Man charged with Seattle double-murder may have found gay victims with app

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

brown1SEATTLE — What ended in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood, with two young men shot to death, likely started at R Place, a gay bar on Capitol Hill.

According to court documents, the murder victims, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young, spent the evening at the bar, after which police say Said planned to meet the suspect, Ali Muhammed Brown.

Said and Anderson-Young were found shot to death June 1 at Anderson-Young’s home in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood. Said’s car was stolen and later found abandoned in south Seattle.

Investigators believe Brown may have targeted Said by using a cell phone app used by gay men to meet up with others.

“These kinds of apps, obviously, are widely used and this is not how most meet-ups go; otherwise, people wouldn’t use them,” Social Outreach Seattle founder Shaun Knittel said.

Police sources say Brown is a Muslim extremist who underwent jihadist training in California just three months ago.

Some speculate Brown may have targeted Said because he was a gay man with a Muslim sounding name.

“I just think that we should be focusing on the crime and the criminal,” American Muslims of Puget Sound member Jafar Siddiqui said.

Siddiqui believes Brown gives Muslims a bad name.

“The Green River Killer killed 89 women for his faith. Because he thought it was un-Christian. I don’t think he had any more to do with Christianity or Christians than this guy has to do with Muslims or Islam,” Siddiqui said.

Right now, Brown is believed to be in New Jersey, where he is the prime suspect in an armed robbery at a coffee shop.

People here just hope he is caught — and caught soon.

“It shows you how dangerous even it still is for gay men to be out and about and open as we are. This is a very dangerous individual and I hope justice is served on this,” Knittel said.

There is a warrant for Brown’s arrest and authorities in New Jersey know he is wanted in Seattle for murder.

When caught, he is expected to be extradited to Washington where he could face the death penalty.


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  • kurtbradwill

    Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer did not kill out of faith. He was not a Christian killing for his beliefs, he was a self proclaimed Christian killed people. Islam, on the other hand, has thousands of bodies on its hands. Honor killings, gays, Americans in New York. All done in the name of your Allah and prophet

    • admin

      This is only true for extremists. Generalizing that Muslim faith is all about death is a fallacy.

      The truth is, yes, most known extremists are Muslims, but that doesn’t mean all Muslims are extremists. The KKK profess themselves as Christians but, as a Christian myself, I believe hate has no place in the heart of a Christian where as they do. I’m sure most Muslims feel the same.

      Even though we don’t believe the same things, we should all respect each other; for we are all His creation, no?

      • Danny

        Your kind of nattering is what gets ppl killed. They DO NOT belong here!! Case CLOSED! Muslims are different from anyone else idc what progressive claptrap you put forth. NOT one in the American Revolution, NOT ONE in our founding documents. You wanna live with the dogs go there. DEATH is what they are all about.

  • gah

    Two gay men and murdered because they are gay. That sounds like something the media salivates over, and would normally pick up on and run as a national news story, to show how evil America is. But, because the perp is black, and a Muslim convert, it has become the latest hush crime, or local story only, no national coverage, because it doesn’t fit the media agenda. Now, two other people are dead, and still no national coverage.

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