Dad to 911 operator: I’ve knocked out my son’s rapist

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DAYTONA BEACH (CNN) — A father in Daytona Beach, Florida, called 911 early Friday morning to report that when he found someone sexually abusing his 11-year-old son, he beat the assailant until he was “nice and knocked out” for police to apprehend.

So far, the father is not facing any charges.

CNN affiliate CFN 13 asked Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood whether he had any issue with the father’s reaction Friday.

Chitwood responded, “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

The father’s identity and that of his son were not released to protect the identity of the minor as an alleged sexual abuse victim.

The father, who sounds collected but enraged during the 911 call, told Volusia County emergency dispatch that 18-year-old Raymond Frolander was close to the family and was in the apartment while the father was out.

The father says that when he got home, the look on Frolander’s face made him think something was wrong. The father says Frolander’s pants fell down to his ankles “and nothing else needed to be said” when he saw exposed genitals.

According to the charging affivadit, the 11-year-old victim told authorities that Frolander had performed oral sex on him and instructed the boy to fondle him. The document says the boy told authorities that Frolander began abusing him a few years ago. It also says Frolander told police, “I’m guilty.”

When the 911 dispatcher asked the father whether he used weapons to knock out Frolander, the father told the dispatcher, “my fist and my foot.”

The father explained that Frolander was breathing, but not speaking, “in a puddle of blood” on the floor “and I loved him up until 15 minutes ago.”

At times, the dad is heard talking to the suspect, at one point saying, “You are damn lucky, boy, that I love my God.”

When Daytona Beach police officers arrived, according to the charging affidavit, they saw Frolander “laying motionless on the living room floor with several knots on his face and bleeding from his mouth.” He was treated and released from a hospital before he was questioned.

Frolander faces a charge of sexual battery of a child and was in the Volusia County Jail late Friday. He had no bond.

CNN could not determine whether he had an attorney.

Chitwood said that the 18-year-old was like a family member to the boy, “and the father acted as a father should act.”

Chitwood told CFN 13 that it’s not unusual for young victims to be afraid to report sexual abuse because they feel threatened or fear that they will get in trouble.

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    • S_Hunter

      I am unable to be as decent about this as you and the father. I would have killed him(after removing my son from the room).

  • The World is Ending

    If the perp is smart he will get a lawyer from the ACLU who will file a civil suite claiming that the father over reacted and used to much excessive force and will also ask that the father be charged with assault, and then try to get the guy off claiming that he is just sic and that it's not his fault.

  • John Fuller

    The perpetrator got off easy compared from what happened in my hometown. A broken jaw and both eyes swollen shut is not excessive in crimes of passion cases.

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