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Police: Peeper slid under woman’s bathroom stall, groped her

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

crimesceneBELLEVUE — A man who allegedly poked his head underneath a woman’s bathroom stall and grabbed at her groin now faces charges.

Aqdas A. Hussain Malik, 28, was arrested June 9 and remains in King County Jail on investigation of voyeurism and fourth-degree assault charges, the King County Prosecutor’s Office said.

According to court documents, a 26-year-old woman was visiting the Hyatt Hotel at 900 Bellevue Way when she used the restroom in the hotel’s north tower.

The woman entered the bathroom and tried to open one of the stalls, but it was locked, so she opened the adjacent stall. The woman lifted up her dress and attempted to sit down when she noticed a male with “poofy” black hair — allegedly Hussain Malik —  looking up at her under the stall divider.

Shocked, the woman watched as the man allegedly pushed himself further under the divide and grabbed at the woman’s groin area. The victim screamed and ran out of the stall. So too did the suspect, and the victim followed behind him, hitting him.

As they entered the Hyatt Atrium, the victim ran to a security guard as Hussain Malik ran off. Security was not able to locate Hussain Malik, but did view security footage and sent it to police.

The suspect didn’t reappear at the Hyatt until May, when he was allegedly warned for sexually harassing a female customer at the Hyatt bar. Again on May 25, Hyatt security officers — not knowing it was the same man who entered the women’s bathroom in April — kicked Hussain Malik out of the bar area for “being very sexually aggressive” and harassing women, court documents show.

Security officers and police worked together and used security footage to identify Hussain Malik as the man responsible for all the incidents.

Police couldn’t locate him until June 9 when he was transported to the Evergreen Hospital after he became very drunk and injured himself in a fall. Police interviewed him in his hospital room, where he denied ever entering the women’s bathroom on purpose.

Hussai Malik admitted to being kicked out of the Hyatt bar on multiple occasions, but said the women flirted with him, and he was unfairly signled out by security guards.

He later admitted to perhaps entering the bathroom when he was severely intoxicated, and said he may have crawled under the bathroom stall as a mistake.

“If I did do that, then it must have been a mistake,” Hussain Malik allegedly told police. “Maybe I dropped something.”

Hussain Malik was arrested after he left the hospital and is still in jail, awaiting his arraignment.



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