Roman candle blows off 12-year-old boy’s finger on July Fourth

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EVERETT — A 12-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after one family’s July Fourth celebration went terribly wrong.

The boy was holding a Roman candle when it exploded without warning, ripping his hand to pieces.

The family says adults were carefully watching all of the kids at the party, but now they are living through their worst nightmare.

The boy, Koll McMillan, was in good spirits at Harborview Medical Center on Monday. On Friday night, Koll suffered devastating injuries to his left hand.

“He was just holding the Roman candle,” said Koll’s sister, Raegan Tregoning. “That’s all he was doing, everyone’s done that.”

In a flash the firework exploded, tearing his hand apart.

Koll’s X-ray showed his pinky finger severely damaged. Koll went through surgery over the weekend and doctors were able to save the rest of his fingers but his injuries will last the rest of his life

“They weren’t able to save the pinky but they were able to save his ring finger and the palm,” said Raegan.

Now Koll’s family wants everyone to know just how dangerous fireworks can be so that no one else has to face the same kind of tragedy.

“You see it on the news, you see it scrolling on Facebook but you never, ever think something like that will happen to their own family,” said Raegan. “We’re living out everybody’s worst nightmare right now.”

Koll’s family says they hope the boy will be released from the hospital as early as Monday and Reagan promises she will never hold a lit firework in her hand again.

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  • gordgray

    This is how it is a lot of parents don't thy don't give a shi*, Don't teach, Don't care what there children are doing, this is also a problem with children raising children.

    • heatherjo

      The parents here really do care this is nothing to do with the parenting or lack there of. It was a complete accident. He held the candle where it said to on the package. You have no right to judge with out all the information.

      • gordgray

        12 yer old child should of never held an EXPLOSIVE device in his hand device and if you think its a good idea well now you no its NOT.

      • Steve Zone

        You are DEAD WRONG! absolutely NO roman candle EVER said to hold in hand. Morons like the “adults” present are why fireworks get such a bad rep.

    • dippy

      Easy to judge from behind a keyboard isn't it? I guess your sh#t don't stink eh? Save your judgment for the mirror.

  • Lee Ann

    I was there, all of the children were being watched and supervised. There were 3 adults within 5 feet of him when it happened. It was a faulty firework.

    • Guest Speaker

      A faulty firework? Really ?
      They are manufactured to explode.
      It worked perfectly.
      A group of stupid adults standing around watching an equally stupid kid do something stupid like holding a dangerous explosive device in his hands and not stopping him?
      How was the supervision being handled by the adults? "Don't point it at me!"
      What could go wrong?
      Idiots, all of them. Bad things do happen to deserving people sometimes.
      Nobody can fix stupid, too bad Darwin was having a busy day and was off the mark on this whole group of morons.

      • The Ravioli Nigga

        What? My boy, roman candles arent supposed to explode, theyre just supposed to shoot a ball of light, they’re not even classified as explosive fireworks, they’re less dangerous than firecrackers lmao

  • dippy

    Indeed. I can't imagine what the parents are going through. All we can do now is pass this message along and ensure our friends and family learn from it.

  • obsceneketamine

    Judgmental morons should take a look in the mirror before they take pot shots at anyone else. Almost everyone has held a roman candle. They are not 'manufactured to explode'… they are manufactured to have fiery balls of color shoot out of them. Everyone knows this. It was a defect, so instead of judging people maybe show some measure of compassion.

    I would like to also say that I'm glad Koll got through surgery okay!

  • Opal

    Apparently you don’t know what a roman candle is. They aren’t supposed to explode, they are supposed to shoot out from the tube. Most adults have at one time in their childhood done the same thing with a roman candle & never had a problem. This was a defective device & it could have happened to anyone. None of these people deserve you ignorant judgement!

    • gordgray

      You are right but wrong on the sides it states WARNING: this is a explosive device handle with care DO NOT HOLD IN HAND ETC…….

    • Guest Speaker

      My response to you is that nobody deserves your ignorant advice.

      Roman Candles
      This is a firework classic that is loved by all. A Roman Candle is a long, cylindrical tube-shaped device that ejects a series of stars or colored balls into the air. Some of the newer versions of Roman Candles also have multiple effects. They should be secured in the ground, or something like a bucket of sand, and then ignited. All consumer Roman Candles have the "Do Not Hold in Hand" warning label. Contrary to popular belief, Roman Candles are not meant to be held in your hand anymore. Years ago, they were designed with an area of dead space at the bottom which was intended to protect your hand from occasional side blowouts, but, today's Roman Candles are manufactured with as many balls inside as possible which fill that once avoided dead handle space all the way down.

  • Rich

    I do not wish this accident on anybody, and I am sorry this happened but this is why all the good fireworks are all banned! Plus I have never saw a Roman candle where the WARNING in big bold letters starts out with “DO NOT HOLD ON HAND”

  • Chesny

    this 2014-2015 new year my 12 year old friend blew up his hands and lost a pinky as well and it’s devastating that he will never have full use of his hands ever again

  • Aaron Tibbits

    i wish my brother was a little more open to his surroundings. just earlier i hear he played a “game” with his friends using roman candles. this crap is not funny, at all. if things keep going like this i could lose my brother because he thought it was funny to shoot a roman candle at someone.

    • The Ravioli Nigga

      Oh yeah my dude, you wouldnt want your brother to fucking die because of a small firework amirite. Lmao

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