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Police investigating bullet-riddled targets left around League of Women Voters office

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Target 2

Courtesy LWV

Target 1

Courtesy LWV

SEATTLE — Police are investigating two bullet-riddled firearm targets left around Capitol Hill in recent weeks, with one being discovered at a League of Women Voters office.

According to the Seattle Police Department, a used practice target with bullet holes was left July 5 at the front door of the Capitol Hill office of the League of Women Voters.

A second target was left July 17 near the intersection of 17th Avenue and E. Madison Street, about two blocks away from where police found the first practice target.

No bullets were found at either scene, police said.

Target 2

Courtesy LWV

Police are looking to question the person who left the targets. Anyone who has information on those possibly responsible should call 911.

On its facebook page the league said it reaffirmed its commitment to leading a dialogue on solutions to gun violence.

“The LWV has long been engaged in gun violence prevention education and advocacy,” said the posting on Facebook. “Most recently, the League took a position in favor of Initiative 594, a measure to close loopholes in our state’s background check law which is headed for the November ballot.”

The League of Women Voters is an organization dedicated to helping eligible voters get to the polls, particularly those underrepresented such as immigrants or first-time voters.

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  • The World is Ending

    If that is one of the actual targets that were placed they don't have to worry much the person is a terable shot. The thing that makes this person the most dangerous is their stupidity. And most of us legal gun owners would say that people like this have no business having a gun because they are a danger to their family and others (notice I didn't say themselves) and they give us legal reputable gun owners a bad name, we beleave in doing things right usuing the courts and more especially the vote.

  • David

    Looking at the pic there seems to be no powder swiping around the bullet holes. I would bet $1000 that this was just a bb or pellet gun!

  • TC Miller

    Just a guess, but my money is on someone from the proponents of I-594 leaving the used targets. They tend to use the kind of fear mongering methods of liberals and other protesters trying to make people believe they need an intrusive government in their lives to save them from the boogie man.

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