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Police kill pit bull after attack on owner, family: There was ‘blood all over’ home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

File photo of pit bull (Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images)

FEDERAL WAY — The Fourth of July wasn’t a happy celebration for one Federal Way family when a pit bull attacked his owner, clamping down on the man’s arm with such ferocity that it turned into a bloody, do-or-die battle. Police finally had to shoot and kill the dog after it had turned its attack on the man’s son.

The Federal Way Mirror, citing the Federal Way Police Department blotter, said the incident began early July 4 in the 2000 block of South 292nd Street when the oldest of four pit bulls — a dog named “Homie” — began attacking one of the younger male pit bulls. The owner attempted to break up the fight when Homie turned on the owner and clamped down on the man’s arm.

The owner yelled at his wife to get a knife to stab the dog to get it to release. The police report said the owner’s wife stabbed Homie repeatedly in the neck and face to get the dog to let go of her husband’s arm, but the dog was in a frenzy. The knife broke and Homie eventually released his owner’s arm, but then went after the owner’s son, who sought refuge in the bathroom shower.

The responding police officer, upon arrival at the home, “walked in the open door and immediately saw blood all over the walls, hallway, back bedroom door and kitchen floor,” the report said.

The officer shot and killed the dog as it was attempting to attack the owner’s son.



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  • cc vega

    If it were any other type of dog, the title would just say dog. But no, the media of course has to say pit bull. They are loyal when raised right. Just like any other breed! Stop making them seem so awful!obviously by the story, the owners were not responsible anyway, blame them! It could have happened with any breed. I’ll stand by my pits forever. Shame on you for helping make them look bad!

    • ᙓᔕᙅO

      Yes alot of times it is a bad owner but you have to admit here that this dog snapped. And the writers are just telling what they were told. I don't see any agenda in this story, this particular dog went off!.

    • Kris

      cc vega,

      The only ones making pits look bad are pits themselves and pit advocates. Pits maim, dismember, scalp, and kill more people than all other breeds combined. Pits also maim and kill more animals than all other breeds combined. So it is the breed. Some Pit advocates and rescuers have already been killed by their pits. Some had advocated for their pits on articles like this. They never thought it would happen to them either. Many of the 30 pits that have killed their owners had good homes and were "raised right". That is what makes this breed so unpredictable and dangerous. Please be careful. Some of us posting against pits learned the hard way and don't want anything to happen to others. If you notice your pits doing an unblinking stare, that means mauling is soon to happen. Some never show that warning, but others will. If your pit makes you uncomfortable, please listen to your instinct, as your life or the life of someone else may depend on it. Best wishes.


    I see frequent stories about pit bulls attacking children and adults. Funny, I very rarely see reports of enraged poodles attacking and killing people. Either it's a dangerous breed, or else many pit bull owners are total idiots who have no business owning any breed of dog.

  • Joe

    All pitbulls should be exterminated. They're were created to be weapons period, now used as compensation as as extra large trucks.

  • Sharon Winkle

    July 4th I can only imagine what they were making the dog do. That part of the story isn't included. For an animal to turn on their pit lies the problem. Just check out stories about any of the animals during the 4th of July the poor dogsare in fear.

  • sosfdavido

    If it was any other breed this wouldn’t have been in the news because the police wouldn’t have come. Shooing a Corgi off with a broom would work just fine. I just read a story today about a girl whose pit bull got loose and attacked a kid at a ball park. Tasering the dog had no effect. It took 4 bullets to stop it.

  • Ted

    People are stupid. This dog was bred for war. Crop the ears and tail, so they can’t be grabbed and you have a killing machine. You’re living with alot of fear and paranoia, if you need this dog as a pet….

  • Lloyd Marcom

    This is NOT ATYPICAL canine behavior. Two dogs got into a fight (it's not unusual for 2 male dogs, especially unneutered ones to scuffle and of course we don't get that detail) and the owner tried to separate them and the dog redirected its aggression. Once ANY dog is "in the zone" they can be hard to calm down. This owner got bit because he stuck his hand in a dog fight between two powerful dogs. The dog continued to freak out because SOMEONE WAS STABBING HIM. This was a typical dog fight poorly handled and then sensationalized in the news. And it all goes back to IDIOT owners. If they have four pits they should have 4 people that can handle a large dog on hand if they are all out.

  • Stephani

    I know this family. I am friends with this family. These pits that they have….they rescued all 4 of them. They are rescue dogs that were made to be fighting dogs. This has been extremely heartbreaking for everyone in the family as they love each of their pits like family members. Homie was the alpha male. He was more aggressive than the rest. These dogs weren’t being made to do anything…it started out as a simple scuffle between dogs and escalated. The owner that was attacked was simply trying to stop his two dogs from hurting each other. These dogs have been very well loved and very well taken care of. The family is missing a member now. Very sad.

  • John Fuller

    That’s some might fancy shootin’ thaar sheriff… Not to worry, the owners are probably shopping for another ferocious pit bull to replace the basturd!

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