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Puyallup dad, daughter charged after teen made pot brownies that sickened classmates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department finds 125 marijuana plants, hash oil operation inside home of Mike Miller.

PUYALLUP — A Puyallup man and his 16-year-old daughter are behind bars — accused of bringing pot brownies to school that sickened other students.

A judge set bail at $35,000 for 45-year-old Mike D. Miller. He is charged with unlawful delivery and manufacture of a controlled substance and reckless endangerment.

The Pierce County Sherriff’s Department says Miller admitted to giving his daughter hash oil to make pot brownies, but that he did not know she was going to bring them to school.

On Tuesday morning, four students at Emerald Ridge High School in Puyallup reported getting sick after they say they ate pot brownies and a lemon bar given to them by Miller’s daughter. Two of the students say they didn’t know the treats were laced.

“They had fairly major physical effects on the kids. They made them sick. Not a little bit high, but made them sick and that’s a problem,” said Sheriff Paul Pastor.

Documents show the teens felt shaky, dizzy, anxious, and had elevated heart rates and blood pressure. The Sheriff’s Department is concerned with the legalization of marijuana, this could happen more often.

“This is dangerous because you don’t know the level of THC that is in these items and you could end up killing someone and getting someone extremely sick if they don’t know what they’re eating,” said Det. Ed Troyer.

Authorities searched Miller’s home and say they found a hash oil operation, along with 125 marijuana plants. Miller also admitted to letting his daughter to smoke pot with him.

Miller’s daughter remains in juvenile detention and is facing up to a 3 month suspension from school.

He reported being a single parent but CPS says the teen cannot live with her father once released.

There will be a child custody hearing at Raymann Juvenile Detention Hall on Thursday.

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  • Joe Camel

    Responsible parents lock their medications away prescribed or not prescribed if they love their children. Obviously this father wasn't looking to show by example maturity and responsibility. I'm tired of parents trying to be their children's friend this is parallel to parents who host parties where alcohol is served to minors. And I am sure responsible patients are disappointed with another person abusing the rights they fought sought hard for.

    Goes to show the right amount of idiot in a person can bring harm to others and their freedom to exercise their rights responsibly as intelligent people who diligently respect the welfare of others in the exercise thereof.

  • Jessica

    This is negligent journalism to even quote this in this article. “This is dangerous because you don’t know the level of THC that is in these items and you could end up killing someone and getting someone extremely sick if they don’t know what they’re eating,” said Det. Ed Troyer.

    There are NO documented cases on deaths related to marijuana or any THC products. As there never will be. Do your research. I have done mine. I am not saying that I condone this type of behavior from a parent or even a 16 year old that should obviously know better. But, in the future, write facts, not uneducated statements from detectives that are obviously against marijuana being legalized in the first place. Journalists are not supposed to write with a biased perspective.

    I don’t believe that any of the teenagers didn’t know what they were eating. Pot brownies have a VERY distinct flavor of marijuana. And most teenagers in this day and age at least know the scent of marijuana, so they very well should be able to associate that favor with the smell of it, because they are relatively the same. And the fact that the girl used hash oil to make them makes me doubt it even more. It would be more believable if she had in fact made and use marijuana butter. Try the different variations in recipes and I assure you that you will find what I say to be correct. Hash oil is disgusting in flavor.

    The out come of what this 16 year old did is negligence on the parents part. For one, they should have taught their daughter to know better. If they chose to allow their daughter to smoke pot, which I am sure she would have done with out their approval regardless, that would be their business. The negligent part however would be here taking it to a public place, and not just any public place, a school. I agree with the fact that both the father and the daughter are getting charges. If the father was going to allow his child to make pot brownies, then he should have A. taught the child better than to bring them to school. B. Kept track of the brownies he allowed his daughter to make.

    As to some comments before, there would be some things that I would like to address. If a teenager wants to go out and drink, get high, get stoned, they will find the means to. In my opinion, I do not believe it to be irresponsible parenting to allow your teenager to have some drinks at home, or even allow a few of their friends to join, as long as they have parent consent. Tell me, which would you rather have… your teen going out to a party getting completely trashed, then, hypothetically trying to make it home before curfew, with a few friends in the car, get into an accident killing everyone in the car, and an unsuspecting family coming home from dinner at grandma’s house. Or possibly getting ‘mickied’ at a party and getting raped… Or would you rather have your child safely drinking a couple drinks at home where you can supervise their alcohol consumption, so as not to give themselves alcohol poisoning, and taking their keys and not allowing them to drive. I would prefer the later.

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