King County sheriff’s deputy allegedly pimped out estranged wife, bought and sold drugs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Darrion Holiwell, a sheriff’s deputy, is accused of multiple crimes. KCPQ TV

SEATTLE — King County Sheriff John Urquhart announced Thursday the sheriff’s department arrested one of its own.

Urquhart said sheriff’s deputy Darrion Keith Holiwell — the department’s chief firearms instructor and a SWAT team member — was arrested at the sheriff’s office Thursday morning.

Holiwell, 49, was charged with promoting prostitution, first-degree theft and violation of a controlled substance act. He is being held in King County Jail on $150,000 bail.

Urquhart released a report on Holiwell’s alleged crimes that details the extent at which the deputy brazenly flaunted the law and broke the public’s trust. What Holiwell has done violated the public’s trust in the office he was tasked with representing, Urquhart said at a press conference.

“When one views the full scope of his criminal activities, it displays a high level of disdain for the very law he has sworn to uphold,” Urquhart said. “The evidence supporting the charges clearly demonstrates his disregard for the law and his willingness to operate outside the law for his own benefit.”

According to charging documents, Holiwell encouraged his estranged wife to work as an escort shortly after the two had broken up because she was sleeping with t00 many men.

Reluctant at first, documents show, his wife slowly entered the world of prostitution near the end of 2012, texting names to Holiwell, who then used his privilege as a sheriff’s deputy to run background checks on her Johns.

Over a period of months, Holiwell wife texted details of her clients to Howell, who would instruct her on how to act and how much to charge for her services.

Documents show Holiwell wife gave him as much as eighty percent of her proceeds  in order for him to pay off the constant debts he kept falling into, essentially making Holiwell her pimp. As a way to keep her appeased, Holiwell also allegedly supplied his wife with weed, HGH and the drug “molly” — a street name for a pure form of Ecstasy.


Darrion Holiwell at a training activity in 2013. KCPQ TV

But Holiwell’s drug dealing allegedly didn’t end with his wife. Documents show Holiwell often texted a known drug dealer to purchase HGH, testosterone and other steroid-like drugs; some of which he dealt to others. Howell was known to prefer “British Dragon” a steroid and testosterone mix that is injectable.

Holiwell alleged drug dealer told police he lived rent free in a condo owned by Holiwell.

After deputies received a tip of domestic violence from Holiwell’s estrange wife, they investigated his home and allegedly found a variety of different drugs and hormones.

Holiwell also allegedly stole brass from the Ravensdale Gun Range where he worked, and turned the metal in for credit. Investigators said the credit was being used to fund “slush fund” type credit accounts that were used for equipment and trades.

If Holiwell posts bail, the state requests he be denied access to firearms.

“Firearms are not just a routine part of the defendant’s day-to-day life; they are an essential part of his existence,” prosecutors said.

Holiwell has been with the sheriff’s office since 1995.

A previous version of this article incorrectly spelled Holiwell’s last name. 


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  • Joe Camel

    Well there's an eye deer, having law enforcement vet Johns for prostitutes, that could another possible revenue stream for the state, hell they already gave the okay to collect revenue from cannabis sales why not sex as well.

    We've already got most vices regulated and taxed why not prostitution, if I were a prostitute I would file a case against the state for vice bias.

  • Joe Camel

    With the number of warts and scabs on this man's face looks like he may need an HIV test as well, wouldn't surprise me being his ex is a prostitute as well.

  • AndyBlue

    So will they be looking into all the arrests fines and imprisonment of the thousands and thousand of people arrested by this lying, steroid abusing wife prostituting drug dealer??? 19 years and we are supposed to believe this man suddenly turned bad and was completely honest on his reports all these years?

    People have no idea just how fully corrupt our police departments are across Washington State. The true criminals are the fellow cops who help, keep their mouths shut or look the other way.

    This is the attitude of so many throughout the King County Sheriffs Department. What do you expect when you elect the man (Urquhart) who lied to our faces as spokesman FOR YEARS telling us there were investigations when there were not and that we had accountability when there was none proven by two audits.

    And here is just one more example of when police departments and their unions are able to prevent the citizens from regularly drug testing the very people we issue guns to and give the right to rip your son or daughter of the street and lock them up.

    People are not aware that we are barred from drug testing them? Did you? Did you know that we are barred from drug testing the Seattle police too?

  • AndyBlue

    Holiwell was using and selling steroids to people outside and possibly inside Sheriff's office. He was pushing drugs ON OUR STREETS while arresting people for drugs that he had access to plant.

    Where the hell is SUE RAHR. The mess she left just keeps on giving and she never has to answer for it.