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Lewis-McChord may house undocumented kids detained at U.S.-Mexico border

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Border Security Unaffected By US Government Shutdown

U.S./New Mexico border

TACOMA — Joint Base Lewis-McChord may be selected to temporarily house children immigrants from Mexico and Central America who are caught trying to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border, Rep. Denny Heck, D-Wash., said.

Negations are under way between the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services to potentially bring child detainees to JBLM.

The movement is closely watched by Heck, whose district includes part of JBLM. Heck appears to concur with the proposal, and said the influx of young immigrants is part of an ongoing humanitarian crisis surrounding immigration laws.

“My support for comprehensive immigration reform within our own borders aside, this is a humanitarian crisis that has steadily gotten worse since at least 2005,” Heck said in a release. “It’s a crisis that won’t ebb until these children’s home countries attack the root of this problem and enforce their own rule of law such that these children aren’t forced to flee for their lives.”

Heck said housing child immigrants would not affect general service at JBLM.

According to U.S. House committees, the problem of  undocumented children crossing the border is ever increasing.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s office said they are aware of Heck’s comments and are monitoring the proposal closely.


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  • The World is Ending

    Liberal imigration reform = stand at the border with a drivers license, voter ID card, social Security card, full citizen ship papers and a big government check and just hand them out as people cross the border no questions asked. Oh and I forgot the keys to a new house and car. "Help me out people incase I forgot something"

  • truth

    The problem is they are only being held temporarily at JBLM, the white house plan is to then release them into our midst.
    If our borders were secured we wouldnt be having this issue.

    • Karensue61

      I'm sick of a President that allows anyone into OUR country. These immigrants may not cost us anything now but they will in the future: welfare, unemployment, and increased crime.

    • Karensue61

      Yes, why is it so hard to put this kids back into Mexico….we don't want them and we specifically don't need them!!! Remember it's the Democrats who what them here…they're future voters for the Democrats! Remember that when you vote this year.

  • Jack

    To The World is Ending: You idiotic assumption that I government check and keys to a new house and car are handed over that easily is really ignorant of you. Most immigrants work day and night to provide for their families. Most immigrants do the work the people of America are afraid to do. I bet you are not willing to work as a gardener, housekeeper, or even as a carpenter.

    • The World is Ending

      You didn’t read what I said. What I said was the Liberal plan would be to make them instant citizens. As far as the government checks with the far left liberals all checks would be government checks because jobs would be government jobs, because the government would own everything

    • Karensue61

      What work are Americans afraid to do? We are gardeners and housekeepers. My grandparents and my parents have built dams, cleaned toilets, wiped baby's messy bottoms, picked fruit, etc. We don't need any more immigrants…Americans can do anything….how do you think it was built here?

  • Stan

    Better make certain the diseased ones are Quarantine and cured…especially the ones with leprosy ones. Our Government is putting US citizens at risk on many levels. Lawlessness is the name of the game.