Police: UW student planned mass killings, promised to ‘only kill women’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A University of Washington student was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill other students.

SEATTLE — A local university student has been arrested and will likely face criminal charges for allegedly planning to shoot up his school, pledging to “only kill women.”

The 23-year-old University of Washington student was arrested at his home near the university Sunday evening. He will likely face charges of felony harassment in King County Superior Court.

UPDATED: UW Students on high alert following arrest 

The student allegedly engaged in a conversation in the YouTube comments on Elliot Rodgers’ videos, the 22-year-old Santa Barbara student who killed seven and wounded 13 in a shooting spree aimed at women. The UW student, who allegedly identified himself as Dark Foss, commented that he would be the next Rodgers, University of Washington Police said.

“I am the next Elliot Rodger,” the commenter Foss wrote online earlier this month. “And guess what, I’ll do the right thing this time. I’ll make sure I only kill women.”

When other YouTube users engaged him, the student allegedly doubled-down on his claims.

“Nothing can compromise for a ugly face and a short stature,” commenter Foss wrote. “I will execute the same thing. I have no option. Everything Elliot did is perfectly justified.”

The student allegedly told users he went to UW and lived in Seattle.

FBI agents and University of Washington police tracked the student to his residence. The student admitted to making the statements, officers said, and he was arrested by police.

He is expected to be charged in King County Superior Court later this week, and is being held in jail on $150,000 bail.


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  • Uptick

    Well dat's a good sign, since basically it shows that male studens are being totally fed up with all the hate and discrimination they face avery day. actio = reactio.

    Ppl also didnt like the nazis for a reason. this ties it's the feminazis that finally have to face the consequences.

    • sblocal

      Waaaah, women aren't paying me attention and sucking my D, I'm being hated and discriminated against! The feminazi leaders are conspiring against me! HAHAHAHAHAHA, cry more, you pathetic delusional loser.

  • sblocal

    Elliot Rodger wasn't a student either. He was a community college dropout and happened to still be a resident of Isla Vista, the college town. All of his victims were college students, however.

    Why do men like this hate women so much? Why do they conclude that it's collectively the fault of ALL women they can't get laid, instead of looking at the lowest common denominator: themselves? If you're a misanthropic, entitled, boring, hateful, narcissistic jerk like Elliot Rodger, no woman is going to like you. No PERSON is going to like you. Don't idolize that loser. Improve YOURSELF instead of blaming an entire gender– which by the way is the most nonsensical and stupid thing ever. How can you believe that an entire 3+ billion people can have some sort of collective mindset? And how can you believe that all women only want the tall, buff, handsome, jock stereotype of dude, and if you're a short or skinny dude, you have no hope of getting laid ever. That's such a simplistic, childish, black-and-white view of the world I can barely comprehend that actual adult men out there think like that. It's so crazy. Thankfully the vast majority of men grow up to be decent respectful people, but what causes these bad apples to turn out this way? What are we teaching our kids?

  • Lily

    I worry that our culture teaches men to “love” women the way a hunter loves deer: as something to be admired for its grace, to be loved for how it makes the hunter feel, and ultimately to be consumed and destroyed. Too often, we are not taught to love others for their own intrinsic worth and self-direction.

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