Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

Hot today, but we could see a break ahead

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Colorful sunrise over Long Lake. Viewer pic from Shelly and birthday boy Glen in Port Orchard.

SEATTLE — This Tuesday is getting toasty, it looks like today is the hottest day of the week, so some relief is certainly in sight for folks that are over the summer sizzle. This has been a really long run by NW standards. Today will be day number 10 in a row for Seattle and the Puget Sound of temperatures 80 degrees or warmer. This will tie the length of our last lengthy heat wave back in 2009.

TODAY we are starting off with a few areas seeing some brief morning clouds/fog, mostly around the South Sound, Whidbey Island, Puyallup all reporting some fog this morning. All sunshine for the afternoon. Highs getting close to 90 for Seattle/Puget Sound.

TOMORROW we’ll see a few more morning clouds. This will be nature’s air conditioning and we’ll see our temperatures back down for everywhere west of the Cascades. Expect mid 80s for Seattle and upper 80s for Portland.

THE REST OF THE WEEK the cool down continues. THURSDAY we’ll see more morning clouds with still some nice afternoon clearing. Highs near 80. FRIDAY look like a carbon copy of Thursday, bit maybe a few degrees cooler. THE WEEKEND should be cooler with a lot of clouds with temps in the low 70s. SATURDAY and SUNDAY actually has a chance of showers for areas along the Coast, Cascades and, yes, even a slight chance for the lowlands of the Puget Sound and SW Washington down towards Portland.


Beach waves on Hood Canal. Viewer pic from David in Belfair

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