Seahawks named Best Team at ESPY awards; Richard Sherman wins too (PHOTOS)

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LOS ANGELES — The Seattle Seahawks won the ESPY for Best Team on Wednesday night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

But that wasn’t the team’s only win.

Cornerback Richard Sherman became the first Seahawk to win an ESPY award. Sherman was named “Best Breakout Athlete.”

“I appreciate the award. I appreciate being nominated. A lot of hard work, obviously, with the Legion of Boom,” Sherman said after accepting the award from actress Cameron Diaz.

A writer for says Sherman’s breakthrough year was actually 2012:

But Sherman as “Breakthrough” athlete? His breakthrough season came in 2012 when he also had eight interceptions and also was voted All-Pro – matching his total and honors from 2013. It’s just that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, and Sherman became a national celebrity who received shout outs from President Barack Obama during the team’s visit to the White House in May as well as at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Regardless, 2013 was a pretty good year.

Coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson were also nominated for awards.

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  • jose villagrana

    What a tragedy this cheater crooked team won. The San Antonio spurs had one of the greatest teams in NBA history but didn’t win. This spurs team will go down in history as one of the best teams in the history of basketball. Hey but let’s give the reward to a seahawks team that barely beat the 49ers and I’m pretty sure the packers would have gave the hawks a run for their money, Denver sucks in all honesty even though they made it to the bowl. Meanwhile the spurs had the best record in the league. A team and a franchise that’s respectable. Dominated with the exception of Dallas every single team in their way. Makes me think like Rodney Dangerfield the spurs get no respect. I don’t really like the spurs either.

    • achillesofwooters

      All due respect to the Spurs, trashing a team you don’t like doesn’t make the Spurs one the greatest teams in history. The Seahawks annihilated one of the greatest NFL offenses ever seen, and did it in an era where the rules are designed to make sure dominant defenses can’t do what the Seahawks accomplished. Not only were the Seahawks the best NFL team last season, but they have a much firmer claim on being one of the best ever than the Spurs in the watered down NBA.

      • Tim

        Wow…. Not sure what to think of this comment… Seahawks have a claim to one of the best NFL teams ever? That is an overstatement! The Seahawks should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the best nfl teams… Good, yes…. Great, laughable

      • steve az

        Do people even watch nba basketball too many fouls floppying how many games are played that even matter no defense college is more entertaning 64 games one and done also fifa is better than basketball . Football is a mans sport seahawks deserve it fact . You lose once you are done u cant play 7 games. Thats what makes football exciting . Too many teams in nba make the playoffs !

    • jose villagrana

      Watered down? Maybe the east was bad but the west was a complete powerhouse any team on the west could have challenged the heat for the chip your ignorance is bliss I guess. There are so many teams better than the seahawks they shouldn’t even sniff that top echelon. 62′ n 96′ packers 72′ dolphins, 85′ bears, 89’n 94′ 49ers, 79′ steelers, 71′ cowboys. Come on man a lot of teams could have beat the broncos at least NFC teams. With all due respect I love sports been watching since I was 5 years old basketball n football. In my lifetime I have never seen such a beautiful display of teamwork, defense and basketball as a team as I have from the spurs. Seahawks fans need to learn you guys will suck for another 40 years get over your one year.

  • indiecomicsfan

    listen kiddo, I understand being a homer; I am one too. But let's not be ridiculous about it! The Seahawks earned and won the best team award. The Spurs are not even all that close. Name ONE other NFL team who could have (or would have rather) beat the Broncos (the #1 offensive team in NFL history!) 44-3 in the Super Bowl. The 49ers?! No way! The Panthers? Please! Who?

  • tired worker

    Tell me Jose Villagrana How did the Seahawks cheat? They beat the 49ers period, doesn't matter if it was in the last ten mimutes or the last 20 seconds they beat them. no cheating. unless you are taliking about that bad call that gave the Hawks the ball back and Lynch fumbled the next play and 49ers recovered. And the Broncos had the #1 offense in the NFL, they should have won but they lost by 35 points. Before you say the refs gave the Hawks the win, the Hawks had more penalties than the Broncos, in fact the Broncos got their only score because of a Hawk penalty. You sound JEALOUS. because that is the only reason I can figure why you would make such a stupid remark.

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