Sheriff’s deputy sought crazed vengeance after his car is egged by teens, charging documents show

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

handcuffs-arrest310x177RAYMOND, Wash. — A sheriff’s deputy who allegedly grew maniacal after his personal car was egged faces 11 criminal counts stemming from retribution he sought for the harmless prank.

Pacific County Sheriff’s Deputy Vance Johnson, 44, faces multiple charges of first-degree extortion, bribery and reckless endangerment in Lewis County Superior Court. If convicted he could be sentenced to more than ten years in prison.

According to charging documents, Johnson was at his home in Pacific County near Raymond, Wash. on March 28 when a vehicle filled with teens drove by his house and threw a single egg at his personal Jeep. Johnson, outraged at the prank, jumped into his car and chased after the vehicle, court documents show, allegedly following close behind the car at speeds approaching 75 MPH.

After a short chase, he managed to pull in front of the egg throwers and slam on the brakes.

Johnson stepped out of his car and made a “come on” motion with his hand while he appeared to reach for his guns, charging documents allege. Luckily, the teens managed to drive past Johnson’s vehicle and hide out on a nearby road.

Though the victims managed to escape, court documents show nearly a month later, Johnson approached the young teen who drove the egging car. Johnson, dressed in his sheriff’s uniform, demanded the teen’s ID and allegedly said he needed to pay $1500 dollars in damages the egg caused to his car.

The victim told Johnson he didn’t throw the egg, but Vance said “don’t be stupid” and ordered the victim to fill out a statement on the incident or else he would “get a ride in the cop car.”

Johnson seemed to take pleasure in the teen’s fear, documents show, and allegedly told the victim he was in fact “reaching for his gun,” during the original encounter.

The victim’s mother came home at the time to find Johnson allegedly intimidating her son. But instead of backing down, Johnson allegedly told the mother he could “make trouble” for her at her job if she and her son didn’t cooperate.

Following the incident, Johnson allegedly called all the passengers in the car and told them to pay $1500. He also visited another mother of one of the car’s passengers and told her if the kids didn’t pay for the damage, he would be forced to charge them. Johnson grew angry in the mother’s office and shouted frequently, demanding she pay the money.

All of the victims came forward to the sheriff’s office, and after an extensive investigation, Johnson was charged in Lewis County Superior Court.

Johnson is a 5 year veteran of the sheriff’s office.

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  • S_Hunter

    WELLLLL looks like he'll probably get a NEW career making him a potential 10 year "veteran" of the criminal justice systems "correctional inmate organization". :)

  • The World is Ending

    So he is an idiot, if he would have acted in a professional manner an explained to the kid that when an act of vandalism (egging can be considered vandalism) all persons involved regardless of their level of involvement can be held accountable both criminally and financially (financially up to five times damage) for example if five people are involved even if only one of them do the actual damage (say $1000) each person can be responsible to pay up to $5000 for a total of $25000. The court don't usually do this but the option is there. So if he would have waited for the mom (because the kid is a minor) he could have gotten a few thousand leagelly but he had to be a complete and blooming idiot so now he goes to jail.

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