not appropriate in this case. What one deems as “inappropriate” to one person may not be as “inappropriate” to another person.
      I think this manager needs to be fired.

  • randy

    what the hell is this owner thinking? if i was that woman i would be taking the owner to court. im willing to bet you that others have walked in and ben ruder than that and not gottn banned. this is a child for crying out loud.

  • Rob Winfield

    This was handled EXACTLY how it should have been. Owner and customer disagree, customer takes money elsewhere. Period. No lawyers, no b.s. You want to sue over this, you need to grow some thicker skin. I applaud the woman in this article for keeping it in perspective and raising a kid against the grain of our current, lazy society.

    • steven bonds

      You grow thicker skin when you get hit. Not when the owner is being a piece of fresh manure. Take business elsewhere is mandatory. Sueing is also wrong. Having the place shut down would be a great start though.

  • Dave

    They can only ban white heterosexual people not minorities or gay people because that would be against the law. What is wrong with this picture?

  • steven bonds

    The owner should be sent to jail for child abuse. I’ve asked women if they were pregnant before. Most responses are honest. He is a Coward. Our society is screwed if that kind of question is something for anyone to be banned over.

  • tory

    Hmmm, somehow I have a feeling that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Seems like these types of stories on the internet will initially garner tons of support while condemning the accused person/establishment, only to find out later that it wasn’t necessarily true.
    Prime examples would be the girl asked to leave KFC due to dog bite injuries upsetting customers. The several various waitresses altering credit card receipts to show they didn’t get a tip because they were discriminated against for being gay, etc. The common thread in all of them was people felt outraged and pitied these people enough to start go fund me pages and the like, only to find out it was all b.s. to begin with. Hopefully that is not the situation here but, since people will do anything for attention or money, I tend to be a little more suspicious of these types of stories. Thanks to the rotten apples that make it harder for honest people to tell their stories.

    • Michelle

      I would tend to agree with you except for the fact that the article said the owner of the doughnut establishment “declined comment”. That makes me more suspicious of them than of the complainant. If there was another side to this then why wouldn’t they want to set the record straight and avoid the bad publicity that they are surely getting from this as it stands? Even if it means shedding a bad light on the child, isn’t the truth better than letting a lie propagate? There is definitely more to this story than either side is saying.

  • John

    forgive me if i seem skeptical…but this doesn’t smell right to me. kinda like the girl supposedly banned from KFC for being scarred from a dog mauling…..

  • John

    I watched a grown man ask if a woman was preggers. After she finished putting the hard words in his earhole I asked her if she would like to become pregnant. She told me that my question was better than the one she had just been asked.

    • cassandra ruggles

      wow…just remember it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around…plus some fat people can NOT help there weight for example an underactive thyroid no im not fat thin cuz iI have a hyper thyroid

  • Dick Brandlon

    The Doughnut Shop operators were correct. Ignorant four year-olds are what businesses like this one deserve- to go with the dumb-as-dirt people who run it. Maybe some stork will come along and straighten everything out.

  • Rockin rodney

    man oh man you have opened a can of worms on this one.Comeon a 4 year old banned for an innocent question.You people need to go to a twelve step program,belittleing a child .you should be ashamed of yourselfs.

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