Really? Mom claims toddler’s accident inside store led to humiliation

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MISSOURI — A mom claims an employee humiliated her at a dollar store in Missouri recently after her potty-training daughter had an accident inside the store, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

According to FOX 8, Samanth Sargent went into the store with her two-year-old daughter when the girl had an accident. The mother went to buy underwear and cleaned her up like “any mom would,” Sargent told local news. In the process, she had to throw away the little girl’s pants.

Sargent said Railyn was left wearing a shirt and her new, dry underwear. That’s when she claims the woman behind the counter told her the little girl wasn’t properly dressed for a public place.

Sargent said when she returned to the store to talk to the manager about it, a friend told her the manager posted on Facebook: “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”

According to local news affiliates, Dollar General posted this note after Sargent took to Facebook on her own:

Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.”

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  • colette

    Everyone loves to shout bad parent when they get the chance. Accidents happen and usually when you think you've got things are under control. My son had an accident in the car and I had already used his spare pants bc he spilled juice on the first pair but he needed more diapers so I still had to into the store. So no pants for him just a diaper stuff happens such is life. The cashier was rude for pointing out and announcing it to everyone on Facebook.

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