Party’s over for now for accused sex-traffickers ‘Kunfetty’ and ‘Charm’

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Felon, aspiring rapper and accused pimp James ‘Kunfetty’ Young has been arrested in the Lakewood Police Department’s ‘Operation Dollar Bill.’ (Photo: Dept. of Licensing)





LAKEWOOD, Wash. — James Young is an aspiring rapper and felon whose YouTube posts are filled with profanity-laden rants and angry threats.

In one video, he raps, “Bust your teeth with a bottle of gin” and “I sell prostitutes for a living, (N-word) I’m a pimp, (N-word.)”

The felon talks about life in prison, singing, “Before I turned 21, I copped a brick, praying to the sky, getting high, living negligent.”

He makes no secret of how he makes his money, “Cause I`m a real mother-F******pimp (N-word).”

“He’s a predator. He is a sex predator,” said Lakewood police detective Ryan Larson, who, along with FBI and Homeland Security agents, spent eight months investigating Young for sex-trafficking.

That’s how they found the nearly 20 videos online in which Young calls himself “Kunfetty.”

“He said when he got out of prison he wanted every day to be like a party and, of course, at parties, anyway, the parties he goes to, they throw confetti.”

The party is over for now though for Young and his cousin, Tony Jackson or “Charm.”

Both were arrested in Portland and charged federally with trafficking women for sex between Portland and Pierce County. The Joint Task Force dubbed it “Operation Dollar Bill” for the cash Young wears in his hair in his driver’s license photo.

“He`s an entrepreneur of the streets. He`s exploiting women. He`s out there looking for vulnerable women,” said Larson.

When detectives looked at the videos that show both suspects, they found several with Young taunting Lakewood police, saying, “Maurice Clemmons done knocked out four of these mother f****** and they still f*** with (N-word).”

“Maybe he thinks he`s intimidating us with that kind of talk, but quite frankly, just the opposite. He`s probably motivated us to work even harder to get him into custody,” said Lakewood Police Chief Bret Farrar, adding they’ve linked them to more than a dozen victims.

“I can`t even begin to imagine how many young women he`s destroyed in his antics.”

The FBI is now helping the woman with housing, medical assistance and job training and hopes the crackdown will send a message to the “johns.”

“When somebody is out there contemplating hiring somebody for prostitution, we want them to consider that, even though that looks like an adult, that might be somebody who is being forced into this and has been forced into doing it for years since they were a child,” said the FBI’s Ayn Sandalo-Dietrich.

Young, who has 14 convictions, and Jackson, who served time for promoting prostitution, pleaded not guilty to sex-trafficking charges in federal court in Tacoma on Wednesday, June 25.

“So these are two dangerous, very significant players in our area and I definitely think the community and the women, the vulnerable young girls in this area, are definitely going to be safer,” said Larson.


Tony ‘Charm’ Jackson is accused of sex trafficking.


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    Oh, they shouldn't be worried. They will just get a slap on the wrist from our so-called 'justice' system. I'll bet a nickel to a donut they'll be out of prison within 5 years. Doing the same things all over again. Meanwhile, a teen selling a bit of marijuana will get a much longer sentence. Mark my words.

  • Guest

    Now i have heard everything!
    Homeland security to catch a couple tacoma pimps! WHAT A WASTE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS!
    Where the hell were they when the green river killer was at large? I recall the Sheriff just before Dave Reichart disbanding the green river taskforce under political opposition to funding it. But Thank God for homeland security… They got two pimps off the street and those poor girls are safe? is that the message? Tell that to the parents of all the victims of the green river killer, they had no justice for twenty years, but this is a national security threat? unbelievable!

  • Yun

    Thanks to bleeding heart liberals, these guys will get a comfy stay in "prison" for a couple of years then be out doing it again. The Wild West had it right. String 'em up

    • <?>

      Yep let's make this a lib/conservative argument. Not like there's not one on every story ever written these days. A puppy can get lost and it turns into that, nothing's sacred anymore.

  • Ryan

    Love living in Lakewood! Sounds like our police dept needs more training. FBI and homeland security…REALLY?! For a couple of ignorant thug half wits?! Come on.. Hopefully they’ll get raped in prison- or one of the victims families delivers real justice!

    • Ted

      They crossed state lines. It becomes a matter of jurisdiction. And yes, if you’re still blaming ‘libruls’ for everything, you’re just showing what a fox entertainment news, talk box you are…..

    • asmodeus1971

      Sorry, are you seriously complaining and calling anyone a half wit when you are questioning why something involves Federal agencies when the crime crossed state lines? Here's your sign…

  • asmodeus1971

    Sorry but I think one of the biggest problems with this country is the fact that we have the rules about fair and just punishment. These rules make it too soft on frequent repeat offenders. A person could make a few mistakes two or three because of circumstances. If they are minor things I can understand giving them a chance but once it gets to being this many or they are as serious as this man's crimes it is time for jail for life. Jail for life also means he should be forced to do work to pay for him still existing. The hell with humane treatment, single cells with shower toilet bed in the cell and as small as possible so prison can hold. Allow them to commit suicide if they want and burn them when they are dead. People can cry but what about the falsely accused, that isn't this case and cases like this should be handled brutally to protect society at as many levels as we can.

    Just for those on here bashing liberals, I am a Democrat and consider my self moderate liberal. The problems is people who use these titles too often try to live the way of the title instead of thinking for yourself. People who throw around these stupid titles and childish insulting names are what is truly wrong with this country and they exist on both sides of the argument, liberal or conservative.

  • Guest

    I keep seeing comments about Federal involvement in this investigation. As others have posted, they crossed state lines thus it becomes a Federal matter. Aside from that though, Federal penalties for this are much stiffer than state. So we should be grateful that they didn't know better. Feds have totally different rules and in considering sentencing, federal judges can factor in any crime you've ever been accused of. He will do 10+ years for this…. I'm sure if it.

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