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JBLM could house hundreds of immigrant children

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD — The estimated number of immigrant children that could be on the way to the Northwest ranges from 600 to 5,000.

The federal government is considering a plan to house those undocumented kids up to the age of 18 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. But there is a lot of that concern coming from the community just outside the JBLM gates.

“We have plenty of kids around here who need help, that’s the way I look at it,” said Jeffrey, who lives in the city of Lakewood.

Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson  recently sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services calling the plan, “No more than a dumping of a population with very real needs. Among our concerns are community health, schools, social services and law enforcement impact on our city, as well as the ability of JBLM to focus on its primary mission.”

Anderson is also worried about the possible spread of communicable diseases if the children are brought to JBLM.

The wave of immigrants continues to stream across  our borders, and this year alone, 90,000 children are expected to enter the United States. Federal agencies are looking to empty barracks on military bases to house them.

Lakewood is demanding more information from the federal government about it’ plans, and what bringing so many immigrant children could mean for the community.

The city could have more knowledge on Wednesday. That is when federal leaders have agreed to meet with the communities around JBLM and provide more details about the plans.



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  • Tami

    These HUMAN BEINGS may be children! Some are BABIES!

    YOU effing right-to-lifers only care about embryos, here are some real – life – kids for you to care for!!! I will take some, I always do. WHERE are you xtian assholes???

    SO SO SO many of you right-wing extremists saying these babies have a right to be born! TAKE THEM! TAKE THEM ALL! RAISE THEM AS YOUSE, LIFE IS PRECIOUS, RIGHT? TONS OF CHILDREN, TAKE THEM!


    • jeff

      This is about protecting the community from law breaking illegal aliens who care nothing about the rule of law. Who is going to pay for these illegals to come here? That's right the tax payer in this community. If you're so concerned about these poor little children you should take them into your house. Lakewood has enough problems to deal with and people like you want to make it worse.

    • truth

      These children are their parents responsibilty, not the US govt, or it citizens.
      Mighty high horse you got there though.

  • jazzy

    I hope Lakewood doesn't embarrass the State and the Nation by assembling a bunch of white people to protest starving brown children. Its bad tv. It makes us look like a racist, ignorant nation.

    If you are against immigration, don't protest the end result of GOP obstructionism, get to the root of the problem and tell your GOP Representative to bring the Bi Partisan Senate Immigration bill to a vote. Or, vote on the emergency plan.

    You can't block every border security bill and then scream about immigration problems… can you? The GOP seems to think they can.

    Get to the root of the problem.

    • truth


      Not against immigration. For legal immigration throught proper channels, and border security. Letting the illegal immigrants stay spits in the face of all immigrants who did it the right way.
      Wall, moat, fence.

  • Ed

    Where’s that wall we’ve been paying to have built? Who is letting these aliens across the border? We’re full; send these disease-ridden law- breaking America-distroying people home. While we’re at it, buss the other 11 million back home. And send our illiegal alien Muslim president back to Kenya. Some people are so naive. When you get a chance, visit a community where a lot of illegals live… It’s just like living in Mexico.

  • reb

    How about instead of adopting these people send them back to their country, take the homeless that are on every street corner holding signs, putting them in jblm housing force them to take jobs at McDonald's or wherever and get OUR COUNTRY back to they way it should be!!!!!!!! So tired of talking to foreigners that cant speak English when calling customer service EVERYWHERE when there is people that have heritage here dating back at LEAST 100 years and they CANT get JOBS!!!!!! And tired of seeing all these people on street corners with signs asking for money. There is even people living on the sidewalk next to Walmart in smokey point. C'mon people, pull your heads out of your a's!!!!

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