Shop in Sodo district could be first pot store to open in Seattle

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


SEATTLE — It’s been months in the making, but now one of Seattle’s first legal pot shops is ready to open for business next week.

The owner at Cannabis City on 4th Avenue South in the Sodo district  says he has everything lined up except for the pot. By Tuesday, they’re expecting to completely sell out of the 10 pounds of marijuana they have on order.

“Overwhelmed,” said owner James Lathrop. “I’m really surprised we’ve been able to pull it off.”

Lathrop says his store is ready to make history.

“By Tuesday we will have 10 pounds,” he said. “How long that’s going to last, I don’t know.”

Security cameras surround the store both inside and out, and three cash registers are ready for the roll-out.

Lathrop has been preparing the property since September. He says his store passed the state inspection last week.

Neighboring businesses also hope to cash in on Cannabis City’s grand opening.

“I think it might give us some new traffic in the neighborhood here,” said Marshall Walton.

Curtis Coleman works nearby the storefront and he worries the expected price of $15 to $20 per gram is more expensive than medical marijuana.

“I’m from Jersey, we don’t got nothing like this,” said Coleman. “I might give it a go if the lines aren’t too bad. You know lunchtime, I only got a half hour.”

Lathrop says customers should come with valid identification and cash because they don’t accept checks or credit cards.

He’s also anticipating long lines so they’re planning to have food trucks and music parked outside for waiting customers.

“It’s going to be a fun, crazy day,” laughed Lathrop. “That’s what it’s all about.”

In Bellingham, the owners of a store at 2018 Iron St. called ‘2020 Solutions’ announced they may become the first marijuana retail store in the state to open. They said they intend to open at 8 a.m. Tuesday.


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  • Doc J

    Legalize drugs and we'll have fewer criminals? Fewer in prison, more on the streets I would argue. The state becoming one big drug dealer for a buck is a disgrace.

  • Tom Tee

    I went to school with some pretty smart boys who were gifted enough to have the whole world at their feet. One was heading off to the air force as an officer in training, another was into electronics at a high level and a third was to become a surgeon. I was pretty dumb. All I could look forward to was to at best, to learn a trade. Cut a long story short was that these boys took up smoking the stuff and today there is no air force officer, no electronics businessman and no doctor or surgeon. One has full on schizophrenia, another alzheimers and cannot even wipe his own backside as he sits there drooling all day and the third is a drunk and a druggo and a thief and a lunatic. Me? I stayed straight, worked hard and lived a great life on all counts. Life has been very tough yes but smoking silly weed and thinking that would have made life better or easier or more fun was never part of the equation. The mind is a wonderful piece of machinery. It does not need any trash chemical put through it to make someone’s life any better and its quite the contrary actually.

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